August 19th, 2009


The revolution is going to be stage crafted

It is soooooo funny how these wankers with their pretend armed resistance to the tyrannical government, go to the police to get police protection so that they can wave their posturing.

Wow, registered with the police, so that they can stand around pretending they are the armed resistance.

There is a name for this sort of STASI operation boys and girls, and 'freedom fighter' is not it!

You have to love these proto-fascists, since they really have no respect for those of us who served in the american armed forces, if they believe that they can stand up there and piss this in our face about their whole scam!

Obamanites Threaten Free World With GodHatingAmericaBashing Helmet

Therefore, safer batting helmets can only interfere with the Darwinian unnatural selection against players who only have tangibles, and no intangibles, and that would only pave the way for a future of purely material baseball playing robots. Or maybe zombies, even. So Major League Baseball should not use these new helmets and they should even ban helmets entirely, as they honor the tangible and demean the intangible. Also, a ban would finally allow for a truly scientific test of Yogi Berra’s hypothesis that baseball is 90% mental and the other half is physical.
[ cf Only Atheists Wear Batting Helmets ]
Well there you have it! Proof that Obamanites hate america, and want to destroy our white christian america with their atheism!

Speaking of Fighting Against the Obamanite Tyranical Government

95 killed on Iraq's deadliest day since U.S. handover

One has to wonder which side the AstroTurfers are on? do they support the HORROR of the Obamanite Tyranical Government repressing the freedom of the americans in IranqIStania? And do they support that armed resistence to the HORROR of the Obamanite to come and join the armed struggle against Obamanism?

Or are they all still hiding behind HanoiAnnieCoulter's GirlyMan Skirts!

Christian Mafia in Military and America?

MSNBC's Maddow Show Propels Growing Scandal Over Washington's "Christian Mafia"

It is as if they do not believe that a member of a cult can investigate the cult's involvement in setting up independent christian embassy's that will not be bogged down with that secular government thing...

Besides, the Department Of Defense, as it is freed from the HORROR of Socialism, will be the most Holiest of Holy Crusaders against the Godless Unbelievers. Whom as we all know are the infestation of the civilian population, because they do not want to be members of the True Holy Crusade, and thus are logically the enemy anyway, since they reside outside of the State by not being members of the True Church of the Holy Crusaders.


PSA on Drug Abuse in Health Care Debate

Don't like Obamacare? Here's an alternative - Fortune editor Shawn Tully suggests a solution to fixing the health-care system. Keep it simple and let the free-market decide the rest.

OK, so I love the 4. Don't forget the supply side since, well, everyone needs to remember that without Tinker Belle - the majik change fairies will not majikally bring the change!

The first point was at least useful. The idea that most folks have no idea how much the employer gets as a tax break for offering health care coverage - and that by forcing that off the plate, more americans who got their health care coverage through work would become more aware of how broken the system has been. But they may also not correlate the Mythologies of Majikal Deregulation with, well, the problems here.

I mean, who can forget the Majikal Marvels of Deregulation, from energy, through the telecom sector, to financial services, you know the EnronIzing of America...

So please boys and NonPerkIn, while you are out there in the armed struggle against the Space Aliens who are taking away the High Paying Job in the STASI, remember that you need to not do bad drugs that make you have strange hallucinations.

What if Corporatists had to support the public option?

Hey paranoia fans, I love the fact that some corporations are thinking more progressively, like supporting the free benifit of the rock star buses for their underlings. It helps get cars off the road by providing a way to get underlings to the corporate state.

But what if the Corporations were to think about supporting say, public transportation... why gosh, it would be like as if the idea of a public space, were public, and that there were certain forms of civic duty that were public, and should not be privatized....

Why yes, what if there were a public option in transportation! who knows what might come of that...

What next? Democracy is Class Warfare? like duh

My conclusion. We can only win a fight to reform the health care system if it's carried on in the context of a critique of Big Business and if it focuses on the concerns of working Americans. I am not against addressing some of the concerns of the wealthier - if it doesn't lead to compromises that make the reforms less attractive to working people. The well off in America are satisfied with the current system. After yesterday, I believe this is more of a class issue than I had thought. And it's only going to be won if working people can be organized to support it.
[ citing Pete Stark's Town Hall Meeting in Fremont ]
like duh.

There is a reason that this has been a long time in coming. There is a reason that the cheap trick of allowing corporations to use their economic leverage to provide health care, as an indirect attack on small business, was, well, the compromise of the Great Compression Era.

What if it were time to just start talking openly and honestly about the failure of deregulation, and it's gambit of transferring public oversight into the land of private profit!