August 17th, 2009


Were Are Winning Against The UnBelievers

Why Are Cops Tasering Grandmothers, Pregnant Women and Kids? - Police officers are brutalizing innocent civilians with accelerating lunacy. How did this happen? How can we make it stop?

Very simple solution, allow Police and other para-military forces to call in full frontal chemical warfare strikes to solve the area denial missions! Then return to the use of random lethal force to show the cowering chickens that they need to support Great Leader or ELSE!

Only when internal security services are allowed to SHELL suspected pro-granny zones, will american know that they are once again safe enough.

Those Other Questions...

Warriors for Christ: Is Promise Keepers Making a Comeback? - Promise Keepers has repackaged its muscular Christianity and evangelical nationalism for a post-9/11 world.

What if the reality is that they are packaging this theological proto-fascism for a post Dubya era in which there are other needs, needs that Dubya is no longer satisfying. Like the economic miracle, the total mission accomplished dance, and keeping thoseTypes in their places.

One has to wonder both what is really driving these movements, and is there a way to help them find a place in america, where they can feel ok about being an American.

Can DearOldDick save US from D9

The Neocons' White Hope: Cheney in 2012

Well I think that now that Americans have seen the horror of NorKoSwedishSudaneseSomaliKenyanista BrainWaveSuckingAlienBeastCreaturesFromPlanetZorkon who are Spawned by the EvilNanciiPelosiiVoodooZombieDustBunniesOfDespair are not at all useful as presidents, who can doubt the great military victory of DearOldDick in 2012, or sooner!

He can save us from the liberal onslaught of space aliens!

Shrill One Stabs Troops In Back With More Unamericanism

The Other Bush Bubble, in which he suggests that there is anything but the Most Militarily Robust of Economic Miracles in Florida!

Meanwhile he destroys freedom in Left-wing propaganda in which he lists only some of the Obvious Communist Konspirakii in Julie and Julia without pointing out how HORRORIBLE it is that Red Hollywood is allowed to make UnAmericanism for Monies!

But then again, in Socialist Hellhole Watch he complete FAILS to explain why america should not want to grow up and become the Godless Socialist hellhole like switzerland, where the people are still valiantly fighting against communist armed aggression every day!

Why, oh why can't the New York Tymes get someone more patriotically correct!

Obama to Sell GranMa to Space Alien Marriage Brokers

Obama Makes Explicit His Objection to DOMA

Now let us pause, and wonder, would a REAL WarPresident abandon the Holy Crusade of Defending Marriages from the Threat of Brain Wave Sucking Space Aliens?

Which leads to the only logical conclusion! Obamanites are pushing GrandMa on the DeathPanel of Space Alien Dating Services to destroy traditional family values! Thus we must NOT only stop ObamaCare, but we must also Defend Marriages, ESPECIALLY from those Illegal Space Aliens who want to take away GrandMa!

The End is Endingly, uh endablised endulations!

THE WEEK THAT WAS: Recession Over, Angst Ongoing

You see if a minority of economist believe the liberal media coverage is a true divination of future performance, then of course Bernanke is WRONG to assert that we are still in the process of ending the recession, since of course our total MILITARY VICTORY over the evil liberals of wall street must be ever gloriously victorious, or the liberal media is stabbing our troops in the back with their unbelief.

Thus we can conclude that the economic Miracle is Miraculizing! and the end is Endingly!

More Proof Why ExWives MUST be sold, rather than released into the wild

Ex-wife admits Kuwait wedding arson

Well, if the GODLESS LIBERALS had not interfered into the FeeDome of the FeeMarket in certified pre-owned wives, then this former wife would not have been allowed out to threatend FeeDome with her clearly unamerican actions, and her clearly dangerous Anti-Family Values that are a Direct ASSAULT on the Defense of Marriage Act, complete with the correct capital depreciation schedules for wives, mistresses and concubines!

Can we STILL allow Obamanites to continue their war against Certified PreOwned Person Traders!!!!

It is PSA time kids

we have jerkoffs showing up with assault rifles to public debates, and folks are worried that the Prez has asked the public to send email if jerk offs are lying about policies...

But I am so pleased that folks are concerned about free speach... T-Shirts Kill, but... sorry, for some reason the HORROR of wearing a t-shirt with an ideologically questionable construct use to be enough to get the full tilt boogie dance of the state security apparatus...

So the big progress here is that an email address to take tips on when folks are lying has been shut down, so that the folks lying, will not have their emotions hurt... because, well, it is sooooooo emotionally traumatizing, like when people wear T-shirts...

Unlike actual life in the hostile fire pay zone, where it is not about dressing up like one can wear a gun, but where they bring their guns out to really do BizNiz...

Could that also be a part of the language part of the problem. Here in america they use their guns as their blankie, when they can not hide behind HanoiAnnieCoulter's dress.... and never quite get what a git they look like.