August 15th, 2009


Now that has an argument from post-surrealism

Gun Nut + Obama = FAIL

It is the first time that there has been anyone willing to draw the appropriate analogy between the 2nd ammendment fondling by the anti-military GunNuts who need guns for psycho-sexual reasons, because of course none of them want mortars, RPG's, ATGM's, and those weapon systems needed to hold a perimeter, but like the oiled lubed heaft of raw blued steel! On the b-side would have to be the appropriate patriotic support for the repeal of the “TWENTY-FIRST AMENDMENT BITCHES!!” - because clearly nothing is more constitutionally equivolent than public drunkeness in support of the original intent of the founding fathers.

Are YOU willing to do your PART to support the ongoing continuing repeal of the “TWENTY-FIRST AMENDMENT BITCHES!!”

Or do you side with the TERRORISTS!

Another fun one...

Ok, so I just LOVE the line:
"They have to kill me.
It's an honor, they love God more than me. They have to do this.

[ cf Apocalyptic Pastor Claims to be Protecting ex-Muslim Teenage Runaway ( emphasis mine ) ]
I mean, why is it that this seems to be such a foreign notion amongst the Valiant Holy Crusaders of American KulturKampf?

Why is it that they are more committed to the idea of trying to show that they are not-astroturf, than they are to slaughtering the unbelievers, apostate, and hell spawns of liberalism?

Or is it just a cute part of the Meme War - and is really only useful as a way of showing that ourside is winning the war against those Unbelievers who are doing those bad things....

Scary Thot Time...

Beneath the Las Vegas Strip

First off, it is an obvious 'no caption needed' photo.

What it bothers me, is if it also helps explain a part of why the anger amongst working class folks at the horrors of Socialism is, well, so scary! If they were to stop believing, then would they too wind up under the streets? So of course one has to keep clapping to keep tinkerbelle alive!

Somewhere out there there MUST be a job refactoring realBasic code.... I just have to believe!

Since if the only other choice is Red socialism, then...

Get Your Post Surrealism ON BiggerTime

We complain now about the High Broderism and the craven incompetence of the Washington Post. But is there anything to match Walter Lippman in October 1968?
I believe that there really is a "new Nixon," a maturer and mellower man who is no longer clawing is wayto the top, and it is, I think, fair to hope that his dominating ambition will be to become a two-term President. He is bright enough to know that this will be impossible if he remains sunk in the Vietnam quagmire. Ending the war is indispensable if he is to become a successful President..."
I suspect not.
[ cf Today's Must-Read: Rick Perlstein on the Republican Crazy Tree ]
in which brad delong looks at rich perlstein's take on the current state of the Crazy Tree...

What if a core part of the problem here is that AmericanIsm IS the chief root of CrazyTreeLand...

And the problem is that evil liberals want to believe in some utility of reasonability and rationality, and that is all so lamely like 18th Century.

Phrases you should not use in pubblic

It’s plausible that it wasn’t Bush’s notion to destroy Social Security as much as it was to turn it over to Wall Street so that stockbrokers might have their way with it.
[ cf Yes, Bush tried to destroy Social Security [ the first commenter to the article ] ( emphasis mine ) ]
One REALLY should not use the have their way with construct, as that clearly violates the computer decency act of some time and place as gastly being too PreVerted!

RedIt Geeks just do not get it!

Some FruitBasket on reddit it referred us to Deadly gun battle in Gaza mosque: At least 13 people have been killed and at least 85 injured in a fierce gun battle in Gaza, emergency services say.

And then wondered: Why is this not getting more attention? Hamas vs Al-Qaeda in Gaza - 13 dead, 85 injured. as if there were some reason to worry about the WhateverOnWhomever when the nation is being crushed under the jack boot of Red Socialist Whatever!

Besides, it would also emotionally traumatize the psuedoCons and their semi-militia like friends, since, well those nasty militia overseas understand the value of RPG's, Mortars, and the other non-sporting weapon systems that the GunGrabbing Leftists in the NRA are not willing to support!

So why SHOULD americans care that some collection of darkies overseas are killing each other?

It's not like that is going to help the Health Insurance Industry!