August 14th, 2009


Evil Liberal Media Finally Starts To Get It.

Let’s Get Something Straight: These Town Hall Protesters are Dangerous — They are Killing the Very Idea of a Public Forum

Hello, glad to see them finally start to understand the core purpose here.

In related funny Whole Foods CEO Slams Health Reform, Angering Liberal Pro-Reform Whole Foods Customers - since, well of course, socialism does not work, because sooner or later you run out of other people's money. Yes, and then you go back to the venture capitalists, and get a B round...

Things You Should NOT post togeter


The Shrill One Stabs Troops In Back on TruthierNeff in MediaStuff

Journamalism - in which he sites a TPM article, that displays two headlines, one of them Politico, that is more concerned with how well Pallin's Military Victories against the DeathPanels will play, while the Communist Dominated ProSocialist Monolithic HORROR of demonoic possession the evil New York Time simply wonders if there was ever any truthierNeff near Pallin's Assertions!

But of course the NYT never used the Majikal Lens of The Super Sekret Rod Of Divination that is given to those who have Seen The Divine Comedy of the Majikal War Powers Act, two shows a day, and an additional matinee on sundays after the prayer meeting.

Thus PROOVING that the shrill one is a RED Socialist MediaInfotainer who is simply backing the Communist Welfare Queens of the DOD's RED Socialist WarStuff, rather than the Holy Crusaders of NoBidContractia!

Oh well, might as well...

The real "death panels" are in Alaska

Oh well, see, the evil liberal media is retreating into the failed pre-911 kultur of death, and are reverting to silly Fact Finding and limiting the discourse to merely the Truthier Stuff, because they are unwilling to support Faith Based Reality and the emotional reassurance that comes from feeling good about Hating theEvilOne who is so clearly a space alien that lives on the blood of earthlings.

Stop The Socialist Welfare Queens of The DOD!

Note to Pirates: Don’t Mess with Egyptian Fishermen

Well, there you have it! Proof positive that the Free Market, freed from the HORRORS of the repression of Godless Excess Governmental Regulation brings peace and happiness to the true believers!

In Related HORROR Danger Room in Afghanistan: The Perils of Armed Social Work!

HORROR! SHOCK! DISMAY! Godless nation building RED Socialist Socialism! Abusing American Boys as mere armed social workers! Clearly UNMASKING the Horror of the Obamanites and their Godless Unamerican Way of Anti-Americanism!

HK in Love Triangle!

Robot Three-Way Portends Autonomous Future

Well, there it is, PROOF that SkyNet is GAY!

Clearly what more proof do we need that the Horrors of the Obamanite Socilized Medicine is leading to Gay Robots Of Death Marriage Initiatives amongst the Terminator Class!

Are YOU doing YOUR part for Permenante Capitale Gains Taxes to stop the Menage-a-Troi of DEATH amongst the HunterKillerRobotic Crowd, so as to protect traditional marriages....

welcome to the working week....

Facebook privacy: a guide
has the following lead in: Facebook has decent privacy controls, but most users don't realize how to take full advantage of them. Ars guides you through Facebook's privacy settings so that you can be both social and respectable at the same time.

There may also be the other side of the story. Some things just do not belong on the Net. Some things need to be restricted to private spaces, and the net is not one of them...

Understanding information security is no longer a Military-Industrial-Infotainment Sector Job.

More Proof ObamaCare will bring about the END of civilization

A few days ago, a tornado hit Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis. Ten days or so before that, the first Sunday ferry sailed to Stornoway, and eight days (the Record got it wrong) after the first civil partnership took place on the island. It took less than 24 hours for a superstitious bampot to make a connection between these events and his imaginary friend.
[ cf God Is Incompetent ]
Well, there you have it!

Allow Devil Worshipping Socialized Medicine into a Nation and GOD rains down judgement on them!

Any Questions why Amerians MUST stop the SpaceAlienInChief from being able to Eat Americans!

More Zombie UpRisings!

Shop owner, 72, shoots dead armed robbers

Well, it's bad enough that liberals are ARMING Zombies, and sending them out to Rob Shops.

But with ObamaCare we will have to go on taking care of Zombies everywhere, even the Illegal Zombies who are taking away High Paying Jobs from our Own All American Zombies and forcing them into a life of crime!!!

Besides, what sort of crazy person shoots dead people, armed or legged...

Where will they find any fresh astroTurf?

One has to wonder, after the close combat of Health care deferal, followed up with the Holy War against the MexiKanukiStanians in the Immigration Recinding Clarifications, where will we find the bodies for "Sensitive" Oil Industry Memo Lays Out Plan For Astroturf Rallies Against Climate Change Bill ???

Now more than ever the Rights of the RightUnDead must be protected from the repression of the evil liberals and their racist attitudes of supporting only SOME rights for only Some People!

Which side is winning the Heckler's Veto?

David Moore, a Vietnam War veteran and German acquisitions specialist at the library who organized the event, said he had received several e-mails threatening violence and that he shared them with police and the library's inspector general.

He said he was disappointed by the cancellation but supports the decision because of safety concerns. "We can't have an event here that's going to develop into a brawl like a town hall meeting," he said.

He added, "Free speech in America is pretty well dead."

[ cf Lynndie England DC Lecture Canceled After Threats: Library of Congress lecture canceled after threats over Abu Ghraib reservist ]
It is so not making sense who was offering the threats of violence, and why such threats should even be in play.