August 13th, 2009


The Shrill One Attacks More Of That Stuff...

Nobody could have predicted

Well, I mean, seriously, who would have known that there were all of those wingNuts out there who would not be able to cope with the reality that they had done all of those things to support a WarPresident who would just walk off the playing field and abandon the troops in the Hostile Fire Pay Zone.

Clearly no ONE! No real American! could even concieve of such events!

LA Cops Come Out Supporting Alien Abduction

Police have lobbed three rounds of what is believed to be tear gas into a car where a man suspected of making threats against the White House is holed up outside the Federal Building in West Los Angeles.
U.S. Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan says the unidentified suspect made a threat against the White House but details were not being released.

[ cf LA police lob tear gas into car where man holed up ]
How typical.

Someone stands up to start the holy war against the space aliens in the white house and the Radical Left Wing, stab our troops, and our planet, in the back types on the LA Police force just roll over to the Invisible MotherShip Troopers!

Obamanites Continue to PERSECUTE slave traders!

Is that shocking or WHAT! It is as if the Obamanites have totally abandoned any respect for law and order and want to impose to Socialist Federal Bureacracy to ration how many slaves an american citizen can own! This sort of anti-free market policy just does not take into account the emotional trauma that this causes slave traders, captains of slave ships, and the certified pre-owned slave marketeers.

In boring news US as a health plan provider? Reform idea losing ground.: A 'public option' is popular with the left – and is supposed to serve, too, as a brake on medical costs. But charges that it is unfair to private insurers appear likely to sink it.

Yeah, yeah, we get it. Liberals are evil! But what about the slave trade, just like it is in america!

I just can not believe that we are going to regress into some Bayonet-Wielding Bible Burning Blue Belly Assault on White Christian America!

love the comedy.

Wow, would this be a bad time to remind those draft dodgers, that once upon a time, as dearOldDick will remind them,
Reagan taught us that deficits do not matter
so one has to wonder if the whole 'stab the troops in the back' part of the HORROR of the health care deForm movement is forgetting the part about how deficits do not matter?

Could it be that they have so quickly forgotten 9/11 so soon, and just want to waltz off supporting the Terrorists and not the Troops?

Clearly asking for worrying about the federal deficits, is simply playing into the hands of the Terrorists! and stabbing our troops in the back with the unBelief!