August 11th, 2009


Scary Horror Story Time!

First off folks would be advised to check out Introducing the 'Nanostory' where a godlessHeathen explains how the virology of thot on the internet is changing the way that newMedia is different from old Media, as in:
It's like Republicans suddenly woke up in the summer of 2009 and discovered they lost the White House.
[ citing Rip Van Winkle Republicans ]
Where a part of that NanoStory is dealing with the problem of how could the WarPresident not be the WarPresident? Was there a Coup or something by those NorKoSomaliSudaneseKenyan types?

So yes, we would be well advised to stay on top of these things.

Support The New Yippie Party To Total Victory

Conservatives Find Town Hall Strategy in Leftist Text: Organizers See 'Rules for Radicals' as Blueprint for Taking Down 'Obamacare'

One has to respect the traditional family values that are enshrined in being the New Traditional Family Values Yippie Party channelling the Family Values Stoner Party Thems for the Younger generation that do not respect the God Given Post Surrealist Culture that was passed down on stone tablets by the most exalted manifestation of Stoned Passing!

The Zombies Are Coming!

Zombie Subdivisions and Shadow Inventories Hold Back Housing Recovery

Oh dear, The EVIL liberal media is so being unkind. Remember when Zombie movies were great fun times at the drive in, with that really cute girl, and were a basis for engaging in mature and responsible discourse on why Gay HomoZeXual Capitale Gaines Taxes had to be stopped before they destroyed White Christian America!

Now they want to make them a symbol of some sort of asset bubble caused by the Libertarian, and Randianist, Greenspan!!!

Oh me! Oh MY! what ever will we do?

Strange headline mix


Comunist Armed Aggression CRUSHING FeeDome for DeathPanelPerverts

Tough times in the porn industry: The business, centered in the San Fernando Valley, is being undercut by a growing abundance of free content on the Internet.

Well there you have it! Clear and compelling proof that the ObamaCare and it's godless stimulus package is pushing nice white girls under the short bus to poverty and perdition!

Where is a girl suppose to go after the down turn in the Pron Industry?

Get Your Game On AntiRationEers

Town Haller Envisions Future With Toilet Paper Rationing

Yes, that obamaCare NationalSocialistMarxianistThingusOfPooh is CRUSHING the FeeDome of FeeForServices by imposing Godless Federal Bureaucrats who will ration everything on the evil orders of their Sinister NorKoSomaliSudaneseKenyan OverLord!

Update: worth noting, in the comment section, some GodHatingAmericaBasher asks the question;
Why is TPM posting headlines from The Onion?
Are we There Yet? Has the HalderOn Collider taken us all under the short bus to the happier kinder post surrealisms or what?