August 8th, 2009


we should all thank Sarah!

Now that Sarah has opened the door to the discussion of What Sin Did Sarah Commit That Caused GOD to punish her with a child who has down syndrome? We also need to ask ourselves Why has GOD not cured her child of down syndrome? since clearly we do not want to retreat into the failed liberal dogma of 'germ theory', which is, as a we all know merely a theory!

We also need to look at the fun of the fine folks whom were turned down by Kaiser, when Kaiser opted out of providing health care for children with autism. Thank GOD Komrade Party Leader Sarah did not have a child with autism... since, gosh, that would complicate her rhetorical posture in all of this.

So should we continue with the comedy that some how, now that Komrade Party Leader Sarah has tossed her baby as the holy handgrenade into the National Health Defense initiative, that we should not be allowed to pick on her, her apostasy, and her obvious spawn of satan, since, well, we should not be allowed to pick on girls who's SIN is so obvious.

Would this also be a good time to talk about the role of
Women be silent in Church.
and what that means when there is no distinction to be made between the church and state, and that GOSH, this MIGHT be the real reason that GOD Judged HER for Her Apostasy!!!

Liberal Terrorists Threatening American Way of Life

Cooking The Books: Why We Need Home Economics (back) in Schools

SHOCK! Horror! Horror!!! Where is the faith based understanding about how the Bible is clear about the Role of NonMalePerKin in the Divine Order!!!

Although the scary part about teaching the value of knowing how to shop might be a good idea, this way we can keep children safe, by deferring to the 'private death panels' rather than allowing the Nationalized RED Socialized DeathPanels choose which apostate spawn of satan must be sacrificed for the Will Of GOD!!!

Terrorism In The Heart Lands

Governor "disturbed" by atheist ads on buses but Atheist ads will go back on buses, DART decides!


Can there be any clearer proof that the HORRORS of Evil Obamanation's RED Socialist DeathPanels, is crushing the hopes and freeDomes of the PrivateSectorDeathPanels! And has lead to the Atheists TERRORISING innocent children!!! and preventing the governor of Iowa from resigning to make room for persons who are willing to bomb first and ask questions later about which atheistical strongHold Of SATANISM is spreading the HORROR of Autism And Down Syndrome as an integral part of their SpawnOfSatan programme to sap our Purity Of Essence.

Are YOU doing YOUR PART to Stop THEM!

That Frightening Reality

This stuff is so fully absorbed into the psyche's of the social conservatives that all you have to do is whisper the word "euthanasia" Manchurain Candidate-style to activate the freakshow. Op-eds in the Washington Post are for the villagers, not the folks.
[ cf Article Of Faith ]
Well, there it is in a nutShell.

Some how majikally we should have kept on keeping on with staying the course for terri schaivo.

Anything less would mean the RED Socialized DeathPanels, rather than the profit motivated Privatized DeathPanels!