August 7th, 2009


Why We NEED the Right Tax Cuts!

Shooter Read Sexist Christian Author's Book Before Pittsburgh Female Aerobics Class Massacre

Clearly Liberals have to ask themselves why THEY are so responsible for these shootings! Since clearly if they would restore the capitale depreciation on all wives, mistresses, and concubines, then Godly Men would not be seduced into randomly shooting Hussies And Harlots!!!!

Now MORE THAN EVER! We must stop RED Socialist MarriageLawStuff, with all of it's communist destruction of the Free Market Incentives For The TRUE godly marriage capitale depreciation schedules!!! Just Like JESUS gives!

COMMUNISTS Armed Aggression In Senate!

Ethics panel bill would clarify mortgage rules

WHAT? Komrade Party Leader Boxer wants to destroy america by forcing MORE excessive Brutal Governmental Repression upon the Free Trade In Governmentalisms! I mean shouldn't americans be allowed to buy as much government as they want to buy Directly From The Free Market, by any means they want???

How much LONGER can we allow this form of Godless RED Socialized Government to mandate that only the federal burocrats in washington will be allowed to ration the amount of government that people get!!!!

What next? Mandate that laws take precendence over profits?