August 6th, 2009


Your Moment Of Zen

Bush Domestic Spying Ally Cornyn Now Warns of Obama Data Collection

See, when liberals do it, it is EVIL! Support the war on america to stop them from turning america into a land of americans!

UPDATE: CNN Anchor Rips Into Health Care CEO Who's Funding Anti-Reform Effort

Hey, just because the deep pockets on the astroTurfing had to pay back $1.7 Billion for ripping off the government in health Scams, doesn't mean he's GAY!

Update2: Birther Vs. Birther : Andy Martin Calls Orly Taitz "Incompetent" And "Obvious Crackpot"

Oh baby, Hot Burther on Burther Bshing Madness! In the Steel Cage Of Death!

This Week In Divinations

The liver of the sacrificial chicken was abnormally large and had an odd smell, while the intestines were slightly green--meaning that a jobless recovery is now marginally less likely. No, wait...
[ cf Your Weekly Haruspicomancy Blogging... ( emphasis mine ) ]
more reasons that people should support their favorite witch doctor in the war on america!

You see, now that the numbers are clearly differently aligned it is clear that liberal economists were totally defeated by the Holy Crusaders Against The Evils of Liberals On Wall Street.

Why We Must Win The War On America!

Obama Aide Declares End to War on Terrorism: New Approach to Focus on Root Economic and Social Causes

Can there be any doubt that the civilian president is not our friend, and that only by restoring the WarPresident as God Demands, can amercians besafe from the horror of this sort of UnAmericanism in a time of transferring the tax liabilities unto the unborn baby UBU!!!

Win the war on America before the evil liberal media has time to say that the war winning ways of wonder are some massed psychosis!!!