August 5th, 2009


Killing For Profit, the american way embodied!

Explosive Allegations: Blackwater Founder Implicated in Murder: Sworn statements filed in Federal Court also allege that Blackwater founder Erik Prince launched a "crusade" to eliminate Muslims and Islam.

Should Free Marketeers be limited by the Socialized Killers, to merely the laws of mere mortal man, when clearly the divine law of profit brings new meaning to the art of killing!

Besides, congress authorized people to commit any war crime they felt that they were order, or could have been ordered, and the FreeMarketeers were never under any actual law but the Divine Mandate of True Holy Fiath!

But are veterans really americans?

Cruel and Unusual: Why Are We Doling Out Harsh Justice to Returning War Vets?: Veterans are more likely to get longer sentences than non-veterans for the same crime. How can we treat returning soldiers so badly?

Besides, it is not like the nation owes a bunch of welfare queens from the Socialized WarFare realm of Government intervention into the Free Market! They volunteered, unlike the true americans who stayed in america protecting us from liberals, and defeating the GodLess Liberals of Wall Street!

You do not see the Holy Crusaders Who Defeated The Gorgon Beast of Wall Street whining about some sort of Socialized Law Enforcement that would be other than what the Free Market Mandates, now do you?

Communist Armed Aggression Marches Forth From Red Hollywood

Why Can't the U.S. Guarantee the Most Basic of Human Rights -- the Right to Clean Water?: California is leading the way with new legislation to guarantee clean water for all, but the federal government is far behind.

SEE! They want to socialize water! Now they will be able to put Communism Into the Water and underming the Holy Crusade against Socialize WarStuff and Socialized Law Enfrocement!!!

People should be able to buy as much mostly drinkable water as the Market will allow!

Proof North Korea Is Kenyan

Imprisoned American Journalists Arrive Home; North Korean Media Says Clinton “Apologized”

Who can doubt that Obama is a Kenyan Now!!! with such clear proof that the North Koreans are covering up the fact that Bill Clinton went to North Korea to cover up the evidence that Vince Foster Found, that North Korea has always been the Kenyan birth place of Obama!!!

I mean what more obvious illustration of the Evil Liberal Media Involvement in the Cover Up!

{ oh, I am so loving the obviousness of this!!! }

Support EuroHealth Plan!

Were Serbs Murdered for Their Organs During Kosovo War?

Wow, talk about restoring the freeDome of the Free Market to health care reform, what is more reforming than the kidnapping and recycling of anti-state elements for their useful parts!

I mean, why is it that the Socialized WarStuff is not out there bringing home the good stuff to americans??? What if we ended the HORROR of welfare queens in the DOD, then we could focus on the cash back value of Resource Harvesting For Profit!

Why we need Blaspheme Laws in America

Pakistan’s Silenced Minority

Oh hold it, we do not get real kick ass stomp down the other side riots spawned by mere rumours that the other side had engaged in a violation of blaspheme laws.

Could it be that this is just one MORE horror of RED Socialized Law Enforcement, that imposes the irrational rules that they are just like we are in the eyes of the law, irregardless of which APOSTASY has driven them to hate the One True Great Leader, who of course is not from North Korean Kenya!

Are The Panzer Armee Of Apple A Greater Threat To FreeDome?

10 Reasons Why Apple's Battles Will Bolster Competition

Have you ever noticed that the evil liberal draft dodger culture is never willing to remind america that Business IS WarFare!!! and that the Apple DOMINATION of the Global Market Place would not have been possible without the Massive Grand iPanzerArmee that has crushed all of the Unbelievers before them with their Massive Air Bombardment followed up with the Quick Cutting Thrust of the iTanks, backed up with the iArmouredFightingVehicles!

This is why we MUST stop the GODLESS Horrors of RED Socialized Warfare that keeps trying to repress the freeDome of the Free Market by repressive governmental interference in the freeDome of corporations to bomb everyone until The Profit Margins Are Profitable!!!

Anything less and the Terrorists Rebrand, and we will all be wearing that schtick next season!

Liberal Media Continues To Obfuscate We Are Winning Against India

Shades of Cold War as Russian submarines spotted off US east coast
But everyone KNOWS that the Akula class submarine was sold to INDIA, and thus this is more of the Ongoing Attack of the NorthKoreanKenyanSomaliPakiIndianMaoistNepaleseIslamoCryptoZionistKliques!

But will the Evil Liberal Media ever admit to the fact that they are being duped by the very team that SLAUGHTERED poor innocent vincent foster to cover up the fact that North Korea is Kenyan!


Indeed, activists made trouble in 2005 by asking Congressmen tough questions about policy. Activists are making trouble now by shouting Congressmen down so they can’t be heard.

It’s exactly the same thing, right?

[ cf One of these things is not like the other ]

When you ask a question of a congressman that involves factualism, that forces them to completely shut down back into the Fetal Faith Based Awareness Mode, that is the same thing as just not allowing some GOD HATING UNAMERICAN PRO-NORTH KOREAN KENYANISM from spewing their hate filled Unamericanism!

And then he notes
After that, the events were open only to demonstrated loyalists; you may recall the people arrested at a Bush Social Security event in Denver for the crime of … not being Bush supporters.
( op cit ( emphasis added ) )
You SEE! Radical Death Squading Masses Of Unamericanist BRUTALLY ATTACKING FREEDOM by not being Pro American!

See, very much the same exact thing!!!

Clearly the SHIRLL ONE!!!!! Continues to support the War President merely because he is in bed with the mere civilian president!

Radical left Wing Extremists Socializing Government with their EVIL!

William Jefferson Convicted On 11 Counts

Now let us put our thinking cap on here and wonder why the RED Socialist Law Enforcement opted to side with the Hate FreeDome types to continue the Repressive Jack Boot Of Excess Governmental intervention into the market place to limit how people go about privatizing their government, in synergistical high energy e-commerce solutions of the Future!!!

Clearly if American citizens are prevented from being able to freely buy the government they want, where are they suppose to go? To Some Federal Bureacrat who will RATION the amount of government they can get from the socialist welfare systeme????

Free The FreeDome!

Threatening phone calls escalate to a death threat for Rep. Brad Miller (D-NC) over the health care bill.

He'll be discussing health care with constituents one on one over recess. No townhalls, which seems understandable.

[ citing That's Not Very Nice, Pt.2 ]
Now, really, in a time of War, aren't people allowed to engage in death threats, or openly supporting the lone gunmen, and the need to allow the next generation of PostBlackWaterGunners, to, well, do what the Free Market in Death is so good at doing?

You know, to show folks that they are SERIOUS about ending the RED Socialized Law Enforcement and RED Socialized WarStuff!

I mean, you wouldn't want folks to think you were soft of Mere RED Socialized NotAtAllRelatedProgrammes!