August 4th, 2009


Get Your Game On Enginerds!

Engineers, Terrorism, and Creationism gives us the thot pause about what is it about engineering that bridges creationism and terrorism?

Yeah, could it be that the problem is that engineers tend toward being cautious, and thus the sin of 'over engineering' solution spaces - in their efforts to arrive at optimals... Thus why they tend toward conservativism? and that offers the entree into both creationism, because of the intelligent design that has so clearly made engiNerds the best of all possible beings, which is why they rule it over the pointy haired managers... or is that the bridge over troubled water to religious terrorism?

Liberals Gone Crazy!

TN Cops Plant Drugs, Abuse Suspect
I mean, get real, if the Followers Of The Holy Crusade Against Unamericanism, or any manifestation thereof, or such persons who think they have the extra special orders that secretly come from the WarPresident are engaged in defeating the forces of DarkNess, why exactly should they be constrained by the Mere Law of Men!

I mean, what is wrong with a little planting of evidence in an age of accepting testimony from tortured persons???? These Liberals have GOT to get their agenda straight!!!

mostly gooder timing.

Got home, and was brushing the junk off the tires, and the front tire, the one that I have not changed in a long time, made that harsh sound that says all of the Air has been liberated by the UnicornVampireFashionQueenLiberationFront as a protest against the horrors of Obamanation!

Total Free Market Rock OUT!

Military Lawyer Claims U.S. Paid Gitmo Prosecution Witnesses: Defense Attorneys Say Afghan Eyewitnesses Received Cash or Gifts From the U.S. Government

All the Evidence that the Free Market will bear!!!!

What greater Proof that the END of the Horrors of Socialized Law Enforcement are becoming Military Victory after Glorious Mission Accomplished Dance!!!

Are you doing YOUR part to end the horror of RED Socialized Law Enforcement?

TeaBagger/LaRouche Kliquing....

Teabagger/LaRouche Alliance?

I say that someone MUST pass a law criminalizing the creation of self parodizing kliques of mindNumbing Stoopids!

And yes, of course Obama is Mengelee, since of course it is "Nazi health plan." ( scare quotes in the text homies, so get your groove on! The French Resistance will soon be protecting us from the HORRORS of Obamanation!!!