August 3rd, 2009


Our new Religious Cult

head first design patterns - biked down to digital guru to pick it up, spent lunch learning that s9 was into clive owen movies, and his growing national security concern about Keira Knightley's Breasts Officially Unmarketable since, clearly, the single most important geoPolitical Issue of 2008 was photoshopping rack space for film starlettes, as a part of the global effort to rescue the liquidity market.

Well maybe not in that order, but I think that it dose point in the direction of a design pattern.

Get your Swift Boat On!

Inside The Tea Partiers Anti-Health Care Organizing Campaign

The pressing question is whether or not it will be safe in the fall for professional football players, who will arrive around the nation and find that all of the astroTurf has been pulled up and pushed into the playPretend of the national debate like activities.

Makes one wonder if it is time to get these astroTurfers registered with some sort of EPA standards committee...

You gotta love that Authoritarian Mindset

Authoritarian Mindset - ah yes, when the intention is to shutdown the meeting, it is not about arguing the point.

And you have to love this marvelous moment:
Just wanted to let you know I watched the Couric newscast this evening and they had a segment on the organic 'anger' that exists against the Obama and the health program. Guess who they has on? A guy from freedomWorks, a republican strategist and Ambinder spouting the line that this is 'real america' anger. So as you said today they are reporting it as spontaneous not as an organized astro turf fight.

They followed this with a segement about hwo shoddy VA care is for soldiers hitting ALL the republican talking points about govenrment run care. A thing of propaganda beauty.

[ cf Get What You Pay For ( emphasis mine )]

You have to love the whole 'kicking the vets to the curb' moment nested in that gambit!

Rather than taking on the failure that the ProWarSittingOnTheirFaceBackHome types did to VA/Military Health Care for Vets, you know, supporting the troops to support the president, they use their failure as proof that it can be worse!!!

Great! Go There ProWarWheenies!!!

When do we get to the peace corp without guns phase?

Army Farmers Work to Regrow Afghanistan acutally used the phrase, inside scare quotes in the original text,
Perhaps nothing exemplifies the “Peace Corps with guns” approach to Afghanistan more than the U.S. Army’s Agribusiness Development Teams, or ADTs.
Hum, what if we were to have say a non-military style organization that would provide volunteers and support to help nations recover from various forms of global depravations?

Should america opt out of the No-Bid-Contract model, and retreat to a volunteerism?