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August 2009 - drieuxster
Month View

Here are all the posts for this month by drieuxster:

11:00 am: Military Victory Of Corporate News Management In Holy Crusade
11:30 am: Don't break the Chain - 2 comments
11:36 am: What the Evil Liberal Media Meant to say
11:45 am: Must See Tv
11:51 am: You see HanoiAnnie Coulter was right all along
06:09 pm: Godless Liberal Media Covering Up the Horrors of the Evil One

11:30 am: Civilization Collapses
12:02 pm: Liberals Destroying White Christian America
12:16 pm: bummer
12:29 pm: But should we let reasoning mandate political orientation
01:01 pm: They Are Them, and we must stop them, because they are not us.
01:14 pm: New GI Bill - godless HORROR of FRD Socialism Attacks America
01:24 pm: They Talking SERE now
02:23 pm: But indefinite detention is state policy, how can one protest against it?
02:47 pm: Papists Declare War On White Christian America
06:29 pm: Are They Prepping for the Bug Out?
06:34 pm: Gay War In Israel More of teh same old Persecution of White Christian Americans?
06:40 pm: Of course Apple Is Gay?

08:24 pm: Our new Religious Cult
08:43 pm: Get your Swift Boat On!
08:48 pm: how ambiguous can they be? - 1 comment
08:54 pm: You gotta love that Authoritarian Mindset - 3 comments
09:00 pm: PSA for drug therapy?
09:05 pm: The Shrill One Attacks Faith Based Economics - 3 comments
09:14 pm: Headlines you should not put together - 3 comments
09:17 pm: George W. Bush Birth Certificate Unmasked - 1 comment
09:27 pm: When do we get to the peace corp without guns phase?

01:22 pm: Get Your Game On Enginerds!
01:30 pm: When Post Surrealism Gets Posted
01:38 pm: Liberals Gone Crazy!
01:52 pm: Evil Liberal Media Persecutes Freedom!
02:04 pm: Don't forget to Breath
02:11 pm: Video Meme Wars
06:49 pm: mostly gooder timing.
06:52 pm: Why do TeaBaggers Support Al-Qaeda?
06:57 pm: Total Free Market Rock OUT!
07:02 pm: Free The Free Market in Recycling Pre-Bio-Diesel-EnemiesOfTheState
07:06 pm: The Shrill One Attacks FreeDome!
07:08 pm: PSA: do not do the bad drugs
07:28 pm: Why Does Fox News hate america
07:35 pm: TeaBagger/LaRouche Kliquing....

01:43 am: why not the Terri Schiavo Resurrection Act of 2011 - 4 comments
01:51 am: Killing For Profit, the american way embodied!
01:56 am: But are veterans really americans? - 4 comments
02:02 am: Communist Armed Aggression Marches Forth From Red Hollywood - 2 comments
02:06 am: Liberals Seek To Impose Massive Factualist Kult on America!!!
02:12 am: Obama was a North Korean Kenyan!
08:51 am: The Cool BeCome - 2 comments
09:36 am: Proof North Korea Is Kenyan
09:39 am: Support EuroHealth Plan! - 2 comments
09:44 am: Why we need Blaspheme Laws in America
09:54 am: Number Theory Is Just a Theory, but follow the numbers folks.
09:57 am: The HORROR of socialized Medicine simplified - 3 comments
12:01 pm: More Vincent Fosters Will Be Sacrefices to The Obamanation Before God!
12:04 pm: Are The Panzer Armee Of Apple A Greater Threat To FreeDome?
12:15 pm: Liberal Media Continues To Obfuscate We Are Winning Against India - 1 comment
12:32 pm: You are only what the Party Allows
02:01 pm: More Reasons To Cut Capitale Gaines Taxes To Make America Safe from Gays
02:11 pm: Who would have thunk it! - 10 comments
04:00 pm: The SHRILL ONE failes to see the OBVIOUS CORRELATION
04:11 pm: Radical left Wing Extremists Socializing Government with their EVIL!
04:16 pm: Free The FreeDome! - 7 comments

06:55 pm: Are We There Yet?
07:04 pm: they say that like it is a bad thing, but in WarOfLiberation...
07:06 pm: Your Moment Of Zen
07:20 pm: This Week In Divinations
07:25 pm: Why We Must Win The War On America!

08:26 am: why do they Hate FreeDome
09:08 am: Must Read - 2 comments
09:14 am: Why We NEED the Right Tax Cuts! - 2 comments
08:44 pm: Stunning Thot Experiment
08:50 pm: More Reasons To STOP the HORRORS of Socialized Law Enforcement
08:56 pm: COMMUNISTS Armed Aggression In Senate!
09:10 pm: Proof Obama IS the Anti-Christ

10:25 am: we should all thank Sarah!
10:38 am: Liberal Terrorists Threatening American Way of Life
10:48 am: Terrorism In The Heart Lands
10:57 am: Soul Suckers UnMasked In Obamanation Apostasy!
11:07 am: That Frightening Reality - 2 comments

09:33 am: Christianized Military, here to save us from Mob Rule
09:39 am: Is there room for dialog in the middle of the holy crusade? - 2 comments
09:59 am: Speaking Of Traditional Family Values - 2 comments
10:05 am: NYT Pushing White Christian Americans Onto Death Train - 2 comments
10:08 am: This is just TOO SErIOUsLy crazy!
10:18 am: should americans know how many senators a state have? - 2 comments
10:22 am: Liberals Persecuting Freedom Fighters
02:48 pm: Evil Liberal Media Covers Up Obamanation Death Camps!
02:51 pm: Proof Torture Works!

12:26 am: Finally someone to investigage how long has nanciiPelosiiObama been torturing white christians
12:31 am: David Brooks Stabs Troops In Back On National TV
12:38 am: FreakOnomics Stabs Troops In Back!
12:42 am: David Frum Stabing Troops In The Back! - 2 comments
09:01 am: But can he really be the new Horst Wessel?
09:08 am: Palin Stabs Troops In The Back!
09:19 am: Communist Armed Aggression Destroying White Christian America
09:21 am: Socialize WarStuff Crushing The FreeDome of the Free Market
09:26 am: The Shrill One Stabs The Troops In Back With NorKoSomaliKenyanista AgitProp
09:31 am: NorKoSomaliKenyanista Pushing White Chrisitan Americans Onto Death Train
09:38 am: Liberal Numerology Used To Stab Troops In The back!
09:49 am: Red Hollywood Leads The Way!
10:42 am: How Many Will The Obamanation DeathPanels Slaughter In NH staged performance? - 1 comment
10:48 am: Liberal Media Stabbing Troops in the back with their UnFaith
10:50 am: What is the evil liberal media really trying to tell us? - 1 comment
10:54 am: Wall Street Execs, just jocks like, well Jocks!
11:10 am: The Socialists Are EveryWehre
12:11 pm: Internet Stabs Stoops in the Back
12:37 pm: Where are The Freedom Fighters?
12:41 pm: Embrace The TOTAL MILITARY VICTORY over the defeatist elements!
12:57 pm: Ferrign Devils Seek To Destroy FEEDOM
01:20 pm: Utah CRUSHED under Jack Boot of Atheists!
01:26 pm: But he's Not GAY!
02:45 pm: Why we must Bong Canada to Stop Their MexiKanukIstanianisms!
04:17 pm: Save Steven Hawkings! - 4 comments
04:27 pm: Is Obama abandoning the Immigration Issue?
04:39 pm: Why We MUST defeat MexiKanukiStania! - 2 comments
06:10 pm: Red Socialists WelFare Queens Attack Free Trade - 7 comments

08:41 am: Scary Horror Story Time!
08:49 am: FeeDome! FeeDome!!! FeeDome!!!
08:54 am: Proof Of The Karl Rove Armoured Flying Saucer Korp Won in Vietnam!
08:57 am: Support The New Yippie Party To Total Victory
09:03 am: The Zombies Are Coming!
09:13 am: National Socialized AutoIndustry? - 2 comments
09:15 am: National Socialised National Socialism
09:19 am: Strange headline mix
09:31 am: Comunist Armed Aggression CRUSHING FeeDome for DeathPanelPerverts
09:35 am: There was a problem?
09:49 am: Another War Winning Moment?
09:51 am: Get Your Game On AntiRationEers
10:51 pm: Some Days are Just Too Twisted - 6 comments

08:12 am: Stop MexiKanukiStania Armed Aggression!
08:18 am: Obama is the New Dubya! - 11 comments
08:20 am: Game ON!
08:26 am: Why the Obamanites Support KommieHealthKareKillerPanels
08:51 am: Showing The Tools
09:04 am: How do we address the HORROR of the NannyState Crisis
09:22 am: But will they do what must be done?
09:28 am: Obama Causes Sun To Go Away
09:35 am: EuroTerrorism Opposed FeeDome with Their Godless Ways!
09:45 am: Why You must read the Twilight Saga! - 2 comments
11:04 am: Oh Dear Me!
11:19 am: Why We Will Defeat THEM!
11:24 am: Proof HeteroSexuality Causes Dementia!
12:15 pm: ah yes...
04:16 pm: Post Reality Moment!
10:10 pm: another evil social gathering
10:19 pm: Should Obama Act As A warpresident
10:23 pm: Rush And Glenn Beck unmasked As HARD LEFTIST EXTREMISTS
10:34 pm: Shrill one Stabs History In The Side, The Back, and near the pineal glands.
10:40 pm: The Shrill One Admits Obamanites Are Evil! - 8 comments

10:16 am: Game ON - 7 comments
10:21 am: Will DearOldDick do what must be done?
10:27 am: Torture Corp, USA - 3 comments
10:30 am: This Is Your Logic On Post Surrealism - 5 comments
10:40 am: Hey wow, like totally dude...
10:46 am: The Shrill One Attacks More Of That Stuff...
12:24 pm: Obama Unmasked as Evil One
12:26 pm: Obamanites Krush Freedom Under Jack Boot Of SS Konspirakii
12:37 pm: Support Balsam Man
02:12 pm: Colbert has it's own Death Panel
04:36 pm: EuroZone Threatend American way of life - 9 comments
06:59 pm: Obamanite Horror Unmasks Evils of Health Care Reform
07:02 pm: LA Cops Come Out Supporting Alien Abduction
07:05 pm: Obamanites Continue to PERSECUTE slave traders!
10:35 pm: what were they trying to warn us about
10:49 pm: love the comedy.

07:48 am: Evil Liberal Media Finally Starts To Get It. - 7 comments
07:48 am: Evil Liberal Media Finally Starts To Get It.
07:55 am: Things You Should NOT post togeter
08:03 am: Do Not Do Bad Drugs...
08:07 am: Why We Must STOP theyThemThoseTyps
08:09 am: They Are EVIL, and Bad, And Stabbing The Troops In The Back!
08:12 am: The Shrill One Stabs Troops In Back on TruthierNeff in MediaStuff
08:22 am: Oh well, might as well...
08:26 am: Stop The Socialist Welfare Queens of The DOD!
08:30 am: HK in Love Triangle!
08:38 am: welcome to the working week.... - 1 comment
08:49 am: ... f*%$ed up is clearly how we roll.
09:01 am: More Proof ObamaCare will bring about the END of civilization - 2 comments
09:05 am: Don't Palinize Minnesota
09:19 am: More Zombie UpRisings! - 2 comments
11:42 am: Why do they Hate the Guacamole?
03:32 pm: Stop MexiKanukiStanian Users of Military Grade Mathematics
03:46 pm: Where will they find any fresh astroTurf?
03:54 pm: Which side is winning the Heckler's Veto?
04:00 pm: Liberals Destroy FeeDome
07:53 pm: Vampires a growing problem

08:35 am: something folks need to think about when organizing to kill actual humans
08:39 am: On sleeping with girls
09:00 am: Now that has an argument from post-surrealism
09:12 am: Another fun one...
09:17 am: Scary Thot Time...
09:39 am: Get Your Post Surrealism ON BiggerTime - 3 comments
09:46 am: Phrases you should not use in pubblic
09:53 am: Cut to the Chase Time
10:06 am: An irresistable place to go with that bit...
10:24 am: The Ugly Question Dodged
10:50 am: The Evils of Socialism Unmasked
11:06 am: RedIt Geeks just do not get it! - 6 comments

06:44 pm: White House Continues Transporting Granma's To OuterSpace Diners

08:49 am: Were Are Winning Against The UnBelievers
08:55 am: Those Other Questions...
09:04 am: Will More Churches be preaching the gospel - 2 comments
09:17 am: Can DearOldDick save US from D9
09:21 am: It would become a civil war if liberals were americans
09:28 am: Shrill One Stabs Troops In Back With More Unamericanism
09:36 am: Why we MUST win the war on Portland!
12:09 pm: Obama to Sell GranMa to Space Alien Marriage Brokers
12:22 pm: The End is Endingly, uh endablised endulations! - 3 comments
12:30 pm: More Proof Why ExWives MUST be sold, rather than released into the wild - 4 comments
12:46 pm: Sadly NO covers UP Space Alien T-Shirt Konspirakii
06:54 pm: Liberals Want To Leave America Exposed To StarShip Attacks!
08:10 pm: It is PSA time kids

07:52 am: And the War Starts When?
07:58 am: Liberalista Threaten Retreat To Pre-911 Factualist Era
08:30 am: They are Crazy Folks
08:49 am: Evil Liberal Media Proven To Be Communist StrongHold Of DeathPaneling
09:30 am: Round Three of the Crazy National NotDebate About HealthCare Refrom - 4 comments
06:26 pm: Funny you should say that...
06:41 pm: Socialist WelfareStatists Threaten American FeeDome!
07:24 pm: Must Bong Canada

12:15 am: The revolution is going to be stage crafted
08:09 am: Main streaming the right wing
08:17 am: Obamanites Threaten Free World With GodHatingAmericaBashing Helmet
08:23 am: Speaking of Fighting Against the Obamanite Tyranical Government
08:29 am: Christian Mafia in Military and America? - 2 comments
09:53 am: PSA on Drug Abuse in Health Care Debate
10:00 am: What if Corporatists had to support the public option?
10:10 am: Barney Franks Spreads Gay Agenda
10:19 am: Naked Dawn, the trailer
12:45 pm: America needs new Public Safety Laws!
03:22 pm: What next? Democracy is Class Warfare? like duh - 3 comments
05:14 pm: Oh GOD the Horror of Communist Socialism - 2 comments

07:38 am: Evil Liberals are BAD - 4 comments
07:53 am: Fox News Stabbing Troops In The Back!
07:57 am: Suprise, Suprise, SuPrise - gomer comes out of the closet!
08:00 am: Military continues war against Space Alien Regime
08:05 am: ACLU - pro-Space Alien League!
08:12 am: Pricing Oxygen Right... next step after pricing water right - 4 comments
08:20 am: Health care reform talking back seat to Stopping The Space Aliens!
08:33 am: and this is a problem how? No seriously
08:45 am: Obamanites Crush FeeDome in OK
08:50 am: Liberal Media Covers Up Transformer Attackes On America
09:00 am: Stop THREATENING T-Shirts! as they are scary!
05:42 pm: national boredom factor.

09:54 am: Same as the Old Dubya - 2 comments
09:57 am: go team venture
10:13 am: Fox news Persecuting White Chrisitan America
06:06 pm: Got FruitBatting
06:08 pm: Bringing The Civilian Community Home From The HomeWarZone

12:48 am: is this change we can believe in? - 1 comment
09:35 am: Obamanites Attack Traditional Family Values

04:17 pm: Why is Glenn Greenwald Stabbing The Troops In The Back!
06:52 pm: what really caused the collapse of the Soviet Union - 2 comments
08:00 pm: Stop Obamanite MexiKanukiStanian Death Panels!
08:08 pm: Should Holy Warriors Against Health Care Reform Surge Afghanistan?
08:14 pm: America For AmericanIsm

07:09 am: typo as Secret Message?
07:29 am: what did the nazi's do that was so bad.
07:32 am: They Do It To Spread Capitale Gaines Taxes!
07:39 am: Britain Still Stabbing Troops In Back By allowing Independent Press
07:49 am: Proof Obama is Head of Arayan Nation Group
08:06 am: ZombieLand is not just a Movie, it's a way of life
08:13 am: speaking of cost effectiveness...
08:28 am: Stop The Communist Armed Aggression!
10:58 am: Stop The Socialist Socializing Of Socialism - 1 comment
01:04 pm: Cutting To The UGLY Chase! - 2 comments

09:43 am: Why does Michael Steele hate those of us who served in the american armed forces?
10:04 am: but is that a limiting factor?
10:06 am: Psuedo Cons Stabbing WarPresident In Back - 4 comments
10:27 am: An interesting take on tarentino's new flick - 2 comments
10:38 am: They Did What? - 4 comments
11:02 am: oh this will be fun
07:58 pm: why off shoring is the rave - 2 comments
08:17 pm: on creaming one's genetic material

08:42 am: shouldn't they be shooting More?
08:49 am: and that is a bad thing how?
09:00 am: Is that Lost as in without soul, or without place?
09:20 am: when good employees get all LiberalWildAndCrazy!
09:52 am: Rethinking more things.
11:43 am: oh this is also fun to read - 2 comments
12:05 pm: Why WE must bong canada
01:52 pm: Obamanites Crushing White Christian Americans Under Their GodlessNeff
02:02 pm: The Shrill One Admits to being out of Shrill
02:09 pm: How do you spell Eutopia?
02:27 pm: what if this guy became a birther?
04:06 pm: how does memory really work - 1 comment
09:44 pm: super secret revealed

08:22 am: Get Your Crazy ON!
08:42 am: Stopping Godless Red Fire Truck Socialism
08:58 am: More Obamanite Pushing Granny, and friends, under the Flying Saucere
09:03 am: Postmodernism as Gateway Drug to Atheism
09:32 am: Obamanites Continue Repression of 1st Ammendment Rights
09:44 am: Britain Continues War On America
09:51 am: Danger Law Stuff
11:13 am: it's official.
12:22 pm: GOPUSMEDIA Gone Crazy...
01:35 pm: Is praying for the death of a president like a bad thing? - 2 comments
02:51 pm: pink lighting teens?
09:32 pm: Total Military Victory Against the Japanamationista! - 3 comments

09:18 am: Get Our Race War ON!
09:26 am: Speaking of Obamanite Vetting Of the Military

08:22 am: Evil Liberal Media Covering Up TRUE holy warriors?
08:42 am: The Shrill One Confused About Prayer Warrior's In Economics
08:46 am: Converting The Prayer Warriors to activists - 2 comments
08:53 am: Why Not War Bonds?
09:06 am: Liberals Want To Impose EuroScience Upon America
09:11 am: Because Sometimes Wittgenstein was a beery swine... - 1 comment
09:30 am: Why Liberals HATE comedy
10:32 am: what? support For Red Socialist Research?

09:59 am: We are on which side again? - 3 comments
05:43 pm: The next new policy....
05:50 pm: Obamanite Genocidal Agenda Unmasked!

12:55 pm: go after the big guys? - 8 comments