July 29th, 2009


because google reader is evil

BDSM Jesus Dress Up
Found while following other persons link to a link to a link. So while it is possible to share something, it is not quite apparent how one is suppose to link to a shared google read. So the slogan
They can't even threaten treason without being passive-aggressive weenies. Losers.
( cited from Substitute's Google Reader Sharing Spot )
is going to take a bit of time to work with.

Go Team Which Ever!

And now he’s gone and called Rachel Maddow a “tea-bagging queen.”
[ cf Why Does Lou Dobbs Still Have A Job? ]
Because he is still fighting Red Socialism and the Fairey Princess who are in league with satan against Pinrcesse Sparklee Poney and the Heroic Band of Oath Takers And Truthier Makers!!!

Or maybe we should make alt.conspiracy THE American News Source of Record. Especially since records are round, unlike planet earth....

News With Novelty!

It's Not Hard to Be a Job-Slashing, Pension-Grabbing CEO -- If You're a Sociopath: CEOs in America pull in the big bucks because there's a shortage of people willing to destroy the lives of many other human beings.
Well now that shows why we MUST stop the growing threat of Red Socialism, before executives are forced to totally privatize the corporate defense world and start bombing flat all of the unbelievers who are unwilling to support the free trade in free markets! Since only godless atheists would support Socialized Law Enforcement systems!

Are YOU doing your part to keep America AMERICAN! Or must be bomb you flat for FreeDome!

But is this even congress's concern?

Military Commissions Debate Rages On in Senate: Hearing Reveals Weaknesses on Both Sides of Argument
Didn't the Majikal Powers Act give the WarPresident, not that civilian guy, all the special powers needed in a Yoo Memo?

What if some other country had sold an underage american boy to a third nation? Would americans really want to have law in place? Or would faith be enough?

{ the scary part are the related stories that the washington independent offer up in the side bar. }


‘Wait a Second. Barack Obama Is a Connecticut Vampire?’
Clearly IF you can not stick your finger into the president's belly button, and get all american naval lint, how ever will you know that he is not a Vampire?

UpDate: is this why there is that rise in tweener interest in Vampire stories? And why is the evil liberal media covering up this threat to innocent virgin pre-cheerleader prom queens of america!!!

Two Sadly No Moments.

Hi, Me Again TeaBagger advert v. AIG advert, and the scary subliminal HORROR is that the TeaBaggers are starting their tour in the SF Bay Area, where the Liberals Imposed GoldWater on the GOP.
YOO ESS AY!!! YOO ESS AY!!! where the dutch attack america with Mere Factualism, and note that there are more Stoners In the UsA!

Which may explain TeaBaggers starting from SF... and their like total commitment to the NewElectricAcidKoolAidBigBusYippieParty!

Why is the Evil Liberal Media Covering the NeoConClownCarCrew?

Colin Powell tells Larry King: "The problem I'm having with the [Republican] Party right now is that when [Rush Limbaugh] says something that I consider to be completely outrageous and I respond to it, I would like to see other members of the party do likewise, but they don't." That and the day's other political news in the TPMDC Morning Roundup.
[ citing TPMDC Morning Roundup ]
What if there was more that needed to be discussed about Real Republican Policies, than the stoner moments of Rush, Lou Dobbs, and the various media clowns....

O'Reilly Stabs Truth In Back Because He Hates America

Last night on his TV show, Bill O'Reilly comprehensively debunked the Birthers: O'Reilly said to a letter-writer who declared himself not convinced that Obama is an American: "That is because you don't want to be convinced, Larry." That's as good a summary of the Birthers' motivations as any other.
[ cf Damage Control: GOP Bosses Coming Down Hard On Birthers ( emphasis mandated by Divine Will Of GOD! ) ]
Well, what MORE proof do americans need that nanciiPelosii is using TORTURE on innocent americans! And that this is what happens in a Nation with Socialized Law Enforcement which is clearly torturing anyone who opposes Great Leader!!!

Stop The SOCIALIST Law Enforcement Agendanista

Senate Introduces Bill to Ban Texting While Driving
Hello, are driving laws Federal Laws???? Should the feds be brutally and viciously depriving americans of their states rights simply because the Federalista want to EXPAND their Socialist Law Enforcement Horror!!!

The Most HORRIFIC part is that the EVIL LIBERAL MEDIA is covering up the Great Patriotic Heroic Struggle against this form of Jack Booted Iron Fisted Socialist Law Enforcement HORROR being ram rodded down the throats of peaceful americans by evil federal bureaucrats and their SOCIALSITA fellow travellors!

Are YOU doing YOUR PART to take back america from these HORRIFIC Socialist Law Enforcement Evil Ones?