July 28th, 2009


Once again things are not going well.

“You Came Too Close, We Lit You Up” – The Lethal Warriors Come Home
This might not be the right time to remind americans that our beloved Colorado is the happy land where they tried to prosecute troops who were following the DOD policy on dealing with Traumatic Stressors. Made great buzz, since of course, in mythological land, there are no problems.

One has got to respect the ProWarKult's doctrine of use them up and throw them away.

What if this sort of treatment of american troops were a war crime in itself?

What if Abandonding the American Troops to the dangerous myths of the ProWarKults were a war crime in itself?

A time construct

Read This If You Hate Meetings
Or the difference between the manager’s schedule and the maker’s schedule.

It may also help folks if they learn what really happens in 'multi-tasking' situations, when there is a single core, with a single CPU, and no majikal place to majikally offload concurrently running threads.

Ah yes, once upon a time the notion of 'thrashing the system' was reasonably well known.( would this be a bad time to point out that Silly Window Syndrome was never that Funny an idea or metaphour! )

PSA: Bad Drugs Be Bad! Sit bad drug, no seriously SIT!

At a recent town-hall meeting in suburban Simpsonville, a man stood up and told Rep. Robert Inglis (R-S.C.) to “keep your government hands off my Medicare.”

“I had to politely explain that, ‘Actually, sir, your health care is being provided by the government,’ ” Inglis recalled. “But he wasn’t having any of it.”

( cited in Why Americans hate single-payer insurance )
well, there you have it! The Godless Obamanation have SOCIALIZED Medicare as a part of their Main Force Assault on White Christian America, thus depriving old people of the choice of which medicare programme to be in!!!

Can there be a clearer reason to demand an end to Capitale Gaines Taxes to stop this sort of Gay Marriage AgendanistaIsms!

{ I mean, you have to respect the MemeWarKillingMachine, that won the fight that Medicare was not the godless manifestation of socialism!!! }

Evil Liberal Media Covers Up Mission Accomplished Military Victories!

Bush/Cheney Suppressed Global Warming Images
Oh sure, those were strategic military intelligence products showing the TOTAL military victory over the Al-Qaeda Ice formations north of Barrow that were threatening to become a part of the total MexiKanukistanian Flying Saucers of Ice Follies Bregeire! { it's freedomme, and means, place where they hate white christian americans! }

Start The Racial Profiling Now

An American faced stern punishment after being convicted of robbing a bank in Pakistan: Losing a hand and foot.

Daniel Patrick Boyd avoided the sentence when his conviction was overturned. Two decades later, the 39-year-old is accused of organizing a group in the U.S. with international terrorist aspirations, and he faces life in prison if convicted.

Prosecutors say Boyd's time in Pakistan also included terrorist training that he brought back to North Carolina, where over the past three years he allegedly recruited followers willing to die as martyrs waging jihad — an Arabic word that means the struggle to do good and commonly used by extremists to mean holy war.

N.C. terror suspect Daniel Patrick Boyd nearly lost limbs in Pakistan bank robbery case ]
More Importantly look at that terrorist Face!!!

I say we start rounding those types up! So that people feel safe from the threat of them!

Liberal Media takes on Role of Educator

10 Things You Need to Know to Live on the Streets: How to make the best of a traumatic transition: Learn the best bathroom options and soup kitchen schedules, carry a blanket and more.
Why aren't they doing the Patriotic Duty of supporting the Prevention Of UnAmerican Act that would given the Ministry of Homeland Happiness the power to reorient those who are on the fast track to sin and moral turpitude!!!

Think of all of the Jobs they could get building the Anti-MexiKanukiStanian Kombat Kanal, as they dig through the rocky mountains, with their bare hands!!!

It's time to make america American again!

{ what if there were prophetic moments in those post-apocalyptic flicks? }

GOP against NeoConCrankCarCrews?

Voinovich: The GOP’s biggest problem is “too many Jim DeMints and Tom Coburns.”
What??? It is time to return Ohio to being a Northern State??? And the GOP to being the party of Damn Yankees....

Oh what will happen next???? Actually advocating the end of drug stoopered stoners like Rush and friends?

{ ok, so my favorite Indiana Republican is all whiney about the failures of all the same make the state financial system rest on gambling casino style fiasco's!!! }

Why we will always be winning in IrangIstania

Fox News graphics department has shaky grasp of Mideast geography
Hey kids, can you find both Egypt And Iraq on the map???

Clear Proof that those Godless Liberals and their Evil Liberal Public Education System are nothing but a collection of efemete wimp liberal elitists who are picking on the real working class in the Main Stream Media, with their dogmatism that maps should be mappable!!!

Well Map THEORY is just a THEORY!

{ do you know the way to San Jose.... it's not where you thot it was... }

Should Liberals Be Allowed To Limite Numbers of Irradicated UnAmerianista?

Is Michael Massing Making a Joke?
Does the fact that at least 100 detainees die under torture mean that it is a systemic torture regime?

And should people be obliged to retreat into mere factualism in an age of Religious Re-Awakening that the nation must clearly be in, since we have such great religious movements as the BirtherKult, the BlueDogDyslexics ( who thot they were going to be the Blue Gods and rock it past the mere Blue Men ), and all of the others who understand that Number Theory is Just A Theory! It is not a Fact!

So why should americans be left helpless! clearly if the state is willing to accidentally kill a couple hundred thousand here and there with their policies of actively doing stuff, that should be chaulked up to the Good Of The Nation! That in america we support killing people for no apparent reason, because we have total faith in our national leadership to do stuff!

Sarah Leading The Conceptual Charge For Americanizing Americanism

Tea Party Activists bewail the loss of doctor who sent racist Obama witch doctor email.

As they say, only the good ones withdraw from active advocacy against health care reform young.

[ citing We Lost a "Great Freedom Fighter" ( emphasis mine, so that it would stand out to stop the evils of evil doing evil doers and their ERS! )]
No seriously, in Americanized Americanism It IS Americantastical!

{ there is a PSA about bad drugs lurking around in there, but I am afraid it is still too close to socialized medicine for us to operate effectively }

Socialist Welfare State of Free FreeDome of the Market?

U.S. to provide $1 billion to hire cops
But should those be more of the same failed Welfare Statist HORRORS of NannyStatist Cops? Or are these going to be the battle hardened Holy Warriors of the Free Market System?

Tell The Evil Socialists that they MUST stop the horror of NannyStatist Law Enforcement!!! Because only the Majikal Invisible Powers of the Market Place can define how much law enforcement is Correct!!!

Apple Prooves That Only A Socialist Free World is American Enough!

Apple Rejects Google Voice App, Invites Regulation
Or there is the other problem here, that the fiasco of failed deregulation of the telco world, still suffers from the failure of the Ruling Oligarchy to be, well, uh, market driven enough? so that they are merely that other form of Socialism, that is caused by failing to have an appropriate balance between market forces that is best defined as natural monopolies; and thus is not open to the true majik of a free market, and needs to be appropriately managed, by the government, as the sole true representative of the will and consent of the people????

GAY UNBORN BABY WHALES Capitale Gaines Taxes!!!!

Oh dear, what are we going to do as we move into Post-Post-Surealism as the new PoMo?

why our troops are still winning in war against india!

Kashmir leader resigns amid scandal allegations: Omar Abdullah, who has been described as a hope for the troubled state, stepped down while investigations continue.
You don't see any of the american government standing down over a mere three year old sex scandal.

Thus Proving we will go on winning against India!!!

Thank GOD we have RoboBushCheneyParis!
They Shiney!
and fashionably Fashionable!
and not bogged down in the horrors of a mere civilian government and can thus focus on winning all of the imaginary wars with all of the imaginary weapons against all of our imaginary enemies!!!

Can there be any doubt that americans must continue to re-elect them!!!!

Socialist Persecution Of White Christian Americans

A Houston couple, in debt to the tune of $260,000, apparently saw their financial salvation in the lucrative security contracts coming out of the under-manned U.S. war effort in Afghanistan. Now, seven years later, Del and Barbara Spier are set to go on trial for defrauding the government. If convicted on all the charges, they face more than 30 years in prison.

In May 2002, the Spiers founded U.S. Protections and Investigation. Soon, USPI inked an initial $8.4-million deal with the engineering firm Louis Berger Group, which had scored a $214-million contract to rebuild Afghanistan’s war-ravaged infrastructure. “USPI’s job was to provide security for contractors repairing a 300-mile road stretching from Kabul to Kandahar,” Daniel Schulman writes in Mother Jones.
In one final ironic twist, when USAID finally wised up to the Spiers’ shenanigans in 2007, the team that raided their Kabul office included Blackwater mercenaries, in addition to Afghan cops and FBI and USAID agents. In our lawless war-on-a-shoestring in Afghanistan, we even need mercenaries to help police the mercenaries.

[ cf Cowboys of Kabul’ Allegedly Defrauded Uncle Sam of Millions ( emphasis added to help the reading underEmpowered! ) ]

How can we let SOCIALISTS deprive No-Bid-Contractors of God's Divine WILL and largess!!!


like Totally Get YOUR game on

Air Force on the Hunt for ‘Subversive’ Behavior Online
YES! yES! yEs!
At one level there is a perfectly legitimate concern hear about detecting internal security breaches, intentional or otherwise, but still, would you want to allow Hitlary and her RadSurfiNerfHoppers this majikal special power to track down the next innocent Vincent Foster on the order of the BOOGA BOOGA Man!!!

So yes, getting the notion of subversive nailed down might help some. Since sometimes there is a reason that we need whistle blowers.

Brando, The Wild Ones, The HORROR of Socialized Law Enforcement

Yes Middle America, it's time for All True Americans to ask what was the Real Meaning behind the Demonic Red Hollywood Propaganda Film, The Wild One - as the evils of Red Communist Socialized Law Enforcement is unmasked as the dark sinister evil of Red Tyranny Burning Up the Road with the Evils of Red Communism corrupting the moral fibre of White Christian America with it's evil atheistical Horrors!!!

We turned back the sinister Red Hollywood Plot of Red Motorcycle Riders, we must clearly arm up again against the Brutal Jack Booted Iron Fisted Onslaught of Red Socialized Law Enforcement!!! Think of the INNOCENT Children. The Sacred Innocent Children, Children, at whole sale warehouse factory prices to you, who would be crushed under the brutal onslaught of Red Socialized Law Enforcement!!!

{ ok, so it just was not as exciting as it could have been, and well, in our current horror of the brutal onslaught of Red Socialized Law Enforcement brought on by the evil HORRORS of the Obamanation Before GOD, maybe focusing on the current issues is more important! }