July 27th, 2009


The Shrill One Gets Merely Ideological

DeMint offers a teachable moment, in which he addresses the core failure of pimping the 'individual insurance plan', which is limited by state regulation, and is the least engaged of the health insurance policies.

Not once does The Shrill one address how the Marvels of Majikal Faith Based Belief In the Purity of Essence will always make the Free Market do what would be what Faith Based Freedomes would free! And as such he totally fails to address the actual position that DeMint and friends are presenting, because once again Krugman limits his position to merely the reality based community, thus totally alienating the SpaceBased and FaithBased land of the Greys, BirtherKults, and true beleivers!

Ok, so the other comedy is watching the NationalSocialistSocialists under DeMint advocate stabbing states rights in the back to establish some majikally federally protected free market system of insurance programmes..

BoingBoingBarbieBou Bounces Back, Again!

"How 'bout, in honor of the American soldier, ya' quit makin' things up."
( cf Quitters Ever Prosper
You see, unlike Liberals, BoingBoingBarbieBou is follow the Great WarPresident's example of just leaving the troops in the field some place, because it is no longer time to be engaged in that thing that has stuff, because while it is true that we must Rescue the UnBornBaby UBU for Jesus, that does not mean that we are going to retreat back into the failed death kult of the evil liberal reality based community fromm pre-911!!!

{ the Bebe is a fluffer, they fluff, because they are not willing to support the troops like BoingBoingBarbieBou! }

Why worry, be happy?

Bush Era Horrors Will Haunt Us Until We Truly Face Them: We can't just "move forward." We need to face who we've been and just how badly we've acted, if we care to become something better. offers such a downer vision of things being so, well, not happy! Where as we learn in Methland: The Drug Epidemic That Ravaged the Midwest: The meth epidemic tearing apart America's small towns is in many ways a product of the global economy. when we read, correctly, between the lines, that the importance of a free market systems of entrepreneurship helps bring the freedome of the free market from all over the globe into the hometown where you live.

So why worry, be happy... If there was an issue about total military victory in the Resource Wars, then of course it would be a productized video game to help you embrace the total victorious gloriousness as only the free market can bring you!

Godless Liberals Gone Crazy!!!

Holt Calls for Next Church Committee on CIA: Congressman Calls for Broad Inquiry Into Intelligence Agency
Why would anyone want to limit the Military Power of the True WarPresident? Especially in a time of transferring the tax liabilities unto the unborn baby UBU!

Yes back in the sixties, the liberals voted in that PeaceFreak Dope Smoking Draft Dodging Dirty Stinking Hippie Nixon, but does anyone really believe that a mere civilian like obama, elected, allegedly, by mere civilians is in anyway the actual president?

Radical Extremists Gone Totally Bonkerated

U.S. Will Transfer Gitmo Child Soldier to Civilian Court, But Still Won’t Let Him Go
Hello! Can we seriously believe that a mere civilian judge could throw out a case against an underage enemy of the state, merely because the evidence for the case was secured by torture?

I mean, what's next? That they are going to limit evidence to merely that which occurred in this space time continuum, and totally disallow the spiritual evidence provided from the spectral plane!!! And that is merely more of the same old persecution of White Christian America by Judicial Activists Gone Wild!!!

I mean, would we want to limit all american special security forces operations to merely the so called reality based community???

WaPo Supports More Abu Ghraib LifeStyling!

In a Good World, There Would Simply Be No Such Thing as the Washington Post deLong sites The Washington Post endorses Abu Ghraib scapegoating for torture where GlennGlenn failes to note that FaithBasedReality can embrace the happierThots without all of that depressing RealityBasedCommunityHorror!

Remember, as long as a person BELEIVED that there was a lawful order, no mater which TinkerBelle they beleived in at the time, such is a sufficiency of validation that a lawful order could have been legal at the time.... Because the Oath is:
"I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Memos of John Yoo."
( op cit glenn's update )
See, it's all fair and good!

How much longer can we allow the Socialist Horrors

It's Just Too Easy
One has to wonder how much longer americans will put up with the HORRORS of Socialist Armed Agression Against Freedom that comes with allowing STATE DOMINATION in the law enforcement system, that utilizes Unionized Labor in the so called police forces!!! Rather than turning to the Glorious Military VictoriousNeff of leaving Law Enforcement up to the Privateers of the Free Market! So that people will get as much Law Enforcement as the Market will allow.

Hopefully after tasering a 14 year old girl to the head, the word will get out, that children need to learn the importance of freeing the free market in law enforcement, just as we must free the freeDome of the Department of Defense, and the other facets of the Homeland Securtity Investment Bubble!

Are YOU doing your part to let the freeDome Free!?!

Get YOUR game Seriously On, Killer Ms. Kitty...

Hello Kitty Taser Gun
What more do you need to know, that it is SOOOO time to stop the socialism of state, federal and local police departments, that are not totally Privatized NOW!!! You know, to stop the HORRORS of the MarxianistNationalSocialistSocialism of crushing the free trade in both law enforcement, and justice delivery systems!!!

Say it LOUD!, Say it Proud! Say it with Judge Dredd
I am the Law!
With my Hello Kitty Taser Gun!

Do Better Drugs!

Ann Coulter Calls Birthers "Cranks" meets Inhofe: The Birthers "Have A Point," And "I Don't Discourage It".

Hum. Remind me again why it is that these Radical Left Wingers keep supporting the Godless HORROR of socialist law enforcement? When clearly only by allowing the free market to decide how much homeland security each citizen should have inside their home! can americans be freed from the HORROR of a socialist Obamanation Before GOD!

Are YOU doing YOUR PART to end the HORRORS of Socialism! Or are you stabbing our troops in the back by Opposing GOD's Divine Plan of a Hello Kitty Taser in every young girls hand!

A brief Code Aside

I was not that surprised with s9 opted in on the idea that 'byteCode' is the Machine Language of Virtual Machines. And that this means that byteCode Compilers are a reasonable construct, whether we are talking Perl or Java.

Without the compilation to byteCode we wind up with the line by line execution of the traditional interpretted approaches, such as occurs with bourne's shell.