July 25th, 2009


Those Wimpy Dubya Heads

Bush Weighed Using Military in Arrests
Wouldn't it have been funner if they had opted for the for the full on armoured assault followed up with arresting any of the survivors.
For added flavor kids, the Buffalo Six were tried in mere civilian courts, and were shipped to american prisons in Indiana. That has got to distress the holy believers in the divine mandate for super special prison systems run by the UppityOne.

News Flash On Cheap Grace.

Palin's Faith, Instant Forgiveness and God-Ordained Prosperity: Exploring Pentacostal Ideology: When God is treated like "on-demand cable," the most fervent believers will have trouble adhering to basic rules of propriety, let alone values.
( as an aside, this is from a writer connected with Religious Dispatches - which seems a liberalish church crew )

Amongst the questions on the table, still, is whether or not the various forms of MegaChurchIsm are good at delivering actual spirituality given their clear market driven forces. In like form, how much of the issue mix is driven by the presumption that since our economic leaders are not having sex with demons, our economy must therefore be doing gooder...

This is a very interesting nexus of issues.

American Phrases Worth Keeping American

Dog Whistle Politics - I was shocked to read that the Wiki wants to give Australia the right of first usage, since I think we all know that Jesus Brought Freedom To America First!

It really is a great way to talk about the 'use of code words' that will be hear 'correctly' by the 'right sorts of folks'...

It may help folks unwrap the play in McCain Campaign Investigated, Dismissed Obama Citizenship Rumors: Frivolous 'Birther' Lawsuits Fuel Conspiracy Theories, Media Coverage and what is really at the root of that crisis.

Or maybe, if you do not hear it correctly, the correct answers may not have been for you.

That Race Baiting Problem

Citing Email Flap, McKalip Says He'll Withdraw From Public Debate Over Healthcare
Amongst the other problems in play is the idea that some how it is ok to do that which one would condemn in liberals, as long as it has the majikal blessing of being 'for the cause'. Wow. Talk about opting into that cheaper grace theory.

Then blaming THEM for considering one's DogWhistlePolitics to be, well, the racist dogWhistling that it is, since, well that would mean that THEM are able to see the blatant racism for being blatant racism.

What if we had to have the GOP win on the merits of the argument?

Dark, Ugly Birther Thots

What if the Birthers actually believed that to follow the orders of the UppityOne overseas were a war crime, then doesn't it follow that the American Troops overseas are the GODLESS SPAWN OF SOCIALISM? Which logically leads us to God Striking Them Down... just like the Fred Phelps crew has been preaching.

Wow, makes me wonder which side the birthers really are on...

We are SOOOO winning in India

John Cornyn Thinks We're At War With India
Of course we are!!! I dare any of the liberals to say that our glorious troops are not winning the war in India! Since we will of course always win the wars, whether or not we are at war with any given state, nation, plain of existence, on construction of reality!

No seriously, how do americans know which wars they have always been winning but that they get the Word Of God by divine revelation! Anything less is the corruption of mere mortal man...

Liberals Advocating Radical New Special Rights!

Actual Facts About The Henry Louis Gates Case
WHAT? Civilians should be granted the special right to be left alone in their own home? That once they have identified themselves to the DemonSlayingHolyCrusaders that some how they have some majikal liberal special rights to request that God's Appointed Holy Warriors vacate thee Premisis!!!

I mean, where does that majikal mythos of Special Rights Come From!!!

Remember, anyone could be called by god to win the war on whom ever it is that they believe they are lawfully at war with, and thus this is a time of people who have beliefs about war like related activities and the transferance of tax liabilities unto the Unborn Baby UBU!!! It is not a time for liberals to be advocating special rights and privilages to mere civilians!

It's like they want to engage in lawfare against american true believers!