July 23rd, 2009


Is harding a sufficiency of Proof?

I was reading wiki: warren g. harding and it is interesting that He got the nod because of a deadlock in the convention. I wonder if that is the core reason that the GOP adopted the Divine Right Of Ascension as the core model for Presidential Picking. Rather than say the Democrat Party, where they adopt the HORRORS of allowing the plebian masses to engage in their intellectualized food fights with the pablum of ideological deviationalisms.

The Shrill One Still Hates the Guacamole

What’s in a name? and Professor in chief make it clear he does not understand the threat of Socialism in the DOD!

When we allow the nation to believe that rational and coherent discourse about the nations health care defense policies should take precedence over irrational imaginary threat from non-existent figments of someone elses imagination in a time of transferring the tax payer's wealth to the keepers of no-bid-contracts! There can be no other course than straight down the slippery slope into the death camps of intellectualized effetists east coast atheisticalisms!

BOOGA! BOOGA!!! The Scary Be Upon Thee!!!

should history be factual?

When a Misquote Is Just an Interpretation meets "C Street House" Backs Christian Nationalist H. Res. 397 In the Steel Grudge Match Of Ideological Similarities!

One has to wonder if Betty Bowers is right about the central concern of our time is whether or not Jesus Rode a Dinasour ( view Jesus on Dinasour as proof positive! ) Or is the MORE IMPORTANT POINT, that Jesus rode that Dinasour to defend our founding fathers from the atheists, Unbeleivers, and the Manky Brits. )

{ related concerns, if you add sugah, can you serve them as sweet and sour Dinosaur? Or would that be unnatural? }

Got Our Game ON!

How Constant War Became the American Way of Life
An interesting idea - but complicated by the reality that the DraftDodgerKultur has learned the cool of sounding ProWar, but without the consequences of being obliged to follow their rhetorical posture into the unPleasantZone!

When I think about the current variation, the big win is that we skipped the whole red-hollywood part of the process and FINALLY learned how to shovel the tax payers dollars straight to the needy corporations without all of that messy part about getting scripts written, things green lighted, and then wondering if the mere civilians would do their part to make the whole GloriouslyVictoriousMissionAccomplishedDance, well, the social gala occassion of the season!

And you got to respect that Great Leap Forward!
The future wars of choice for the Defense Department appear to be wars of heavy bombing and light-to-medium occupation. The weapons will be drones in the sky and the soldiers will be, as far as possible,...
( op cit )
{ tom dispatch offers up a nice understanding about the founding fathers and the idea of war in a constitutional setting. }

We liberated which country to get the DOW to 9k?

Just a thot experiment there folks.

Since clearly as we all know, the only thing that ended the great depression was WWII, and without the liberation of AfghaniIranqiStania, america would not have been able to recover from the dot.bomb era.

Thus clearly the GodLess Evil Liberal Media is covering up which regions were liberated as a basis for the Most Glorious Of All Military Victories Against the Liberals of Wall Street!

Dis A Cop, go to GitMo, it's the KulturKampf

there are cops out there, and I fear sometimes that it's crept into the culture of policing in some jurisdictions, who think that a citizen treating them in a disrespectful way amounts to a crime.
[ cf Too Big A Taboo? ]
Well you don't think Jack Bauer would have let that guy go, anywhere but straight to GitMo, to be waterboarded, so that we could learn whom the OTHER Terrorist Fellow Travellors at Harvard and other effemete east coast elitist Terrorist Training Centers masquerading as colleges and university.

Besides in a time off War President, the Majikal Power Act covers everyone who believes that they were given a lawful order by the Majikal Powers Actors, or the RINO Rave Revue, or someone who seemed to be in some way in authority somewhere.