July 22nd, 2009


In Pakistan they love Dear Old Dick

Dick Cheney’s Assassination Squad Allegedly Targeted Benazir Bhutto seems that the Pakistan Daily is following Close Read: What Did Seymour Hersh Say About Assassinations?.

Makes me wonder if americans should also be reading more closely. Especially in a time of UBU's and TaxStuff, and NationalSocialistMarxianistThingieaMayBobs!

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Should Military Chaplains Advocate Murdering American Government Officials

... in his official Department of Defense-approved chaplain endorsement agency newsletter, a letter written by a fellow retired Colonel which suggested, per a reference to a fabricated Abraham Lincoln quote appended to the letter, that four United States Senators, all from the Democratic Party, should be executed: for the allegedly treasonous act of voting against a Senate bill that would have established English as the official US language.
[ cf Want To Menace US Leaders ? Join The Theocratic Far Right ]
WOW.... Treason for voting against a senate bill.
wow, the psuedo quote is art work!Collapse )

Atheism Stabs Troops In Back By Persecuting White Christian Americans

There Is No Reason for Us to Be in Afghanistan -- Everyone Knows It, and It Spells Defeat
Thus proving that Chris Hedges must be an atheist, since he has lost Faith in the Majikal Powers Act that makes the WarPresident Special!
{scary scary time: Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the new commander of U.S. and NATO-led troops in Afghanistan, announced recently that coalition forces must make a "cultural shift" in Afghanistan. He said they should move away from their normal combat orientation and toward protecting civilians. smells like KulturKampf, and thus atacking white christian americans for the blue helmeted one worlders! }

CounterInsurgency? Who would have Thunk It?

Once a Renegade, Counterinsurgency Retiree Represents Iraq Norm interesting. Should we worry about it in conjunction with:
It’s been exactly one year since then-Attorney General Michael Mukasey proposed in a speech at the American Enterprise Institute that Congress pass legislation declaring a new, expanded war with al-Qaeda and the Taliban — thereby granting the president the authority to detain indefinitely members of those groups anywhere in the world where they’re found.
[ cf Obama May Seek Authority Outlined by Mukasey: Reports Signal White House Interest in Expanded Detention Powers ]
For those of you who may not remember it, MACV and the DOD asked LBJ for an unequivocal declaration of war after the Tet '68 offensive, and Walter Cronkite's defeatist propoganda that we might not win.

So push all of that in the blender and hit Frapee!

Where do we as americans want to land, in the happy thoughts that we should grant even MORE majikal powers, and worst of all, to a mere civilian president to boot!

Is Liz Cheney Gay on National Defense?

Liz Cheney: Birthers Are "Concerned" About President Not Defending America
Why is Liz Cheney unwilling to support the Holy Received Doctrine that Obama is a Kenyan? Clearly if she wanted to support the BirtherMyth, she would be willing to show her military courage and war face on this most important issue! So is avoiding saying that Obama is a natural born citizen of the united states of America enough of a commitment? Or is she just not willing to come out of the closet as a Radical Left Wing Extremists stabbing our Troops in the back since she so clearly is unwilling to support the Legitimate WarPresident!!!

Gays With GUNS!!!

Update:Senate Rejects Republican Bid to Loosen Concealed-Weapon Laws
Senator John Thune (R-SD) is the man behind the plan, in what he believed to be a necessary amendment to the existing military budget bill.

Thune has stated that it would not violate the rights of any other states, as the 48 that allow concealed weapons are the only ones that the bill would effect.

What he fails to mention is that South Dakota allows many more to carry permits than most other states, which have rules that prohibit certain people from obtaining them. For instance, habitual drug or alcohol users, people with non-gun related violent crime convictions, or sex offenders who target both adults and children.

[ cf GOP Gun Bill Causes Fears Over State Rights Violations ]
Ok, so tying marriage to concealed firearms may be a bit off to those who are not valiantly trying to defend the correct interpretation of how state's rights should be implemented....

But as we notice in Paul Berge's 2009.0.22 editorial cartoon blog entry there is the usual concern about when is returning fire on an imaginary threat the single most important patriotic duty a person has!!!


Or was it that they would buy into your neighborhood, and inflate the costs of owning a house there.

Evil Liberal Media is Evil, and Liberal, and media...

Rather Wins Access to Thousands of Documents in Suit Against CBS
Should The Evil Liberal Media be allowed to get scary stuff? And is this really a story? Will americans ever really care what the Great War President was doing during the scary days of Barbarella? Especially as they are so less concerned with his IranqIstanian Policies.

Besides, does it matter what the media reports, as long as it is FoxNewsedUndtAmused?