July 21st, 2009


But are Libertarians the solution to Unitary Executive Principle?

The Sinister Purpose Behind Bush Administration Lawlessness offers the simple thesis, that the point of the DubyaDaze was to institutionalize the whole Unitary Executive Principle. That I found the entry from some Libertarian Twitter, raises the other side of the same concern - what is the correct response to the UEP? Is the solution to continue on with the process of 'smaller government' that can not deal with the actual problems confronting good governance?

I remain unconvinced that the myths of libertarianism offer any model for good governance. If anything they offer up the foot soldiers for the holy crusade of lawful evil; that seeks to end good governance in favor of various forms of anarchy and freeMarketeering. The irony of watching the libertarians unable to cope with having spent all that time backing the Prez to back the troops, so that they could wreck the economy with failed deregulation, farcical recall voting, massive tax cuts to the rich, and then whine about majikally saving some anti-historical family values. Well, maybe now it is time for folks to step away from that busted space craft and get back to the bread and butter reality of what it takes to govern in a modern economy!

The unspoken horror of the DubyaDaze is that we should not think of Good Governance as some sort of Prat Fall Frat Gag that we can leave to Blutarsky and friends! Perchance now would be a good time to sober the nation up, and get back to doing good governance the old school way.

If folks are not a part of the solution, they are a part of the PROBLEM!

What? Market Prices may not reflect True Prices?

There are many obstacles to taking action on climate change. Most of those obstacles have deep roots: there are powerful interest groups that don’t want market prices to reflect true costs, and there are ideologues — financially supported by these interest groups — who don’t want to admit that sometimes the government has to intervene.

But there’s also, it seems, growing opposition to cap-and-trade from people who should be on the side of progress — but whose reaction is basically “Eek! Markets!Wall Street! Speculation! Bad!”

[ cf Is the threat of speculation a reason to shun cap and trade? ( emphasis mine to scare FreeMarketeers! ) ]
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Back The Homeland Security Investment Bubble, Or Else

Taliban Hearts CNN
Once again BagNewsNotes takes an interesting read on the artImages of the current crisis in CNN winning the market share from the StabOurTroopsInTheBack evil liberals of FoxNews.

So why not ask the other ugly question no one has wanted to raise yet:
Should No-Bid-Contractors be put at risk to rescue mere Welfare Queens from the Department of Defense?
since, well, as the formerly-ProWarTypes are willing to remind folks, not only were they 'all volunteers' and therefore understood the risks, but are, as we know about all of the evils of big government, mere socialists who undermine the Free Will of the Free Market! Since only the Free Will of the Free Market can decide what must be done!

So should we really be worrying about mere welfare queens when there are bigger profit margins to be made?

Is Art?

Shorter Sarah Knoploh: Gay male sex is super icky and a movie about two allegedly [air quotes] straight [air quotes] guys who have sex for a porn movie contest is yet another example of the elite homo-loving cocktail party crowd’s oppression of straight males. who, as a result of this film, now will be like totally afraid to leave their homes to go see a movie.
[ citing Eeeeewww, Gross! ]
well, there you have it! More proof that the Obamanation is the spawn of Red Hollywood and their Capital Gaines Tax Kultists!

Science is Scientificalista!

Teen pregnancy and disease rates rose sharply during Bush years, agency finds
See, those liberals said mere abstinance wouldn't work! and they have so clearly been proven wrong! Since when Evil Lying Liberal Main Stream Media engages in Criminal Rumour Mongering Of Defeatist Propoganda, we all know that they are simply wrong, since they falsely support Obamanation, and thus fail to respect special powers of War President, and War President's majikal Ring!

Should Civilian Government Leave Us Defenseless Against Flying Saucer Threat?

Bowing to Veto Threat, Senate Blocks Money for Warplanes
Could this be the start of a democrat party 'catch and release' programme? Or were they intentionally using the support of Kerry, diFi, and barbarBoxker, to SCARE PEOPLE that the F-22 might be some liberal welfare programme for the socialist DOD?

More Importantly will the shift to F-35's STILL protect america from IranqiStanian Flying Saucers in some majikal way that is better than the Zel Miller Laser Death Ray Eyes, that can only come from the WarPresident while holding the Tumultuous Tubor OF TruthierNeff!