July 20th, 2009


"spiritual heritage week"

Yes, godless Heathenista - H. RES. 397 - is calling for a spiritual heritage week, to help folks understand why they should of course support the OneTrueAndOnly Spirituality of the Correct Implementation of Our Christianista Heritage!

Anything less and the IranqIstanian Flying Saucers will return!

{ should the act include the criminalization of support for the True Faith, or is that already implicit in the duties of the Homeland Security Of The True Faith, and it's special privileges under the Unitarian Executive Principle, to irradicate unbelief for reasons of national security! }

Which evil religious persecution of the Media?

Rough Sex With Vampires: What Does "True Blood" Tell Us About Women and Sexuality?
Hum... so is this really an article that is masking the whole Liberal Media Persecution of White Christian America, because it fails to correctly interpret Vampirism as a part of the salvation process, that comes from drinking the blood?

Hum, more importantly why don't they talk about the capitale gaines tax cutes!

Interrogation Task Force?

Interrogation Task Force Broadens Scope Beyond Techniques: Report Expected This Week Likely to Look Beyond What Harsh Techniques Should be Employed

Should interrogation be limited to information extraction?

Or should it be a way for the government to push the correct positions into people, so that they will be better able and willing to share these state sponsored standards of loyalty to the state sponsored spirituality of the day.

More PROOF of how liberals destroyed America!

Winners win because the Japanese and Korean governments put them in school all year round so let’s eliminate public schools, plus meddling bureaucrats have totally undermined the high-tech industry … what I wouldn’t give for a powerful 300KHz Zilog Z80 microprocessor in a punch-card programmed 8-bit Micral CZ teletype computer today!
[ citing How ARPA Destroyed The Internet ( emphasis added )]
See! SEE!

Liberals Are Bad!