July 18th, 2009


Liberals Prejudicial About Shape Of Ignorance

The Economist reaches, I think, for a false symmetry, and glosses over too easily the sheer ignorance that has become obvious in the debates over fiscal policy.
[ cf Views differ on shape of macroeconomics ]
Why can't liberals support fair and balanced reporting on the shape of sheer ignorance in a bi-partisan acceptance that some people like more sheer ignorance in their life style.

It's a fair cop...

Two French security advisers seized in Somalia will be tried under Sharia law, an official from their captors, the Islamic al-Shabab militia, says.

The unnamed spokesman said they would be tried for spying and "conspiracy against Islam".

[ cf Sharia trial for Somalia hostages ]
Thank GOD those folks are not in league with godless Sottomayer types who want to have some sort of good relations with international law.

The Darkies Are Coming! The Darkies Are Coming!

Look Out, Are You About to Join the White Underclass?
Where The White Women?
Need we say anything more about the evils of liberalism, and the failure to allow the free market to decide how much graft, corruption, greed, and the price of teenage virgin cheerleader prom queens, at a wholesale factory warehouse to you price!
In gooder news The Darker Side of China's Economic "Miracle" reveals that the Total Military Mission Accomplished of the Holy Crusaders Of The Free Marketerring has made all things better.

Are YOU doing YOUR part to keep america American, and safe from the Psuedo White People, who are clearly not the Best Fit in our Brave New White Christian America freed from the obamanation!

Economists Learn that Marx citing Acts of The Apostle, may have been christianist

He might be dead serious and really looking forward someday to the attainment of such a "higher phase of communist society"--but someday, and not now. Or he might (as Robert thinks) merely be making a nasty little inside joke: sneering that the "higher phase of communist society" in which the Lasallean program would be attainable is nothing but the millennium of Christian fellowship, as described in "Acts of the Apostles
[ cf Robert Waldmann Has an Interpretation of Karl Marx that Is New to Me... ]
Heratic or Millennialist, you be the judgeCollapse )

Proof Liberals Are More Badder

On Friday, it was “1984” and another Orwell book, “Animal Farm,” that were dropped down the memory hole — by Amazon.com.

In a move that angered customers and generated waves of online pique, Amazon remotely deleted some digital editions of the books from the Kindle devices of readers who had bought them.

[ cited in Double Plus Appalling ]
Corporations need to follow the orders of the state security appart, so as to protect us all from dangerous UnThot!!!

Only by defeating the dangerous ideas, can we irradicate the dangerous ones.

Are you doing your part?

Godless Liberals Seek To Drag Americans into the Dark Horror of Pre-911 KulturKampf

Let the Record Show ...
Should they be allowed to mention that the unpaid for 1.35 Trillion in tax give aways was once considered the hippest coolest whatever. Yes, that $1.35 trillion tax cut becomes law from June 7, 2001 reporting.

So how can liberals even refer to that which occurred prior to 911 in the current discussion about health care Terrorism, in which the liberals want to scare americans about health care costs!!!

Our TROOPS are still winning against the Evils of Medical Costs! So why allow Liberals to try to force innocent children back to the Dark Days BEFORE america was totally united in their support of the War President!!!!

Evil Liberals Persecute Texas!!!

Just as Mark Sanford rejected stimulus money because he’s so fiscally responsible, Texas Governor Rick Perry tried to sure up his conservative street cred by turning stimulus money down. Now he’s approaching DC with a tin cup.
Now that the state is dire straits, however, Perry is asking the federal government for a loan to cover the very expenses the rejected stimulus money would have paid for.
Democratic legislators know why rejecting the money in the first place only to later ask for a loan is bad for the state.
“That $555 million would that would have come with the stimulus money wouldn’t have to be paid back to the federal government, and that would have saved business taxpayers money for the next 20 years,” said Democratic State Rep. Mark Strama, according to News 8 Austin.
[ cf GOP Gov Who Rejected Stimulus Money Wants Loan ]
Well, what clearer proof that Liberals are putting white christian americans on the death trains because they Hate the True Guacamole Of Texas!!! That God Alone has given to Texas, a Texas Freed From the HORRORS and Obbamanations!!!

Remember, when it comes time to elect a new ruling elite, remember to vote Patriotically American, and stop the evil godless liberals!!!

how can that be?

Former Republican Congressman Michael Huffington is suing the now collapsed private equity and investment powerhouse Carlyle Group after he says they wheedled him out of $20 million. Huffington was a onetime Republican California Senate candidate, and is the ex-husband of Arianna Huffington.
[ cf Former GOP Rep. Michael Huffington sues Carlyle Group ]

The godless liberal main stream media is still slanderously espousing defeatist propoganda that the Carlyle Group is anything but the most innovative organization since Enron!!! Where do we get these stab our troops in the back defeatist Rumour Mongers!

{ ok, so like one of my evil libertarian friends was a big fan of the carlyle group, and I always worried that it was some place between a cult and a cult of personality group. So I am just SHOCKED, Shocked I tell you to hear that it is not doing that well... }