July 16th, 2009


MexiKanukiStania Threatens American Way of Life!

Reducing Traffic by Closing Roads
Let us be honest, the EVIL liberal media is reporting that Vancover closed a lane on a bridge, to use it as a bike lane, and the Apocalypse is alleged to not have happened. It seems that there is this study that predicted that limiting capacity helps prevent individuals block each other trying to optomize their personal performance, and hence decreasing throughput.

That is clearly a threat to our American FreeMarketeering!!! And YOU know where that leads....

Radical NationalSocialistMarxianist caught in Defeatist Rumour Mongering!

Paulson stands by BofA-Merrill deal: Former Treasury chief tells House panel why he worked to save controversial shotgun marriage on Wall Street.
Now if there had been a bank panic in 2008 that would have required massive Obamanations before GOD, then clearly it had to be caused by excess governmental regulation of the freedome of the free market!

Since clearly only NationalSocialistMarxianists would try to do what had been shown to fail before, as clearly this evil liberal Paulson did.

Defeatist RumourMongering Kapitulationist Kut undt Runner Appeasers!!!

Liberals Advocate Devil Worshiping!

When her husband was in the oval office Laura Bush launched an initiative to promote literacy across the country. Unfortunately, there was no comparable effort to promote numeracy in our nation's capital. This has been evident in the discussion of the stimulus among politicians and commentators in the week since the June job numbers were released.
[ cf Our Economy Needs at Least $2 Trillion in Stimulus Spending Right Now -- Tens of Millions of Jobs Are at Stake ( emphasis added to scare LIBERALS )]
Is anyone really surprised that the Devil Worshippers want Numerology to replace Faith Based Economics!!!

{ seriously, the voices made me do that one... It is Like SOOOO not my fault. Like that whole HogWart thing has me Like TOTALLY FEARFUL! }

Got wordSoup?

Health Care Word Soup: Luntz Memo
Remember, if you use the Wrong Words the Evil Liberals will impose their Numerology On Everyone!

Remember, they want Bureaucrats rationing the take over of Doctor-Patient thingies, rather than allowing the freeDome of the freeMarket to ration the take over of Doctor-Patient Stuff, like a true Faith based NurfSaucingRadiantHerders!!!

Science Prooves Elvis is still with us

Ace o’Science
Ok, so I have the guilty Pleasure of watching wingNutBadScience from a distance, and especially when it is reframed correctly.
The downside of course is that, well, I read too much tech stuff, and so... well... you know, honest, the Science Folks have proven that Elvis is not really dead... all one needs is to like frame the discussion correctly, like with a banana peel, or emma peel, and some wingNuts... It's Science!

He Said, She Said, of CoolTerrorism

Cover Story: Lethally Blonde: How a former teen prostitute and beautician from Everett became an influential anti-immigrant crusader—and alleged murderer. ( the Shawna Forde story ) v. Old Mission, New Life: Randall Terry Wants to Lead Rebirth of Antiabortion Fight ( not Mr. Smith goes to washington )

Where is the national Kapra Kron now?

{ what if armed violence against americans in a time of war were considered a bad thing? }

open source the software for healt care reform!

Code Red: How software companies could screw up Obama’s health care reform.
oh me, oh my....

What if this would mean that open source software, created and maintained in the public domain, were a better way for the americans to help cut the cost of badly managed medical gambitry! Why, gosh, then it would be about resolving IF the procedure were useful - as well as what if there were complications from some other drug regimine the patient was taking from some other doctor...

You know, information management stuff....