July 13th, 2009


More Economists Stab Troops In Back! Because They Are Atheists

The Case for More Fiscal Stimulus
Well there is the evil of freakonomics who fails to support the MainStreamMedia and support the Troops to Support the end of economic stimulus, because the Economy is NOT Gay!

Remember the 8Th Dimensional Branch of Government KNOWS what it is Doing, and this is why there is total Military Victory over the evil libreals of wall street and all is right with the world!

UK Stabs Troops In The Back

Conservative UK Paper Calls Afghan War Lost
Well, there you have it! More proof why we should not have followed those BlueHelmetedOneWolderUNtypes into the Dark Horror of one more welfare statist failed liberal nation building programme.

Clearly if Jesus had biblically literally told the Great Decider to MissionAccomplished in Afghanistan, then of course American Troops would be the Holy Warriors of God in Afghanistan. But this horror clearly shows why we can not afford socialists regimes in washington D.C. that hate america and americanism!

when the wallStreetJournal Speaks...

Do they mean what they say? ( cf CIA Plan Envisioned Hit Teams Killing al Qaeda Leaders )
Or were any of the EnemyOfTheState types also targets of these 'hit teams' - you know, like democrats, trade unionists, jews, darkies, lawyers, mathematicians.

Yes, I hear the wankers wondering aloud mathematicians??? as they blink.

But a basic rule of thumb - when the mathematicians migrate, be ON THE BOAT!

why does House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio.) hate Jesus?

I was shocked! Shocked I say, when I learned:
“If you have watched how they have brought these major bills to the floor, they bring them to the floor, they bring in big amendments in the dead of night, and pass it before anyone has any clue what is there,” Boehner said.

“Because, as we found out when I went through the 316-page amendment that was filed at 3:09 a.m., members were appalled at what was just in the amendment--and I did not even get through the whole amendment,” he said.

[ cf Pelosi Will Read Full Final Text of Health Care Bill Before House Vote and Give Public 'Ample' Time to Do Same, Says Spokesman ]
But, if folks had to read what they were voting on, then wouldn't that mean that they were not using the Faith Based Space for True Government???

And doesn't that mean that this Radical Left Wing Atheist Boehner is simply pushing white christian americans on the death trains, because he hates jesus, and will not support the sort of faith based government that makes the new world order of the Dubya Administration the True Divine Times!!!

Or is this Boehner guy really stabbing the troops in the back because he believes that some how this obama guy is like the president, and that the WarPresident is not using his Zel Miller Laser Death Ray Eyes to protect us!!!

Media Issues?

Hum, the twiterZBit is:
CNS_NewsBoehner: Democrats put amendments in bills in “the dead of night” so nobody has a clue what’s in them http://ow.ly/h8Hl
and it points to their article which they are headlineing about how NanciiPelosii wants to give enough time to read the legislation....

Makes one wonder which side of what agenda are these defeatists on?

Could it be that there is some left over unresolved Guilt????