July 11th, 2009


How did that Happen?

Did we actually invade someone else? I just noticed that we have a big V in the DOW numbers, year to date, and that can only happen if we invaded some place. It was true when we restored the wetlands of IranqIstania, so it must be true today.

Thus proving that the WarPresident is still protecting america from the horrors of Obamanation and their evil stimulus package.

More in the OhDuhNotThem drudgery

The Right-Wing Prescription for Economic Recovery: Lionize the Rich and Demonize the Poor
One has to respect the part where at least the wingNuts sorta get it that there is a demand side problem that influences the economics. Hence that the Poor are failing to do their patriotic duty.

I wish that we could just click our ruby slippers together and go back to when the trickleDown of voodooEconomics was going to work... I mean, toke this DavidFrumishNeff:
[B]y expanding government regulatory power, the Obama administration may invite innovation-thwarting meddling. Back in the 1990s, entrepreneurs used to say that America was the only country on earth where you could borrow $100 million without owning a suit. That's the thing we need to defend. What we need to end is the ability to borrow $100,000 without a down payment.
( op cit ) ( I emboldened it, cause, dude, the colours )
I mean, like wow. $100 Million with no collateral, but $100K, well that is what we want the Obamanation to apostasyzelate!


So do YOUR PART, before the Obamanation brings back the Flying Saucers to take away our White Women!!!

got Deflationary Spiral?

Now, if you think that unemployment is going to be at or above current levels for the next 18 months, wouldn’t you think there would be a significant risk of deflation? In fact, however, the average forecast is for an inflation rate of 1.7 percent next year. What’s the logic?

Bottom line: when I look at those unemployment projections, they look very bleak, and suggest that we’re in serious danger of falling into deflation. That is, to me they make the case FOR another stimulus.

[ cf Economists oppose more stimulus? ]
Deflationary Spiral? how dare the shrillOne use a D word! It's like saying that the darkies will attack the market! I mean, how can that be? The War President has majikal powers! he will protect use from the Darkies, and there is no reason for an economic stimulus, because our Troops are still Winning, even if they are gays and grlz, and socialist welfare statists, but they are winning!!!

The defeatist propoganda!!!

Besides the economy is NOT GAY!!! it is merely pleased in a very heterosexually family oriented kinda way!!!

Rumour Mongers!!!

NYT Attacks Guacamole! Stabs Troops In Back!

When Credit Card Companies Compete, You Win
WHAT??? That is like doubting the Moral Purity of Dubya's Brilliant Military Victory over the drifters and grifters who were persecuting the financial industry!!! And that is attacking the Troops! and is unamerican! Which is what the darkies did in their recent evil against the innocent blushing virgins of the credit card sector of the financial industry that has always been the Most Militarily Victoriously Glorious of all debtInstrumentCreators!!!
Oh this things only gets sillier. Read it, and go riffing, I did.Collapse )

Who Could Have Imagined

Bush Personally Sent Card And Gonzo To Ashcroft's Hospital Bed
But that means that Ashcroft PERSONALLY disobeyed the orders of Great Leader by failing to support total war, where there would be no legal limitations on what the Unitary Executive Executated!!!

Which Means that Ashcroft was always the EVIL ONE stabbing our troops in the back as a defeatist kapitulattionist appeaser kut undt Runner!!!

Who would have known that the HORRORS of Hitlary and RadFemiNurfSaucies were able to put such obvious Klintonesta so Close to Great Leader!!!

Remember, it is not the picture, but the frame that counts.

Liberals Stabbing Troops In Back To Help Evil!

His "lame excuse"? Sestak was an admiral, and the military should be an apolitical organization, at least in functioning democracies. That Specter -- the sleaziest political opportunist in the entire US Senate (a mighty accomplishment, given the bunch that inhabit that place) -- would deign insult a real Democrat for not politicizing his military service is beyond the pale.
[ cf The KING of All Hypocritical Statements ]

The military should be apolitical????

Where DO they come up with these crazy ideas!!!!

What next? civilian votes should count the same as real military votes???? And that some how we should be giving special privileges to civilians???

I mean, do we really want to allow civilians to Marry? What next? Dogs and Cats and Civilians! OH MY!!!

{ remember, it is the framing that makes the art artistic!!! }

Supreme Court Still Stabbing Troops in Back!

The Supreme Court in Hamdi v. Rumsfeld affirmed that the executive can detain enemy fighters during wartime, but that case pertained directly only to the detention of Taliban fighters while the United States was at war with the Afghan government.
[ cf Debate Intensifies Over Preventive Detention ]
WHAT???? The supreme's limited the POW detention policy to only POWs?????

What next? Advocate that the GreatOne is not allowed a limited divine right to personal pre-emptive detention of unbelievers who have fallen into the Obamanation of not believing that the GreatOne is the True WarPresident called forth by the Argument From Divine Comedy?

Where will it end? Will americans have to live with the unconvicted allowed to walk around the streets in their town, merely because they were not convicted of unbelief??? It is just SHOCKING what these RadFemiNurfSaucies are willing to advocate in polite society!!!

An Interesting Idea

Conservatives Poised to Fight ‘Islamist Lawfare’: Support Sought in Congress, States for Tort Reform in Anti-Muslim Libel Cases
Amongst the issues in play is the libaling of Saudi bank tycoon Khalid bin Mahfouz by Rachel Ehrenfeld's book “Funding Evil: How Terrorism is Financed and How to Stop It" - interesting how these things go...

Should americans risk setting a global standard on how to smear others? Or would that simply spark a new round of anxiety in america about blueHelmettedOneWorldersCrushingFreeDomeWithFerrignDevilIdeas!

Or should we leave these matters to the market to decide. That those who want a free trade in free smearings should not be repressed by the evils of governmental regulations, blueHelmeted or otherwise.

Then there is this interesting phrase lawfare wow.... you have to love where that is going, now don't you.
All Is Fair In LawFare!
Because anything less and you are the ENEMY!
MemeLawFare? where will it end?

Thank GOD we are a christian nation and can turn to the Department of Homeland Security Canon LawFare Troops to protect us from the Unbelievers who do not accept the divinity of Dubya!

What if Padilla were to litigate against Yoo

Since U.S. District Judge Jeffrey White ruled late Friday in San Francisco that former “enemy combatant” Jose Padilla can proceed with his lawsuit against “torture memo” author John Yoo, the decision has been interpreted by many in the media as a broad vindication of detainees’ rights to sue former Bush administration officials.

In fact, the ruling’s implications are narrower than that, and could also be appealed. But, still, the opinion has heartened some civil rights lawyers because it rejects many of the claims made by former Bush officials that they’re not liable for their actions formulating policy in the “war on terror.” That could persuade judges hearing other claims against former officials as well. The ruling also allows the civil case to move forward against John Yoo, and could in the process reveal significant new information not only about Yoo, but about his interaction with the White House, and exactly how he reached the legal conclusions that he did. That information could, in turn, be used against him in future criminal or congressional proceedings.

[ cf Decision Allowing Yoo Lawsuit to Continue Carries Narrow Implications: Civil Rights Lawyers Hopeful District Court Ruling Could Be Persuasive ]
More Secularist LawFare against MiniTrue?