July 10th, 2009


Wired Attacks Family values!

5 Auto Atrocities To Throw Down a Black Hole lists vehicles that should be thrown into a man made black hole, based upon the apostasy that the Isreali's already threw albums into theirs!

Well, clearly we MUST save the Renault Dauphine and the Citroën 2CV as the bible mandates! For lo, captain Noah saw them off the side of the ark and beconed unto them that they must come as they are, and not await the incorporation of the Big Three...

They say it like it is a bad thing

Have White Supremacists Really Gone Mainstream?
Why Not? Isn't that the Natural Order, where we arrive at the Natural Balance of Things?

Isn't that the logical conclusion of the survival of the fitist....

oh yes, and there are also Religious Memes to support these secular scientific policies.

So Why NOT return america to the america of our founding father's and the Rule of the Ruling Elite whom God, and Nature, have put at the top of the Natural Way of Things.

Liberals Stabbing Troops In Back With Facts!! ZOMG

Healthcare Reform Would Be A Done Deal If We Stick To The Facts fortunately for WhiteChristianAmerica we can count on House Leaders Delay Health Bill After Threat From Blue Dogs because those BlueDogs know what is what, and they Trust the folks who are at this very moment waving their Magik Wand on the rest of the economy The banks' latest solution to toxic securities: change the wrapping paper since all we need to do, is support the pretty colooured wrapping papers fo Health Care reform, and the bouncing bobbles of economic enconomizing....

If you relax, those scary facts will all go away.

Proof Self Regulation Works!

most believed that “if it hadn’t been for A.I.G. F.P. the subprime-mortgage machine might never have been built, and the financial crisis might never have happened.” Lewis traces the unit’s downfall to Joe Cassano, who took over in 2001. AIG F.P. “was now run roughly by a man who didn’t fully understand all the calculations and whose judgment was clouded by insecurity.”
[ cf Looking for Someone to Blame? ]
But since there was no subprime mortgage melt down, and the financial industry is all safe, it can only be to the Majikal Invisible Foot of the Mighty all knowing all self regulating rational expectations of the greed trade in the GreedMarket!

Like Duh!

US Military: Gays not welcome; White supremacists 'OK'?
Hello, White Supremacists are NOT GAY! I mean, like get over it evil liberal media.
Like anyone can see that White Supremacists who like to hang out with other guys, because only like Guys are Male Buddies You Can Bond with, not like girls, who have cooties, but it is not like White supremacists are gay! They just better understand the Natural Balance of things like Jesus Intended. You didn't see jesus with a bunch of cootie carrying girls! but that doesn't mean like Jesus was Gay or anything either...

Besides, America has always been a white christian america, so why not have White Christian America's Holy Warriors Protecting Us from THEM! And we ALL know who They Are!!!

Evil Liberals who have to have their parents write a check to pay of their lover and his husband... that is like SO GAY! Real men would never have to go to mommy and daddy to get a check! they would manly flight their own manly way, in a masculine male manner... unlike these pussified wimpy liberals!

That is why we need to retake america for Americans!

Radical Judicial Acitivist Attack Troops!

Fed Appeals Court: No Conscience Clause for Plan B - ZOMG! Clearly the Federal Appeals Court is just pushing white christians under the wheels of the death train!!!

If they can do this, what next? Mandate that Germ Theory is some sort of Scientific Stuff, just so that they can use that quarantine thingie to hide the fact that they are burning all of the white christian americans under the order of SATAN!!!!

It's ok, what folks do with science in the privacy of their own prayer closets, but they should not be allowed to bring that sort of FILTH into the public square!!!

Liberals just hate things that work

Naming Someone Who Hates Public Schools to Head the State Ed Board? Gov. Perry, You Can't Be Serious!
Think about this for a moment folks. Texas is one of the number one bulk purchasers of text books, and have been distorting the science text book world since the scopes trial.

So now, what we need to do is help the texas taliban move the ball on down the field a bit. First they save on the text books for nonMalePerkin who should be home learning to do what sharia dictates for them and all their little mutants.

Then they can save on the cost of edumakating the Male Ones, since the Department of Homeland Security will teach them all they need to know to keep their trenches clean.

See, is a very smart plan by very smart people in texas.

And then when the man from crawford comes to rescue america, all will live with the true no child left behind, and not the false apostasy of whiney liberal forms of no child left behind....

You see, just like in the bible. Which you should never read yourself, but only listen as the true believers who have been called to the office of apostasy can see....

How up is that???

With ad revenue up 35%, Gawker Media returns to pageview bonuses and plans “checkbook journalism” - given that the article starts out by noting that Gawker started the current economic cycle with laying off expenses... how up is that ad revenue? And is it just local to them because they are well know...

And will this save journalism? Should we be worrying about keeping journals? What is journaling to become, if not merely just a form of file system abstractions....

What ever are we going to be doing in this brave new world, where I get up in the morning and read the online data sets with my morning cup of coffee, before starting out a wonderful day of crushing the hopes and dreams of the plebian masses....

What IF we are merely in the wrong reality space?

how is obama causing the recession?

What I am having a hard time understanding is how on the one hand the government is the cause of the recession - because of what obama did in 2007, when the equity freeze up occurred, and that the fix is to not do anything, you know, like obama did in 2007.

Or is that suppose to be that with the deregulation of the financial sector, and the drive to the financialization of the american economy into a system that just creates debt instruments, that we need to do more deregulation? or stop doing the deregulation that obama did back in 1999....

Or is the problem with the #tcot, that, well history and economics were not gooder subjects?

While we are hear. Maybe someone will explain why Obama sent the troops into IranqiStania? I mean, handn't George H.W.Bush made it clear that we did not go in after liberating KuwaitIranqiStania as it might turn into a complete fiscal blunder.

Who's On First Again?

Hampton: Religious Buddies Drove Ensign To FedEx To Mail Letter To Cindy
Wow, it still holds true. Friends bail you out of jail. Real Friends are unindicted co-conspirators who are willing to help you shake down your parents for a cash to blow of the bimbo and her husband to help rescue your presidential credentials from the evil liberal media!

America. It is such a country....

{ for those playing along at home, this is the coe family, of The Family ( christian political organization ) so of course to pick on Ensign Sanford is to burn christians on the cross to light the Obamanations march to rome!!! }

What if we made sure that members of government has a Purpose Driven Life rather than following radical left wing extremists!

Glorious Military Victory of MBS Schools against Forces of mere Realism!

Now in the 21st century the B-schools are degrading the term “computer hacking”.

Hum... would this be a bad time to talk about the fiasco of failed MBA cults in the real world? Or would that lead to emotional trauma? I mean, yes, that was written back in 2005, when it was clear that we could have economic miracle freestanding from any of the actual brains needed to code it up. Because, well, because the kids had never really seen a recession in their life tyme, so of course such can not happen. And given the rational expectations of the market, how can it do anything but make the greatest of all possible things, which is the true balance of nature, where the ruling lead the underlings, as the survival of the fitest....

It is the least that can be done with the limited amount of reasoning that is needed....

I mean, we would not want our MBA's to become some sort of intellectual elite...

So of course one would NOT want to hire anyone competent to code up stuff, since those persons were clearly the rejects of the great MBA world, where all is Economics and The Moral Superiority... but of course who could have known back then that Obama would cause the liquidity freeze out of 2007. I mean who could have seen that Obama's failed policies in IranqISTANIA were failing so badly that they were causing a housing bubble...

But fortunately the MBS schools were able to defeat the unbelievers and become Masters of The Universe, as was the divine mandate of the laws of nature as passed by God to the True Divines of the argument from Divine Comedy....

It would have been a greek tragedy, but it was not gay, and there was never any chance of there being a failure of will or character, or that grace guy...

What would have happened without the first undersized fiscal stimulus?

Is this something that americans want to think about? Or even pause long enough to actual think beyond the end of the ideological posturing?

Or would that lead us to question what is really in play with the effort to work on the 2010 campaign season today, rather than focus on the current economic problems? Or is that too also a part of the core problem here. That it was always about winning, it was not about good governance. It was about being able to win, get it on the resume, and resign early.

What if americans were obliged to learn about economics? You know, like one of the actual facts of life.

Gosh Kids, what about we get the Republican 2009 programme on the road, before we start playing with the next one...

Here We Are Now, Entertain Us... I'm with stoopid, He's with brainless

New Evidence that Bush Administration Impeded 3 Investigations into Alleged Massacre of Up to 2,000 Prisoners in Afghanistan
Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) has issued a call for a criminal probe in the wake of a major New York Times story with new evidence that the Bush Administration impeded at least three federal investigations into alleged war crimes in Afghanistan in 2002.

[ cf Heads Up ]
Smells like TeamSpirit...

Who will ask to find out who was impeding justice? Or would this be a bad time to talk about bringing the vacuum off law behind us???

Here we are now, InfoTainUs!

Should the Waffen SS have a place in the new Army?

Nazis in the U.S. military: SPLC will ask Congress for action
Hum..... What if Congress were wondering why there was even any thought that there were Nazi's in the Modern Socialist Welfare Queens of the DOD, since wasn't the point to drown the government and it's parasite elements in the bathtub?

Ah yes... that problem might be a problem of class... Hum... What if we were to restore the Waffen SS Cavalry....

Are You Having Fun Yet?

The Rachel Maddow Show: Christian Conservatism's Shadowy Secret Society
What if the problem is that the christians of the old school were wrong - and that we need to have the new revelation about Empowerment....
Ah yes, find this twitter
RT @fleckman @PriscillaymbK23 They blocked the runway in Honduras 2 keep ex prez out. Obama is out of the country. I'm just sayin. #TCOT
There was a time when the advocacy of overthrowing a seated government was consider UnAmerican.

makes me wonder who's side these folks are really on.

could that be why they are still having a problem working out what it means to have an HONOR worth swearing to uphold unto death....

Why are conservatives worried about the stimulus?

If they believe that there is no need for it, it can not be a problem.
If they beleive that it is not working because things are not in the majikal socialist paradise, then how is this a conservative whine?

If folks do not consider the economy the best of all possible worlds, why are they blaming the government for this problem, are they not suppose to just click their ruby slippers together and the survival of the fitest will put them back where they are in the natural order of things???

What if the problem is that folks who thot they were majikally entitled because they supported Dubya, wake up one morning in a world where thy are not required - and forget how they helped get america here. That they do not want to think about the compromise to the financial sector that started with the freeze up back in 2007.... since that would mean dealing with tough problems, and real economics, and not merely the voodooEconomics that gave them MBA land....

What if the psuedoCons had to learn economics as a part of showing their street cred to old skool republicans????

Sorry FreakVeilleUSA, if you want to visit the old skool happy stories, you learn from the actual fiasco of the great depression, support the great compression, and seek to find the restoration of the old skool notion of the prudent man theory. Where suddenly the idea of failure is acceptable again, where the need to demonstrate competency is important again, and the mystical belief in voodoo as a basis of economics is put back where it belongs, in charming 19th century gothic romance stories.

Design Patterns Show Intelligent Design

How DNA Proves God Made All Creatures Great and Small
And for tasteyBits, he uses a microsoft programmer, and the existence of design patterns.

What if people needed to understand that 'design patterns' include things like the problems of 'anti-patterns' and, well, uh, the problem that even when there is a person who can be identified as having checked in that file, that really should not be used as a basis for arguing that there was any form of intelligence near the design...