July 9th, 2009


Make More UnPersons

Unpersons - in which theKrugman notes that in the EvilLiberalMediaLand, those who are, and were, arguing that the Fiscals Stimulus packages were unPersoned. Noting that there had been issues with the unPersoning of sources who Opposed The Divine Mandate Of GOD that we restore the wetlands to IranqIstania, since such apostasy has no place in the Holy Church of Civil Discourse About God's True Plans for His One True And Only White Christian America!

So why should americans want to listen to mere effemete intellectual elitists about their economic theories and ideas!!! Theories are Just Theoretical!!!

What if the problems of anti-intellectualism in american life were a bit more problematic than merely the small unpleasantries of trash canning nerds, emo's with strange hair cuts who get rock bands, and the fact that those types should not date the prom queen, and upset the natural order of things.

Or worse yet - that it is always all just High School, over, and over, and over....

Kenneth Star Stabs Troops In Back with his hatred of The Guacamole

Independent counsel Kenneth Starr has concluded that presidential aide Vincent Foster was not murdered and that President Bill Clinton and the first lady were not involved in a coverup, the Los Angeles Times reported Sunday.
[ citing from Poor Pitiful Me ]

Clearly this is unequivocal proof of the Horrors of the RadFemiNurfSaucies and their persecution of Pallin, Jonah Goldberg love triangle. { yes, one can have a love triangle with only one of them, but that would mean that their multiFacettedPersonalities would need to stop bickering long enough to constructively engage. }

What more proof do we need that we must have a Permante Capitale Gaines Taxes Cuts, to stop the RadFemiNurfSaucies!!!!

Why DeMint Must Stop The Socialists!

DeMint: America Is Like Germany Before WWII
because Big increase in troops' kids seeking mental help.

Which shows how the clear connections between Obama's Failed nationalSocialistMarxianistPinkBlackGreen policies in IranqiStania last year proove that socialized medicine in the American Armed Forces is a Fail that is infecting Innocent Children!

Remember ONLY YOU can do your part to end the HORROR of the socialist welfare state in the Department of Defense!!!!

Wall Street Backs Harry Potter With HogwartMoments

Morgan Stanley plans to repackage a downgraded collateralized debt obligation backed by leveraged loans into new securities with AAA ratings in the first transaction of its kind, said two people familiar with the sale. ...

Two years after the credit markets began to seize up, costing the world's biggest financial institutions $1.47 trillion in writedowns and losses, banks are again taking so- called structured finance securities and turning them into new debt investments with top credit ratings. While the Morgan Stanley deal is the first to involve CDOs of loans, banks have been doing the same with commercial mortgage-backed securities in recent weeks.

[ cited in They've GOT To Be Kidding ... ]
But this time, the wizards of Wall Street HogWartHigh, have the Ramones to back them up on the new High school HIGH musical.

BiPartisanShip about intelligence?

WOW... there is even the presumption that it should exist. The Day in 100 Seconds: Viagra and Candy mix that with
Which is more emasculating? Getting paid a hundred grand by the guy who screwed your wife? Or being a fifty-something United States senator and still needing mom and dad to cut the check to pay off your mistress and her husband?
[ cf The Deeper Questions ]
hum... what if there were adults in Congress, and they had to do their own adultry without parental supervision?

wow, that many congreeCritters on the run...

Nationwide roundup nets more than 35,000 fugitives
And the godless liberals whined when the Texas Democrats were tracked down by the Kommissariate Of State Security.... but now
Police searching for fugitive sex offenders, violent criminals and gang members made more than 35,000 arrests nationwide during an annual monthlong crackdown — the most in the roundup's 5-year history and nearly double the number from last year — authorities announced Thursday.
( op cit )
we can only hope that state, federal and local legislative bodies will think twice about shurking their duties.