July 8th, 2009


Emotion Or Argument in Atheist's Wagers.

Forum Discussion: Atheists' Wagers
Raises the interestingly phrased problem:
This would make some sense if Christians find Pascal's Wager appealing for emotional and psychological reasons rather than for logical and evidentiary reasons. Perhaps, then, countering Pascal's Wager with logical objections will always fall on deaf ears and we need counter-arguments with their own emotional and psychological appeal.
Which points out that there are times when reasoning is not the basis for the argument, and thus one must deal with the actual context of the issue as raised.

Rather than the apostasy of neoLiberalism, and assume that it must be an argument, and then addressable in terms of putting forward a series of propositions to establish a conclusion.

My typical response to Pascal's Wager has been of the form
Why not live as IF you are going to be re-incarnated.
Since if Ganesh is to clear the way,
Then the way will be clear....
But for some reason that is not as emotionally satisfying to the whole Place it all on one chance of pitch and toss crowd.

Kults Seek To Sanctify The 4th Of July

I remember way back then when everything was true and when… caught the High Weirdness off
Yesterday, I celebrated the Fourth of July at Monticello, Jefferson’s home in Virginia. … So on this Fourth of July, we owe all those who wear the uniform of the United States a special debt of gratitude. … The Fourth of July is a day when all Americans take a moment to share a collective sense of pride in our country.
Wow, so it's like a perkinInUniformDay, but not like veterans day, so it is more for the Special Contractors on the No Bid Contracts to defend the HomelandSecurityInvestmentBubbleState?


And to think that the Obamanation refers to it which he calls merely “the Fourth of July” (as if it were just some festival known by its date, like “Cinco de Mayo”) and thus pointing out that Papists are the Evil Ones... because they do not celebrate our Holy Festivals of the NoBidContract as the bible demands...

Freeing The FreeDome of the Free Market...

So, the IOU recipients get a pay cut anyway, but the money will go to payday loan sharks instead of the state, which will continue to go broke. These free markets are just awesome,
[ cf This is Good ]
Why Wait? One can make a profit from the collapse of the state, even before there is enough water in the bathtub to drown him....

But think, now folks can have warrentless poverty to complain about as well....

Party Like It Was 1976

Pro-marijuana ad pushes pot as Calif. budget fix Hello! Bueller? AnyOne???

Show of hands now, how many of you remember using the Reagan Effort of 1976 to show that by deregulating Marijuana, and allowing the market place to decide, that it would be the sort of cash cow that alcohol and tobacco just were not making.

I mean, like wow man, it's like Flash Back Time to Like that seventies Show... with real reaganites, and the need to like deregulate the dope industry....

Are YOU doing your part to help like fund the like state, like so that we can like deregulate the things that make the colours Pretty!!!

{ first they deregulate and tax dope, and next they will impose Capitale Gaines Taxes on all of your wives and concubines. }

Why Does The Chicago School Hate The Guacamole?

The Nanny Nation pimps us the HORRORS, as seen near Barry Ritholtz, in his new book Bailout Nation: How Greed and Easy Money Corrupted Wall Street and Shook the World Economy, it is as IF they want to Stab Our Holy Warriors In The Back...

Since if DeRegulation was good enough for Reagan, then clearly they were mandated in the bible!

Remember, Things were better when Sartana Ruled the GrindHouse, and all knew the true way....

{ they do not seriously mean to advocate that we end the majikal moment of faith based economics in favor of some strategy like the great compression... }

Of Course Obamanations Are Pushing White Xtian Americans on Death Trains.

Fox report suggests Pentagon policy nixing religious flyover is a sign Obama is anti-Christian
I mean, like DUH. Just because FoxNews, as a liberal media front is not willing to come out and tell americans the truth SHOULD be the Ugly Story Here....

Are YOU doing Your Part to root out the HORRORS of EvilLiberalism?

This Is So Not News.

Olbermann: Jacksonville teabaggers worse than racists
Hello, given that the nation did the stop loss gag to keep boots in the sand in IranqIstania, we really need to be worrying that a post literate collection of thugs have delusions of becoming the new Steel Helmets and/or the FreiKorp?

Yes, I am willing to accept that some of the problems in Iraq were driven by neo-nazi fan clubs showing up for some live action. But I am not seeing that they have become big enough to be the threat they would like to dream of becoming.

Granted, we are still early in the 'deepening recession' - the neo D-Word. But that still this is not the time to expect that the worst can arrive.

Instead we must work on differenciating where actual republican values lie, and when it is time to let the psuedoCons go off and do their little re-enactments of their favorite bar room brawls. Who knows they may be able to put the bop back into BlitzKrieg Bop. I mean, so many of them are cute enough for Ballroom Blitz!

Glam Rock On Steel Haters!!! Or the RadFemiNurfSaucies will deMasculinate YOU!

{ would this be a bad time to remind americans about some of the folks they like, such as Martin Niemöller started out in the freikorps, as a former submarine captain before becoming a Liberal Theological Icon of hard leftists. A problematic position for so many seeking to invoke the happier halcyon times of the FreiKorp days... }