July 6th, 2009


OH NO!! Not a Math Czar!!!

Arthur Benjamin's formula for changing math education
He argues that Probability and Statistics should be the goal of high school math, and not the mysticism that newtonian calculus is more patriotic than Liebnitzian Calculus...
What are they thinking?
Where is the Faith Based Moments in that plan?

{ in the words of my sainted mother, As long as there are pop math quizes, there will be prayer in school.. }

{ also, a web site devoted to ideas worth knowing. I mean, what is with that? }

Remember Civics Class?

Who the "Friends of the People" Are and Why We Bash the Neoconservatives
Shorter: It is a civil obligation to point out when false things are not true. That if we wish to maintain any form of civil discourse, then we will need to have it based in reality and not in the changing winds of psychotic delusions. Otherwise we will continue to find ourselves in which ever is this seasons witchhunt against the boogaBooga that replaced last seasons pink.

Which Tea Party?

Duval GOP In Controversy Over Obama/Hitler Comparisons At Tea Party, called out in the update of Tea Service are complicating the effort to make TeaBagging a real Populist Programme for protecting the Aristocracy.

Rather than look at the question of what happens when the deregulatory fiasco hits the streets where average folk live - we get the whining about the effort to bail out the industries that are a source of the income for average folks.

One has to respect the memeWarriors who are trying to make the TeaBagging a part of the current holy crusade against the nurturing parent types who are not willing to support the strong strict father who rides in on a white horse with the leadership and guidance that flows from GOD!

Given that the evil liberals have JoeBidden and Obama on their side.... it may not be all that pretty.

But will it allow us to Bomb MexiKanukiStania?

The End of An Era? New Finance Regulations Weighted Against 'Too Big to Fail'
To be honest, it worries me when liberals are talking about Economic issues as if they were about economics, and not about the Holy Crusaders Crushing The Unbelievers. Since, well, the former approach can lead to merely 'frog marching' criminals out before the nightly news.
Oh no, there might be a gooder idea lurking in all of that stuff.Collapse )

What if the NeoConClownShow has abandoned the GOP...

GOP Pols Losing Control Of Tea Party Movement?
What if the NeoConClownCarCrew really were always RINOs, as they said, since they were always psuedoConservatives first. Thus the NeoConClownCarCrew were so good at using that RINO Meme, because they were speaking from their core value. That they had not intention of allowing their movement degenerate into a mere republic.

This of course raises the Fuggly that the TeaBaggers are merely expressing that facet of the post surrealists.

Can they be recovered? Is there a place for them to re-enter the rational discourse? Or will they only entertain that option AFTER their civil war?

Getting Our Male On...

I must pull these totally back into the flow of history, Saturday, November 08, 2008 -- WHERE ARE THEY NOW? offers an useful insight into the very strange Nov 4th, 2003 -- The Pussification Of The Western Male.

It really makes me wonder a bit about the problems with 'machismo' stuff.

One interesting side bar is a position, which is news to me, that the Peak Oil is also in this space. That there are people in the 'peak oil' space, who are in many respects offering us the
This is what you get for allowing girls to emasculate You.
Which reminds me of all those butch boys who would collect rocks so that they could sleep on them, and prove they were macho.

Unlike the freaks from the military culture who kept teaching about how to get a nice comfy night of sleep...

Given that I am new to the Peak Oil crowd, I did look up James Howard Kunstler's books one of which is The Long Emergency, which I may need to get on my list. Unless this is one of the evil ones.