July 5th, 2009


The Cost of Ethics Investigations????

Sarah Palin's decision to resign as Alaska governor was primarily prompted by her concern over the large sums of money being spent on ethics investigations into her background, Alaska's Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell said on Sunday.
[ cf Cost of Ethics Investigations Cited in Palin Decision ]
What???? Is the next boot going to do it's Fred Astaire Moment unless we can kill off Jacko Again...
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What if that IS Palin's Cost?

Palin's Lawyer Threatens Bloggers, Media--UPDATED
But if she gives up her role as God's Appointed Ruler of The People's Kommisarriate Of Greater Alaska, then, doesn't that mean she will have to pay her own legal bills? Since, well, it is not like she can count on the Department of Homeland Purity to help protect her from the growing Kabal of Evil Ones who hate the FreeDome of The People's Kommisarriate Of Greater Alaska, and the Divine Will!
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How ever will we help them...

Folks, clearly as we clean up the wreckage of another 4th of July Weekend, we have to wonder, what will we do with all of the War Victimes of that IranqIstania Thingus Of Pooh.

I am not talking about the welfare queens in the department of defense, who were not willing to do their duty and hop into the Homeland Security Investment Bubble, since, they MUST learn that they volunteered to be the welfare queens they are, and they could have done the responsible, and opted to join the new and improved true holy crusaders, who are at this very hour, suffering from having backed the folly of the Evil Dubya's Liberal Welfare Statist Doggeral of bloating governmental expenses in that IranqIstania Thingus Of Pooh.

These are the real people who every day suffer at the hands of the evil liberal media persecution! People who seriously believed that the fastest way to Nuke Iran was to invest in no-bid contracting, and now the liberals want to waste money on domestic programmes, rather than support more no-bid contracting to expand the profitability of sounding like one is Pro-Military.

Won't YOU give to help these victims of the Evil Liberal Media's Persecution of the people who would still be right, if it were not for the RETREAT of the liberals into their mere reality based communities.....

{ what if americans really had to live with the consequences of their actions... }

In the age of No-Bid Defense Contracting

American attitudes have changed and the "don't ask, don't tell" policy toward gays serving in the U.S. military should be reviewed, former Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Colin Powell said on Sunday.

President Barack Obama favors overturning the policy, which bars gay troops from serving openly in the military. U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates has asked military lawyers to look at ways to make the law more flexible, hailed by gay rights groups as a "seismic political shift".

[ cf Time to review policy on gays in U.S. military: Powell ]
Hum... Which is the real value in play here?
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Oh how, well, Gay...

Bernard Madoff hires help to survive hard time
Oh god no, not a fashion consultant for the whole Jail House Rock thing...
“He could cause a lot of problems because it’s a very high-profile case. People may react very badly to him,” Mr Bales said. “He is going to have white supremacists who do not like the Jewish population. He has got some enemies he is going to have to face.” It is even possible that Madoff could be upgraded for his own safety to the only Supermax facility, where inmates are locked up for 23 hours a day and never get to mix with the general prison population.
( op cit )
Oh dear me....

It's as if he is not sure he is Butch Enough to be the bad boy of his super max....

You know, that whole problem that we are all being victimized by, where metrosexuals want to have special privileges, so that their... oh sorry, this is not about his getting a chance for the alternative service, where he gets to go to the CombatZone to prove, by trial by combatZone, that he was actually being victimized by the liberals on wall street who all framed him.

Sorry about that. I guess, he is so.... well, not this seasons fashion trend...

Why We MUST Nuke Iran, or which ever I word is the new pink

The Daily Flash for 2009.07.02 listed this Winner India will reject greenhouse gas emission targets.

Personally I consider that sort of a tragedy. Since while their per-capita numbers are lower, I am not convinced that trying to arrive at some sort of failed american excess solution is the goal that governments should be seeking. Unless of course, it is that we need to speed up the evolutionary process by getting more wars going...

It is also scary that we are looking at the next round of Kyoto Accords... And we are still not that sure how to sort out when to just have the mindless wars, so that we can cull the populations back to a sustainable level, rather than waiting for other means to cull them...