June 26th, 2009


What if mental models constrain our vision of our coding models?

Ok, so I am in the distillation part of the process. Kakoff has put forward a reasonable enough argument about the 'strict father family' metaphour as a good enough excuse to get to neoConValues. While at the same time offering up the core fundamental problem with the 'nurturing family model' - namely that the process does not need strictly typed gender roles to impose order, so that folks know to do right.
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Are you doing your Part?

lose the plot
is a nice start in the right direction. But I fear it suffers from GodLessRedHollywoodElitist Transgressions about plot development, and not from the GodFearingAllAmericanNaval tradition of maintaining the rational course of the ship based upon Dead Reckoning, and the ability to kill any of the other zombies on the ship.