June 17th, 2009


Focus On Your Core Mission May Be Gooder...

A Roman Catholic adoption agency which lost a battle to defend its pro-marriage ethos from new ‘equality’ regulations says it has been left with “a big dent” in its reserves.

The Leeds-based charity, Catholic Care, was recently told it must consider gay couples as potential adopters under the Sexual Orientation Regulations (SORs), despite its belief that children need a mother and a father.

Chief Executive Mark Wiggin said the charity had needed two barristers and five solicitors to help wade through the detail of the case.
Speaking at the time of the ruling, a spokesman for Leeds Diocese said if the decision caused the closure of Roman Catholic adoption services “a flagship service of the charities will be lost”.

[ cf Charity in gay adoption battle hit with legal bills ]
Wouldn't it have been cheaper to simply declare a crusade and invade the UK so as to bring the correct PapistMormonistIslamoCryptoZionist regime into play???

Or were they just expecting that Holy Warriors grow on trees, and would be provide by the welfare state dogmatists who are trying to PREVENT the DOD from becoming The Profit Center???

Personal Crisis Time

Well, I just got my laptop back from the Apple Store, and it is getting upgraded to 10.5 as I type here. It is so much fun to have a development box and a lifestyle box.

So I have opted to do the CRAZY, and stopped by Fry's to pick up another cable set, for the KVM, and now my first Personal Geek Moment - bought a pair of altec lancing speakers for my mini. I am SOOOO one of the kewl kids now...

Ok, so the owner of Digital Guru looked around for madmerle, since this was the first time I had walked in alone.... and he was well playing the on going gag that has become a part of that social dialog.... Since ruth was buying books for work, and I would geek... Very Much the Modern Social Dialog I would say.... What with her repressive EVIL OpsPerKin looking down on mere 'sister mary software guy' types of kvetching... Oh the horror of it all.

So I bought a couple of books to add to the geek pack....

Will reality ever stabilize?

In case folks are unaware.

Threatening the life of the president is a crime.

For those of you who may not have the comparative life skills, allow me to offer you one small piece of understanding. Being detained by the american secret service means being detained by a lawful secret police force - and most of them are nice folks.

Advocating the armed overthrow of the united states government is also a legal problem.

I understand that it is a popular meme amongst the FreeperVilleFollyTypes - but given how they are so willing to run and hide when the actual shooting starts. You really will need to work on a far better solution to actual problems than pretending that the FreeperVilleFollyTypes have the balls to follow up their rhetoric with action.

That being the case, I hate to sound like a dull, pedantic and rational kinda guy, but, well, life is just that way. I have going to have the PsychoFun of playing two books off each other The Poltical Mind by George Lakoff in the right hand corner. While in the left hand corner, we look at the cogsci WackoNeff of Head First Java: Your Brain on Java - A Learner's Guide, since dusting off some Java will be the freebie side effect.

The main theme of course remains my interests in CogSci.

And IF we are going to be rationally talking about how we learn, and how we can change, then it might be a good idea to go that way....

you have to love the irony...

Komrade Hate Freedom Obama is offering unemployment and other beni's to 'domestic partners'.

While the head of the people's kommisarriate for moral purity, is well, stepping down from some of his official party functions for having an affair with a staffer....

Now remind me again which part of "what's love got to do with it" got to do with the fact that some times doing the right thing is important... Even if it is not politically correct enough for one's party comrades.... and that not all of it is about Screwing Over Everyone Around You....

But doesn't the war president still have line item veto?

At issue, House GOP leaders say, was the late Tuesday night move by Democratic leaders to severely cut back on Republican amendments to a major appropriations bill that funds the Commerce, Justice and other departments.

Republicans had planned to introduce 127 amendments to the spending package, but Democratic House leaders balked, arguing that debating that many amendments would simply take too much time and decided to call a vote. At 8:00 p.m., Democrats cut off debate and called members back to the Capitol. One hour later Democrats closed the vote after prevailing over the GOP minority 179-124.

[ cf GOP protests Democrat shutdown on amendments ]
So clearly if there is a need to limit the spending, then the war president still has the majikal powers of the line item veto....

I mean, what happened to Supporting the WarPresident to support the No-Bid Contracts in a time of Transferring the tax liaiblities unto the unborn baby UBU?

Yes, HETRO'S are a threat to National Security, get over it.

Embattled Sen. John Ensign's admission of an affair with the wife of a staff aide made him vulnerable to blackmail by hostile spy services or other interests eager to pry secrets from his position on sensitive national security committees, veteran counterintelligence officials say.

Ensign is a member of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, including its Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, giving him and his staff access to extremely sensitive national defense information.

[ cf Ensign Affair: It's Not About the Sex ]
Spytalk? in CQPolitics?

Hello.... EVERYONE knows that openly hetro persons have been the leading cause of national security fiasco's - but no one cares about it.

It's as if Majikally HetBoys get some sort of Majikal Get Out Of Jail Free Kard for being, well, HetBoys who are too cool for Skool....

Reason would dictate that we should be outlawing Heterosexuality For Reasons of National Security!!!