June 16th, 2009


Who is to Blame for the Fall of Iran to Communism!!!

How could the Godless Atheistical America Bashing Liberals allow Iran to become the new Nepal, crushed under the JackBootedIronFist of Maoism!!!

Clearly now more than ever we must bring the freedom and glory to Iran, so that they can be protected from the HORRORS of liberals and their atheistical doggeral that mere civilian presidents should take precedence over the Divine Will of the Argument From Divine Comedy!!!

{ remember boys and nonPerKin, it is never too early to blame liberalism for the problems of yesterday. }

Support THE Correct Implementation of the No-Bid-Contract

Oh boy, the unbelievers are unBelieving. In The Return of "Liquidationism" we get to review the majik thinking that shows us how glorious it is that a chinese corporation was able to buy Hummer at a massive discount, so that the folks who have hummers, will know that they are Turning Chinese....

Ah yes, if only we were able to have the Homeland Security Investment Bubble, then americans would be able to feel good about the fact that only the welfare queens went off to get on the welfare dole in IranqIstania, while the true patriotic americans stayed CONUS to defeat the unbelieving liberals of wall street... or was it suppose to have been...

Either way, we should support The Correct Implementation of the No-Bid-Contract to keep america american, and from from the militancy of the Maoist Nepalese who are at this very moment infiltrating american government with their moral corruptions!!!

Thank GOD! we have RoboBushCheneyParis!
They Shiney!
and fashionably fashionable!!!

and not let astray by the unbelief of unbelievers who are the dupes of the false economic models!!!


Do we really need to be considering the threat of the Golden Gate Ruby Conference, and it's whole perform like a pr0n star correlation of technoKultur? ( cf the Porny Presentation Bingo card.

I should blame two things for his Whole God Hating American Liberal assault on our white christian america.

But I will be polite and merely point out that he is in leaque with the Maoist Nepalese Threat, which is at this very moment seeking to destroy Family Values in Iran, on their Heinous Armed Assault On Our White Christian America!

Stop IronY!

Yes Boys And NonMalePerKin - the evil Red ChiCom Propoganda is being pushed around as alleged irony, when that is merely liberal code for the "Iron Y", as in "Iron Y M C A", where they are going to take away your assets with their Godless Capitale Gaines Taxes....

Are YOU doing YOUR part to defeat Red ChiCom Propoganda????

But what about Bombing The Iranians For Freedome?

Oh god, the gleenSter is at it again The "Bomb Iran" contingent's newfound concern for The Iranian People.

Hello!!!! Just because we want to protect iran from the Nepalese marxists who are stirring up the Anti-Government Factions of God Hating Atheists, doesn't mean that the Bomb Iran Krews are opposed to bombing Iranians for Freedome!!!!

I mean, how long will the gleenSter remain stuck in that whole failed Pre-911 Kulture?

Britain Attacks Freedom

I am just shocked!
The Lib Dem leader is the most senior politician to say Trident should not be renewed when it expires in 2024.
When Tony Blair agreed to renew the submarine-based missile system in 2007, 97 Labour MPs opposed the move.
"We have to be realistic and candid about what we can and can't afford as a nation," he said.

"If we don't move with the times, if we don't accept circumstances have changed, if we don't accept our capacity to pay for everything we're paying for at the moment is going to be more limited in the future then I think we're not being candid with the British people, we're not being candid with ourselves."

[ cf Clegg says no to Trident renewal ]
But what if the WarPresident wants Britain to Nuke Someone, just anyone, how will they be able to do that having abandoned God's One True And ONLY Nuclear Threat!!!

Now more than ever we must ship the british to Iran, and make room for some decent folks to take over paying for massive retaliatory nuclear first strike enhancement features, just like the bible demands....

Another Chorus of "Free Bird" please...

Now comes another story to remind us how integral contractors have become to the nation's security infrastructure.

"Weeks after President Obama took office, the Central Intelligence Agency extended its contract with a firm run by two psychologists who helped introduce waterboarding and other harsh methods to the agency's interrogation techniques, according to a news report.

"Two months later, CIA Director Leon Panetta fired Mitchell, Jessen & Associates and all other contractors that aided the CIA in its interrogations of alleged terrorists, the New Yorker reported this weekend."

[ cf CIA Interrogation Contractors Fired ( emphasis mine ) ]
Wow! So how do you introduce Waterboarding?
Hello, Mr And Mrs MainStreetAmerica, this is your new friend Waterboarding
and in related fun there is
An al-Qaeda associate captured by the CIA and subjected to harsh interrogation techniques said his jailers later told him they had mistakenly thought he was the No. 3 man in the organization's hierarchy and a partner of Osama bin Laden, according to newly released excerpts from a 2007 hearing.

"They told me, 'Sorry, we discover that you are not Number 3, not a partner, not even a fighter,' " said Abu Zubaida, speaking in broken English, according to the new transcript of a Combatant Status Review Tribunal held at the U.S. military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

[ cf CIA Mistaken on 'High-Value' Detainee, Document Shows ]
So remember boys and NonPerKins, some folks are sure that they are whom they are, and have the added support of knowing that this time the Intelligence Community has not been forced to dismiss civilian contractors for violations of their ethical standards....

So which type are YOU?