June 5th, 2009


More Godless America Bashing Of Hate Mongering Defeatists

Employment-to-population ratio of 59.7%. Underemployment rate of 16.4%.
[ cf All Right: Two Ugly Swallows... ]
Payroll -345,000. Unemployment rate up from 8.9 to 9.4%.
[ cf Things Are Getting Worse More Slowly! ]
Any question as to why we must stop these defeatist rumour mongers who are Spreadking Dirty Filthy Stinking Hippie Rumours about our Most Glorious Military Victories over the Godless Liberals of wall street!!!

Defeatists Rumour Mongers Defating On Torture Value!

From one of my favoriet Godless American Bashers:
Milton Bearden, a former Central Intelligence Agency Pakistan station chief who served at the agency for three decades, says claims that the Bush administration’s so-called enhanced interrogation techniques saved American lives are likely false.
[ cf Former CIA station chief challenges claims that torture thwarted terror attacks ]
I mean - get real.

How can anyone doubt that without enhanced torture tactics CONUS would be awashed with waves and waves and waves of IranqiStanian Flying Saucers destroying everything everywhere.

Thus since there is at least one thing still on top of another thing CONUS, it is logical to conclude that the evil nanciiPelosii KNOWS we are torturing for jesus to keep america american!

Or maybe....

What if we are no more safer than we were when the allegations of toture were alleged?

Major Annoyance

Finding that one can lose several days reading books and catching up on films....

And then notice that the evil mass media and the internet are still defeatist Rumour Mongering God Hating America Bashing NationalSocialistMarxianistPhallangistIslamoCryptoZionists....

that law enforcement problem.

I would probably be able to take more of this with smaller grain of salt, were it not for the grand irony of my life. One of my friends was ever so polite, when John Walker Lindh was detained, and finally transported CONUS, to stand trial in a civilian court, to point out the death threats I was getting for my stand that there was a legal obligation for a fair trial.

So you will have to imagine my amusement with:
This morning, Scarborough publicly addressed the story, for what appears to be the first time. But what he talked about was his own past ties to an anti-abortion killer. And his comments -- which seemed designed largely to minimize those ties -- appear to conflict with other reported facts about the incident.

In 1993, David Gunn was killed in Pensacola, Florida, and Michael Griffin, an anti-abortion zealot, was accused of the crime. (Griffin was later convicted and jailed.) And Scarborough -- who the following year would run for Congress as a Republican abortion foe -- made several court appearances, pro bono, on Griffin's behalf.

Speaking this morning on Morning Joe, Scarborough didn't mention having represented Griffin. Rather, he said he was asked by Griffin's family, who knew his own family, to find a lawyer for Griffin. ("The family hired me and they wanted me to find him a lawyer, to make sure he didn't use the Bible as his self-defense in court," he said) He implied that a number of people expressed interest in taking on the case in order because of its political implications ("for all the wrong reasons") and that he was wary of such people. Eventually, he said, he found a "progressive, pro-choice" lawyer who nonetheless understood that everyone has the right to counsel. Scarborough went on to talk about the need to return to civility in American politics.
But when the Village Voice dug into the episode for a cover story on Scarborough last year, it found evidence suggesting Scarborough had sought to play a large role in the case.
But it makes us wonder: Did Scarborough, planning a run for Congress from a deeply socially conservative Florida panhandle district, sought to get involved in the Griffin case as a way to associate himself with, and build support among, the anti-abortion movement? In other words, was Scarborough's political career launched in part by exploiting the dangerous strain of right-wing extremism that views the defense of an accused killer of an abortion provider as a cause celebre?

At the very least, it's worth asking...

[ cf Report: Before Congressional Run, Scarborough Represented Killer Of Abortion Doctor ]
Not that I would want to say anything that was tooo schadenfreude here...

What truly concerns me in the most recent attack by TeaBaggers is that suddenly there is a growing mythology that we need to leave these domestic terrorist incidents to the mere law enforcement process. As if suddenly it was no longer safe to defend the Bush Doctrine that only Massive No Bid Contracts, with some troop stuff would be able to defeat the WhateverOnWhomever.

If there are force reductions in IranqiStania, will americans be able to sleep safely knowing that we no longer have the level of No Bid Contracts in country to keep america safe....

As our troops come home, how many of them will be able to cope with the grave conflict that is arising CONUS between the pre-invasion rhetoric, and the current poseur posturing? How long will they be able to go on blaming Kerry for the fact that Rush, Cheney, and all the rest were betting on the Homeland Investment Security Bubble, while play acting like they cared about the 'troops' in the sand?

Ultimately on that front we have a socio-cultural problem. How do we help troops, both the actual members of the american armed forces and their contractors, but also all of those who have become so emotionally entangled in their web of "supporting the president to support the troops"?

Those of us who bet on the return to the RULE of Law CONUS are pleased that we do not have to be trading our skill mix for food and water. We who supported the FM-27 series, and the established laws of land warfare have less to worry about in terms of 'keeping our skirts' clean.

But how are we going to turn this mess around?

My expectations unfortunately remain that we will still see more violence.

and this is even news?

I mean after the Plame Scam by psuedo cons more concerned about domestic politics...Hoekstra: Leaking Classified Info Is Terrible -- Except When GOP Does It.

If you need more detail, follow the URL...

But maybe now would be a good time to get out of the official secrets act?

We stop paying the excesses for the 'so called' "intelligence community" and stop paying the excess overhead for the IC contractors. We take the tax revenue we save there and fund four or five national univerasal health care programmes... you know, as a part of the national security agenda, and to defeat the economic down turn...

once again Krugman IS WRONG!

Via Dean Baker, Robert Samuelson declares — as a simple fact — that
Johnson’s economic policies, inherited from Kennedy, proved disastrous; they led to the 1970s’ “stagflation.”
Wow. I didn’t know that. Neither, as far as I know, did any economist who has actually studied the issue.
The appearance of stagflation was a win for conservative economics, but it was conservative monetary economics that was partly vindicated: Milton Friedman’s assertion that there is no long-run tradeoff between inflation and unemployment turned out to be correct, and is now part of the standard canon.

But where is the Great Society in all this? Nowhere. The claim that stagflation proved the badness of liberal ideas is pure propaganda, which not even conservative economists believe.

PS: all this comes in the middle of a column whining about favorable press treatment of Obama. Did Samuelson complain equally about the loving treatment Bush received for several years after 9/11? Somehow I don’t remember that...

[ cf The stagflation myth ]
Clearly if Krugman did not know the TRUE TRUTH that is Truthier about how the party Line is Linear in all equations! Then it logically follows that he has been engaged in the Anti-State Terrorism of Suppporting Obama, whom we all know has been indicted by TeaBagging Grand Juries all over the Universe, which just goes to show that the True American Military No Longer Supports the Failed Krugmanite Evil Liberal Agenda of spewing false histories!!!

Long Live the Great War Heroes of the Holy Crusade against Unbelievers!!! who will free us from the Welfare Queens of the DOD....

Krugman UnMasked As Anti-Americanist

On my recent Asian swing, one of the books I read was Charles Stross’s The Jennifer Morgue, part of his Laundry novels series. The conceit in these novels is that performing certain calculations opens up doors to other universes, where unpleasant things lurk — you didn’t believe the cover story about Alan Turing, did you? And it contains passages like this:
Professor O’Brien speaks the language and is qualified to liaise. She’s also completed her certification in combat epistemology and can operate as your staff philosopher, should circumstances require it.
I love it. So it’s great to learn that there’s another Laundry novel coming.
[ cf Epistemological combat ]
Show of hands boys and NonPerkIns....

what is the name for it when a citizen engages with a FerrignDevil to reveal TOP SECRET MILITARY PLANS????

Can we as americans ALLOW mere civilians access to COMBAT GRADE EPISTEMOLOGY????

Place Your Bets On The Bush Name For 2012

Hey Boys and NonPerKin, the mojo freaks have GONE WRONG:
That's right, I'm calling a 2012 shot. Jeb will run, and he will be formidable. He is assembling his forces, even now...

The cabal has spoken...

[ cf van.mojo: Jeb! ]
I can understand that as a basis to get a Bush/Cheney Ticket going, it has an air of something, or is that a fragrance of something.

But the real question is will the GOP party be able to get past their recent, 2008, decision that Bush had always been a hard Left Wing Anti-American who was evil and NationalSocialistMarxianistThingusOfPooh....

Or will Jeb opt to go the big route and become the next Glenn Beck on Fox? As Glenn moves on to become the new Comedy Channel, as he channels comedy....

Christian Martyrdom??? calls For?

Lou Engle's The Call played an important, and little discussed, role in the push for California's Proposition 8 during the lead-up to the November 1, 2008 presidential election. But Engle's The Call events have a dual function though; at that same event, held in San Diego's Qualcomm Stadium, Lou Engle and what appeared in available footage of the event to be Engle's disciple Eddie Brown, made high-profile calls, from the stage, for acts of Christian martyrdom to combat legal abortion.

During an impassioned and inflammatory speech to the audience, Engle declared that a second American civil war was inevitable if legalized abortion is not stopped. Some might accuse Lou Engle seems of working with great dedication to bring that prophecy into nightmarish reality.

[ cf Gingrich & Huckabee Endorse Christian Antiabortion Militancy ( emphasis mine ) ]
Hum... a call for chrisitan martyrdom... as it getting put into the Colloseium by the evil liberals?

Oh, wait, it is to COMBAT legal abortion... Hum... how can christians become lion food while opposing legal abortions.....

( h/t to
I've not written here about Lou Engle and Ron Luce before, but I've been meaning to do so for some time. If you don't know about these guys, go read what the Talk To Action article says about them. They are the real deal. It is NOT a good sign that Gingrich and Huckabee are embracing them in public like this.
{ cf s9: Gingrich and Huckabee Meet Lou Engle and Ron Luce ]
for keeping us all in the loop. )

Hum... What sort of organizations call for Martyrdom????

What if this were a part of the usual flow of domestic terrorist actions? Would that be a clear and compelling argument in itself to liberate VenezueLaColumbiaMexiCanikistan?

Or is this strictly a legal thing, and we should not be all that worried, because as we all know, folks need to learn to laugh at these really funny things....