June 2nd, 2009


Can there be an abortion debate?

Let me start where i feel it is mostly safe to start. Roe v. Wade, like the dred scott decision, is the law of the land until some better argument, as overturned Plessey v. Fergesun, or the ARMED AGGRESSION of Bayonet Wielding Bible Burning Blue Bellies impose some constitutional amendment rammed through the process by disenfranchising those who took up arms against the TYRANNY of the godless Lincoln and his radical left wing extremists in the GOP. May not be funny, or work safeCollapse )

TeaBaggers For Freedom Unit

Well we got us one more in the growing defense of freedom::
Two soldiers were shot, one fatally, outside a military recruiting center in Arkansas by a gunman who police said was opposed to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Police said the suspect, Abdulhakim Muhammad, who also has used the name Carlos Bledsoe, drove up to an Army-Navy recruiting station and opened fire with an assault rifle, firing more than a dozen rounds into the building.
Authorities said Muhammad, described only as a "black male," has been charged with one count of capital murder and 15 counts of committing a terroristic act, and for firing a weapon into an occupiable structure.
"We believe that it's associated with his disagreement over military operations," said Police Chief Stuart Thomas, who said officials are looking into whether Muhammad had a "religious disagreement" with the US military missions in Iraq and Afghanistan.

[ cf Two soldiers shot at Arkansas recruiting center ( emphasis mine ) ]
Ok, so this was one more religious opposition to the evils of the Blue Helmeted One Worlder NationalSocialistCommunistMarxinistPhallangist welfare statist actions of the evil Obamanation.

Does that really make it a bad thing?

I mean, in a time of tax cuts, isn't the most important thing to prevent the spread of evil from the central regime???

Thot experiment here - is targeting the welfare queens of the Armed Forces the same as liberating unbelievers who are not on active duty?

( h/t to Moe Be Dick )

Can law enforcement be outside of partisan politics?

U.S. Attorney Mary Beth Buchanan, a Bush appointee who had been accused of pursuing a politically motivated prosecution against Wecht, this morning filed a motion to drop the charges, reports the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.
[ cf Wecht Charges To Be Dropped ]
I mean, in a time of transferring tax dollars to no-bid contracts the most important thing is persecuting the unbelievers, is it not!!!

Or should there be some sort of standard about persecuting the unbelievers that is independent of the process of transferring tax dollars to no-bid contractors?

What ever would one call such a free market in free markets???

The safe haven freed from the governmental interference in the JusticeFuturesMarket???

Speaking Of Human Hunting....

h/t to Is Cannibalism Really So Wrong? who advocated you just read the tom tomorrow Look what happens when Dick Cheney makes a startling admission!.

But I think we need to have a national debate on whether or not to ALLOW the godless liberals to impose their usual excessive Taxations on Human Tags, rather than accepting that hunting humans is protected in the Constitution because of god's clear and clarion call to cull the masses!

Clearly we Must STOP the brutal repression of these Tax Regimes!!!

More Great Victories for the Homeland Security Investment Bubble

) -- A couple of years ago, Blackwater executive Joseph Schmitz seemed to see a silver lining for mercenary companies with the prospect of US forces being withdrawn or reduced in Iraq. “There is a scenario where we could as a government, the United States, could pull back the military footprint,” Schmitz said. “And there would then be more of a need for private contractors to go in.”

When it comes to armed contractors, it seems that Schmitz was right.

According to new statistics released by the Pentagon, with Barack Obama as commander in chief, there has been a 23% increase in the number of “Private Security Contractors” working for the Department of Defense in Iraq in the second quarter of 2009 and a 29% increase in Afghanistan, which “correlates to the build up of forces” in the country. These numbers relate explicitly to DoD security contractors. Companies like Blackwater and its successor Triple Canopy work on State Department contracts and it is unclear if these contractors are included in the over-all statistics. This means, the number of individual “security” contractors could be quite higher, as could the scope of their expansion.

Overall, contractors (armed and unarmed) now make up approximately 50% of the “total force in Centcom AOR [Area of Responsibility].” This means there are a whopping 242,657 contractors working on these two US wars.

[ cf Obama Has 250,000 "Contractors" in Iraq and Afghan Wars, Increases Number of Mercenaries ]

no wonder the DOW is rebounding...

The economic Miracle of More Military is greater still!

Makes me wonder if on veterans day there will be special contractor parades...

Competative v. Co-operative

Amongst the bigger picture debates that I see coming up, based upon Roughgarden's The Genial Gene is the whole debate about how much social darwinism IS there really? What if a core socio-cultural crisis is that the myths of social darwinism have done more damage than any alleged good.

In this space we have the problem of whether or not advocating 'the selfish gene' was a way of advocating the political agenda of social darwinism, as it was any form of 'science' or 'secularism'.

What comes to mind is the idea of secularists adopting the selfish gene extensions, as they try to work out a way to work and play well with nature. Yet never really resolving how they can adopt the notion of 'working and playing well with nature' - when all is STRUGGLE! How many adopted the 'not religious option'; that was defined by those who painted this horror as the excuse for opposing the evils of secularism. Or in a more fomulaic way:

p1: there are only two propositions in the universal set

p2: Either socialDarwinism or religiousStuff

What if there is a third proposition in the set - namely that some other method can be constructed, wherein co-operation is the natural state of affairs, and it can allow for competition and threat behavior, but ultimately seeking to resolve issues to a Nash Bargained Solution. ( cf Nash Bargaining Game )

In this context one can arrive at a 'not religiousStuff' space that does not require one to adopt the full tilt silliness of the socialDarwinist Red in tooth and claw.

Granted, that way would end the battle of the sexes by adopting a policy position in which conflict is a secondary and derived mechanism to the natural policy of negotiation. Which would mean that boys would have to learn to cope with girls, and that the role of reasoning was to work with the necessities of the complex social system that allows for more than the simple boolean of conflict - "I win, You Die!".

I am not going to make the radical left wing leap and assert that nonMalePerkin should be granted any special rights, such as being allowed to be natural rush limbiots draft dodgers, because they are, well, nonMalePerKin! But i will suggest that I may be open to a negotiated compromise on the topic.