May 29th, 2009


GeoCaching - proof nanciiPelosii Must resign

If you have not been following the kult phave - start with the t-shirts:geocaching - do the wiki page - and at the end of the yellow brick road there can be no doubt about what must be done to Stop These Horrible Forms of Capital Gaines Taxes....

{ hey, if I go geocaching, will I find my normal friends? since clearly all of my current ones are either broken or seriously bent... }

WikiPedia Joins Hard Left Persecution Of Religion

Today, President Obama announced the Cyber Czar from the White House. His intentions are to find somebody who will crack down on Internet hazards such as phishing and spyware. However, he intends to keep the internet as open and free as it's ever been.

So one might turn a skeptical eye to the recent decision by Wikipedia to ban Scientology and its members from editing Scientology-related Wikipedia pages. Should the user-edited encyclopedia make such a bold move and ban an entire religion from editing its pages? Isn't that some form of bigotry or religious intolerance? Wouldn't that undermine "open and free"?

Well... there's religious bigotry, and then there's having a proper ground for banning the religion as a whole from editing pages. Personally, I think that Wikipedia has a pretty good reason for banning Scientology from editing its pages. It has as good a reason for preventing Scientologists from editing the pages as it does cracking down on Scientology critics.

[ cf Wikipedia Bans Scientology. ... Good! ]
It is obviously not merely koinkidenk tghat the Obamanation has come out in favor of destorying white christian america by failling to allow Protection Of America's Original Founding Religion!!!

Thus obviously....

Oh hold it... If america is a christian nation, and the nation is built on the bible, then how can scientology exist at all??? Or is it just the logical marriage of social darwinism and the tax code?

An interesting perspective on traditional marriage

Yes, YOU MUST VIEW "And now you have bastards. Bye bye" - or the terroriss rebrand.

Why gosh kids, if we were to get a legislative agenda to move the various questions that need to be solved by the creation of viable and sustainable co-allitions ....

Who knows what could come of the process....

We might actually at least get viable and sustainable co-alitions....

BUGGA BUGGA FEAR!!! InFlation!!! nanciiPelosii Must Resign

Ok, so if you haven't yet heard, the primary defect in the wanking about how hyperinflation is the growing threat caused by Gay Marriages - then try to remember:
[T]hese aren’t ordinary times. Banks aren’t lending out their extra reserves. They’re just sitting on them — in effect, they’re sending the money right back to the Fed. So the Fed isn’t really "printing money" after all.... [M]uch of the current inflation discussion calls to mind what happened during the early years of the Great Depression when many influential people were warning about inflation even as prices plunged. As the British economist Ralph Hawtrey wrote, “Fantastic fears of inflation were expressed. That was to cry, Fire, Fire in Noah’s Flood.” And he went on, “It is after depression and unemployment have subsided that inflation becomes dangerous.”
[ cf Paul Krugman on Inflation Fears: Economists Should Know Better ]
So the interesting thot here is that IF we are to buy into this BuggaBooga Fear - then majikally the Obama administration, in spite of the actual conduct of the Fed and Treasury have been able to turn the economy around, and all is right with the world, and we are all gloriously victoriously mission accomplished....


It could happen.

And Dick Cheney could turn into the New Dick Gretory.


It Really could happen; just like that...

Fraud? In a Time of Future UBU????

Another powerful lawmaker with ties to PMA, of course, is Rep. John Murtha, a close ally of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who chairs that same committee. And it also emerged today that a defense contractor which got millions in earmarks from Murtha, Kuchera Defense Systems, has been blocked from doing business with the Navy. A Navy spokesman said the suspension was a result of "alleged fraud, including multiple incidents of incorrect charges, defective pricing and ethical violations."

Earlier this year, the Feds raided Kuchera -- one of Murtha's major campaign contributors over the years -- as part of the PMA corruption probe. Murtha has steered $14.7 million in earmarks to Kuchera in just the last two years.

The AP reports:</i>
Asked about Kuchera's troubles, Murtha said, "What's that got to do with me? What do you think, I'm supposed to oversee these companies? That's not my job. That's the Defense Department's job."
t's not clear where the allegations of fraud that caused the Navy to take action came from, and whether they're related to the PMA probe.

Either way, it seems safe to say we're going to be hearing a lot more about all this.

[ cf PMA Probe Heating Up? Visclosky Subpoenaed, While Navy Suspends Contractor Linked To Murtha ]
ok, let us try to follow up the play here. We have Murtha channelling Peneta, about who's job it is to do what with the truthfulness of which....

While at the same time we have this problem that there is apparently Growing Corruption in the Contracting Game for WarLikeRelatedRevenueStreaming....

What if that IS a part of the core problem here.... Why is it that the WarLikeRelatedActivities are Suppose to be a Profit Center???

Could it be that the most important thing in a time of tax cuts is NOT pretending to have a war?

Speaking Of Information Extraction Mechanisms...

Major General Antonio Taguba, the former army officer who, in a 2004 probe, documented widespread detainee abuse at the prison, has told The Daily Telegraph: "These pictures show torture, abuse, rape and every indecency."

According to Taguba's description, as summarized by the paper:
At least one picture shows an American soldier apparently raping a female prisoner while another is said to show a male translator raping a male detainee.

Further photographs are said to depict sexual assaults on prisoners with objects including a truncheon, wire and a phosphorescent tube.

Another apparently shows a female prisoner having her clothing forcibly removed to expose her breasts.
If these are indeed the photos at issue in the lawsuit, and the Telegraph is accurately rendering Taguba's description of them, then that may help explain Obama's decision to keep them under wraps -- out of fear that such explosive images could legitimately place our troops in danger.
[ cf Taguba: Torture Photos Show Rape ]
Hum... could this be the source of red state angst:
And I’m guessing that Kristia’s answer is our soldiers on the ground, who will be given the full Westboro Baptist treatment by the local Baghdadis. You know, they’ll be carrying signs saying “Allah Hates Fags” while throwing hand grenades and shit. They’ll, of course, be doing this because they have no other beef with the occupying troops other than the gays in the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad carrying on and having parties and stuff — which is, of course, the very cliff that Kristia was just headed right off:</i>
More offensive than our men in arms in an Islamic country are men in drag, as this strikes at the very core of propriety and decency within their culture.
There may have been stupider things said at Renew America but, if so, I’m hard pressed to think of them.
[ cf The Mascara Massacre: How Drag Queens Are Killing Our Troops ( emphasis in original ) ]

Man on Man Rape - more bad???


What if some things are TOO Important to National Security to be outsourced to for profit Freaks, who can see the whole cash revenue stream in the secondary market....

Nevada Goes Gilda!!!

Gone are the days when Nevada was the poster childPerKin for Going Galt:

CARSON CITY, Nev.—Nevada lawmakers voted Friday to override Gov. Jim Gibbons' veto of a $781 million tax increase plan and key measures that are part of the state budget for the next two fiscal years.

"We had to decide to govern for the good of our constituents and not by platitude," Assembly Speaker Barbara Buckley, D-Las Vegas, said, referring to the conservative Republican governor's repeated statements that he wouldn't support higher taxes.

"It's just the wrong time to raise taxes," said freshman Assemblyman Richard McArthur, R-Las Vegas, siding with the governor during brief debate on the tax plan in the Assembly.

[ cf Lawmakers override governor's vetoes ]
Well there is another state Crushed under the JackBootedIronFisted Red Communist NationalSocialistRevisionists....

Actually, a deficit is a bad thing in normal times, but when the economy is tanking..... as it is still doing, one would hazard to support classical keynsian economics - rather the Red Hordes of Herbert Hoover....

But that way means retreating back into a reality based vision of economics, and not merely the ideologically correct form that has come about in the PostFactual Faze of post-911 cries for help by dearOldDick and friends.

what if it were about prioritizing?

Hey kids, what if the problem with the downward spiral in the economy is NOT that we have Ideological Struggles with God Hating America bashers, but that we are basically facing the same old usual problems that cause depressions...

Which would lead to the comical problem - what if deficit reduction is not the fix - any more than it worked under the Red Kommunism of Herbert Hoover - and that we need to get the economy restarted, then we can get back to the need to reduce the usefulness of the government....

Why GOSH, then we would also consider that creating massive deficits for merely play pretend notions of 'national security' - because majikally the CIC is about protecting the right types of americans, and not in protecting, preserving and defending the Constitution of the United States....

Or would that mean that we would not be allowed to slip off the fiscally responsible band wagon merely because the economy was sorting itself out....

HUM.... what if americans had to learn how to live in a fact based reality, and it were about creating and maintaining priorities.... Oh me, oh my, what if it is not about divine revelations of the way it was suppose to have been, if it had been intelligently designed....