May 28th, 2009


Ugly Addendums

A friend proposed Operation Hotel California and mentioned that:
It's an account of covert ops where the US gathered intel in Iraq and the white house didn't listen. It is a good read but the epilogue sucks.
while the reviews at amazon are all about the repetitive language... Which made me wonder whether the dialog matched the era?

Also it struck me:
Given the basic plot summary you offer, I wonder if a part of the repetition is that we know that 'intelligence product' in the bush years was a first cousin of Hair Product, and all about 'the look', and not about the substance to begin with. You Know. like So Totally Eighties...
For those who forget the hair product phase of american kultural kollapse.... feel lucky.

On re-winning the Cold War

Volks, let us start with a brief reality check here. yes, for many of my godless america bashing liberal friends, and their ProWarWeenie bed fellows, the cold war majikally ended with the fall of the berlin wall on november 9th, 1989. Rather than with the removal of the Group Of Soviet Forces In Germany in 1994...

So we have a little time to worry about what should have happened. And was it all really Bill Klinton's Evil Liberal Fault that things so clearly went so terribly wrong.

As some will recall, all of the psuedo war fighting thingies of the Klinton era were all about 'wagging the dog' and not really like congress had made him the war president after the first attack on the world trade center, and all of the other parts of the asymetric warfare scenario's that made up the time when most americans were unwilling to be engaged in the discourse about when is the problem a matter of 'law enforcement' and when should it be handed over to the death squads so that the civilians are not bothered with the stickey bits.

One of my evil liberal friends so elegantly listed the great reasons for having the privatization of the 'intelligence comunity' - since we let the government pay all of the up front costs to send the troops through all of the basic and advanced military training - and then let the private sector reap the profits.

Since a private corporation will not be liable to workman's comp for any on the job problems. Nor will they have to pay into things like a benifits programme, or the VA....

So we see the first round of the great victory of the final stages.... Socialize the Costs, and Privatize the Profits, and Screw the Working Stiff....

Who knows, we may want to work out if that is really what the republic has been all about? Making disposable baby killers, because the ProWarWheenies have better things to do than show up and be constructively engaged in war winning...

Ah yes... Why not simply shut it all down, and we can then see who will show up to defend america if the militia is called out.... For our slow reader, try to remember why the NRA came into existence to begin with. Try also to wonder why it is we do not have the National Mortar Association and the National Anti-Tank Association, and the.... could it be that the NRA has strayed from it's core mission, because, well that too has become politically inconvenient???

So why not go back and rework out what should have been the wave of the future....

More Total Military Victory In The Housing Market

Keeping with our patriotic theme, that Military First, Foremost, and Always, since this adds the special sauce of the CICneff to the WarPresident, and not merely a civilian president, let's get freaky on the housing Market:
As I've noted before, I believe this gap was caused by distressed sales - in many areas home builders cannot compete with REO sales, and this has pushed down new home sales while keeping existing home sales activity elevated.

Over time, as we slowly work through the distressed inventory of existing homes, I expect existing home sales to fall further - See Existing Home Sales: Turnover Rate - and eventually for the distressing gap to close.

[ cf New Home Sales: The Distressing Gap ]
Well, there it is....

More Great Military Victories!!! And as the Forces of Truth, Justice And The American Way keep on marching towards total victory, who knows what the value of homes will become.... and then we will get to see the marvelous victory of the financial sector as it has to deal with the economic reality that their BigBagOhPooh (BBOP) is not marketable at market rates....

Hey boys and NonPerkins, what if we had a National Military Victory Against BBOP that would be allowed to use Privatized Military Forces to Defeat The Holders Of Pooh!!! Why then the Pooh would be gone, and all that would remain was Mission Accomplished Disco Dancing and the RINO Rave Dancers!!!!

HappiNeff would rain from the sky, and all would be happy at Total Victory in the Financial Sector....

{ ok, so there is the fun that the sunnyvale downtown project is pending a re-fi, as there is no money lendable for the completion of the project, so.... TOTAL MILITARY VICTORY!!!! }

What? The Torture Gag is a Cover For Bad Economics?

There's even been speculation that he's been nobly trying to protect the little guys unlike the traitors of the Reagan administration who let them hang out to dry.
I can't say that I'm surprised that he would be out there justifying the torture regime. It looks so bad, and he's so closely associated with it, that anyone would want to publicly explain. But this is something different. It's true that Cheney was the guy who said "Reagan proved deficits don't matter --- this is our due," so his bona fides on the economic front are less than stellar. But nobody holds him personally responsible for the bail outs. And yet yet now he finds it necessary to tell everyone that he was against the GM bailout and basically throw Junior over the cliff?

[ cf Fourthbranching Out ]
So why did DearOldDick allow the Klintonesta to bail out GM back in 2008?

Especially since, as we all know, deficits do not matter, it was not like....

Hold it, if that were true, then bailing out GM would have been ok, but.....


It hurts so good....

they are liberal how?

In Beltway world, the Brookings Institution is a "liberal" think tank. When it comes to foreign policy and civil liberties, these are three of its most consequential contributions over the last several years: (1) the invasion and ongoing occupation of Iraq, in the form of Ken Pollack and Michael O'Hanlon (working in tandem, as usual, with the ultra-neoconservative American Enterprise Institute); (2) unquestioning devotion to Israel's right-wing policies, in the form of major funder Haim Saban ("I'm a one-issue guy and my issue is Israel . . . . On the issues of security and terrorism I am a total hawk"); and (3) indefinite, preventive detention with no charges or trial in the form Benjamin Wittes (with his close associate, Bush OLC lawyer Jack Goldsmith), who also serves at the right-wing Hoover Institution and writes for The Weekly Standard. Only in Washington would such a group be deemed anything other than extremist.

Such is the preening conceit of Brookings that they bequeath their website with an ".edu" suffix. That's because these are not mere political advocates. They are "scholars." Just ask them and they'll tell you that themselves (even if their backgrounds (.pdf) don't exactly support such lofty claims).

[ cf Should a Brookings "expert" know what the presidential oath says? ]
Well, that goes to explain why actual conservatives hate these Radical Hard Leftist WingNuts....

Why is it that wingNut liberals forget that the pledge is to preserve, protect, and defend the United States Constitution - it is not about protecting whining snivelling liberal weasels like the Gnewtster and the rest of the fear mongering klique of wankers who believe that only the Massive Great Leader can protect them....

Oh dear - what if the executive did not have some majikal extra-constitutional right to be El Supremo, let alone El Nebuloso!!!

What if just because some moistened bint lobbed a scimitar were not in itself a sufficiency for Being The Grand Supreme Executive!
strange women lyin' in ponds distributin' swords is no basis for a system of government. Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony.
( cf Quotes
But enough before the liberals start whining about how they are being repressed, and the violence inherent in the system....

medicaire v. VA

Medicare and the VA - clearly Krugman did not get the Memo that the VA is a complete failure, because there was never any way to be able to plan or know about war time stuff happening in a time of transferring the tax liabilities unto the unborn future person UBU! Besides,
The most important thing in a time of war
is Tax Cuts!!!
-- Tom "What choice can there be?" DeLay
Since closing down medicaire and the VA will help support the core values of tax cuts to prevent the terrorists from rebranding....

More Reasons Why The Evil Wicked nanciiPelosii Must resign...

The average family with health insurance in 2008 paid a "hidden health tax" of $1,017 to cover the health-care costs of the uninsured, according to a report released Thursday by advocacy group Families USA.

The report by the group, which promotes universal health insurance, found that a total of $42.7 billion in care for those without insurance was passed on to health insurers. The insurers, in turn, passed on the costs through higher premiums, the report said.

The report comes as Congress debates proposals to provide health-insurance coverage to all Americans -- a key part of President Barack Obama's legislative agenda. The report uses data primarily from consulting firm Milliman Inc.

[ cf Group Tallies Families' 'Hidden Health Tax' ]

Now the Godless America Haters are Outsourcing the taxing of americans to the private sectors!!!!

What next!!! They Will Nationalize the nationalization of privatization!!!!

Can there be any doubt that the trillions and trillions of dollars that will be needed to fund the thingusOfPooh, and winning against TerrorieyThingies, can only come by Privatizing the Naionalizing of the nationalization of privatization as a means to deregulate the reregulation of regulatory services!!!

Or Gays Will Be GAY!!!!

Thus nanciiPelosii is BAD, and a girl, and ikky yukky poohpers!!!!

{ ok, so maybe taking a break from technical discussions of isogamy has caused some side effects.... But I blame it on scimitar lobbing watery bints.... oh yes, we did that under the anisogamy break, and so it is clear that the reason that sexual reproduction was brought about was because of the Scary Influence of Red Hollywood... yeah, that's the correct interpretation of that science thingie.... }

well file that under the 'it makes sense given the zeitgeist'

Clark Rockefeller's meticulous scheme to kidnap his 7-year-old daughter required months of painstaking planning. He bought a home in Baltimore under the fake identity of a Peruvian ship captain, hid his $800,000 divorce settlement in gold coins, lined up three getaway vehicles, and told tall tales to get unwitting accomplices involved in the effort, one of whom thought he was driving Rockefeller that Sunday to Newport, R.I., to go sailing with the son of Senator Chafee.
Instead, he told the jury that they will hear testimony from two mental health experts that Rockefeller suffered from a "such fundamental mental illness" that his increasingly grandiose lies sealed him off from his own memories.

[ cf Defense: Rockefeller lived in 'magical, insane world' (emphasis mine)]
Hello. Many people are in the 21st century, and we have all been living in a magically insane world...

Oh there's the problem, this rockerfeller was not pimping his majikal insanity as national security.

Well OFF with His Head!!!!

Only the RedQueen can do those sorts of things....

No, sorry, the fourth branch of the government does not expressly do drag, except when it is going over the top with it's whole MarxianistNationalSocialism...

Unquestioned Proof that nanciiPelosii Must Resign

Unfortunately, god hating america bashing dr_strych9why the '-' in that title is a minus, given his hatred of the guacamole in

Shorter Ariel Rabkin: the dirty wogs are coming to kill us all in our beds... and make us learn how to type ϕβκ.com into our browser windows. God help us if Barack Hussein Obama sin Laden Malcolm X cuts loose the ICANN from the Commerce Department, because the next thing you hear will be truncheons and jackboots on the street outside your house. WOLVERINES!!!!1!

Shorter S9: the only privilege the U.S. government enjoys in governing the Internet anymore is to write a check every year to Verisign and ICANN; Verisign doesn't even notice the money, and ICANN hardly needs any. This is not a privilege worth defending, much less paying cold hard cash to retain.

[ cf s9: The Weakly Standard: Persistently Wrong About EVERYTHING ]
Once again, one of those Evil America bashing god hater who got his job because of the NationalSocialistMarxianistPhallangistIslamoCryptoZionist Cliques is upset because a patriotic american defends our god given right to rule the Universe Under The Leadership of Ming The Merceless....

or was that merdeless for the french readers?

What can I say, I find it a tragedy that we live in an age where folks are out of work, and the wankers in the evil liberal media are getting paid to write Ideologically Demented Drek, when there are perfectly Great Crank RockStars standing by in the wings to be totally Ideologically Incoherent for half the price!!!

I guess it is a fun life now that the rational types who formerly were employed making real technology really work are getting to watch that technology being nationalized by idiots who have no idea what it is to make a technology work.

Thus proving that nanciiPelosi is WRONG and must resign.

Intel, Turf Wars, nanciiPelosii Must Resign

"The nation's two intelligence chiefs are locked in a turf battle over overseas posts, forcing National Security Adviser James L. Jones to mediate, according to current and former government officials," the AP's Pamela Hess reports. "The jockeying between CIA Director Leon Panetta and National Intelligence Director Dennis Blair centers on Blair's effort to choose his own representatives at U.S. embassies instead of relying only on CIA station chiefs."
Meanwhile, President Obama plans to merge the staffs of the Homeland Security Council and the National Security Council to speed up and unify security policymaking inside the White House, according to The Post's Spencer S. Hsu.

"The White House also will add new offices for cybersecurity, for terrorism involving weapons of mass destruction, and for 'resilience' -- a national security directorate aimed at preparedness and response for a domestic WMD attack, pandemic or natural catastrophe, officials said."
"The approach effectively reverses a mainstay of the Bush administration's war on terrorism, in which global counter-terrorism was treated primarily as an intelligence and military problem, not a law enforcement one. That policy led to the establishment of the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba; harsh interrogations; and detentions without trials."

[ cf Eye Opener: Intelligence Turf War ]
Hum... put our thinking cap on here...

So you are making some fat bank recycling Fox News Media Agenda Moments as intelligence products, and some one comes along and threatens to upset the apple cart....

You gonna give it up and go back into the private sector?

And do what? Pimp Hedge Funds?

Deregulate The national security comedy specials!!!

God I hate the MarxianistNationalSocialistsWelfareStatist and their Nationalization of comedy:
Former New York police commissioner Bernard Kerik, the man former President George W. Bush wanted to head Homeland Security, now faces charges of lying about taking bribes from contractors who rennovated his New York apartment while serving as the Big Apple's top cop.

A federal grand jury indicted Kerik for making false statements about his relationships with the contractors during the vetting process for the Homeland Security job.

[ cf Former Bush Homeland Security pick indicted ]
WE MUST have a constitutional ammendment that criminalize the creation of comedy on the tax payer's nickle!!!

You know, for reasons of state!!!