May 22nd, 2009


South Carolina and Oregon Beat Out Godless California?

Look at the image at map of job losses I mean, hello!!!!

We can understand Michigan and Ohio - the former is a communist regime crushing freedom, and when Ohio failed to Support the President to Support the Troops in 2008, there can be no doubt that GOD IS PUNISHING THE UNBELIEVERS.

But Oregon, one of the great hot beds of true going Galt all the way!!!

And South Carolina? Why have the NationalSocialistMarxinistIslamoCryptoZionists persecuted them?

Dudes, Rhode Island, well, think about it, they just deserve to be punished for being unbelievers....

speaking of supply and demand....

Is the $61 a barrel for oil really based upon mere supply side economics????

Or is there some ground for arresting War Profiteers?

{ would this be a bad time to talk about what could be called an interesting co-incidence that Oil Spiked, and the economy took a down turn.... }

ok, so maybe I need to become a Taibbi fan

Following the Republican Party of late has been a movingly depressing experience, sort of like watching Old Yeller die — if Old Yeller were a worm-infested feral bitch who spent the past eight years biting children at bus stops and shitting in neighborhood swimming pools. As a useful force in American politics, the Republicans have been dead for a while now. But in the seven months since Sarah Palin's nomination, they have taken on an intriguing new role: providing much-needed comic relief during dark times, serving as the unofficial rodeo clowns of the Financial Crisis Era.
[ cf The Class Clowns ( emphasis mine ) ]
But I still think that it is bad jiu-jiu to use Class Clown in any other context than holy idolatr for George Carlin.

I mean, kids these days...