May 19th, 2009


which is the status quo ante?

As you might imagine, i was not at all, ultimately, surprised that in KarlRoverianLeapOfFaithLand, the presumption that "Nancy Pelosi is an accessory to the crime of torture" works. It is about reframing both the debate and the reality space.

It is not as if there were not Anti-Americans such as McCain who were leading the charge with efforts to stab our troops in the back by mandating that congress held that torture was actually illegal in american law. A lovely piece of kabuki theatre. Since too many americans have no moral qualm that when it is done by 'the enemy', as in the case of Texas Law Enforcement under the Reagan Administration, and their HanoiFriends, torture is still just torture.

IF one starts from that premise - then Torture is undefendable, and it is the status quo ante. Thus it would be up to the radicals to show that there were some clear and compelling reason to overturn the actual american history that we as americans do not support torture. That our Founding fathers included all of those safe guards in the bill of right to keep the radical left wingers from engaging in state sponsored terrorism!

But that way of course would mean retreating to the failed pre-911 culture where there was some form of distinction between A and 'Not A' that still mattered.

But let us look at another part of the problem here.

All of this presumes that the CIA was unequivocally clear that it had opted to engage in war crimes. A point that is not at all in evidence. If there is any greater central problem with Panetta's Non-Denail-Flatulation that it is up to congress to resolve IF they are lying, then it is that currently the CIA is unable to tell if they even KNEW the truth. Let alone if they had at any time been near such a thing if it were to have existed.

We are therefore left to resolve IF Panetta when he says that the CIA does not lie to Congress, if this too is within the scope of assertions that congress must vet by some as yet unstated means.

Thus we are again visiting the question of
Which IS the Status Quo Ante?
since this will help us resolve where the onus of proof resides.

The presumption that karl rove and friends are making is that there is no doubt in their mind that the CIA briefed congress openly and truthfully that they were engaged in war crimes. That this was the policy of the executive, under the much vaunted Unitary Executive Principle and that this was all well know inside of the party, based upon the established policies of the Party and it's loyalty to the Leader under the leadership principle.

Never mind the dirty stinking hippie draft dodger McCain who was stabbing the troops in the back by trying to legislate that torture was still criminal under american law. Since such persons are not True Party Memebers.

IF that is the case, then clearly all of those who are defending the 'clearly stated policy' of the regime to embark upon War Crimes, have the glorious first position that they had so clearly overcome any previous policy, and established that the status quo ante was in fact that the United States Of America advocates and actualizes a policy of war crimes.

Thus they hold the 'status quo ante' and anyone who seeks to challenge it, has the obligation to bear the onus of proof in any argument to overcome the 'status quo ante'.

The problem of course is that IF this is True, then Karl is admitting, but would not want to be held accountable for, that which he is Projecting onto others! That he is personally engaged in the process of not only advocating war crimes, but having engaged in the creation of such war crimes.

The alternative of course is equally simple and clear.

The CIA tried desperately to not openly assert that they were engaged in war crimes. This lead to the various linguistic subtrefuges. We can play the semantic games about 'enhanced and empowered and enabled interrogation methods', and all will be able to say,
But that did not say torture!
Thus it is once we say that foo is an
enhanced and empowered and enabled interrogation method
that we have so clearly called
Ally Ally In Come Free!
and thus you can not persecute us!
For We BELIEVED in Great Leader, until we did not
Yeah, right...

In the unpleasant head space of the Psuedo-Cons, who were all about defeating RINO, until they decided that they had always been conservatives before they had been Republicans. It is really easy to hear all of the super secret code words - because that was so well defined as the way that things were communicated. Thus when they heard the code word for torture, what ever it was, they DID in fact hear that the CIA had briefed congress that it was in fact engaged in war crimes.

So for Psuedo Cons, that point is without dispute. Since the CIA PAO used the special words! Thus clearly congress was briefed.

But notice where that puts us.

It puts us where we are sooooo past the land of plain spoken men, speaking honestly.

But it also means that those who are pointing fingers are merely in a negotiation phase. They want to be able to be the star witness! They WANT to be indemnified by who ever is in power, so as to retain their standing as the folks who were not really convicted of any of the things that happened.

Since, they really had no convictions to begin with. They were merely seeking to be indemnified by who ever was in power!

That painfully is the real status quo ante here. That as a nation, we have arrived at the unpleasant space where there is no need to have 'true XOR false', since it is all morally relative! And that is the morality of who has the power. Karl Rove and friends are projecting because they need to have everyone understand that it really was not their fault!

Or the more comical gambit in these times of Going Galt, that they are in some majikal way attempting to establish that they have always been the valiant french resistance fighting against the Nazi Butchers like Nancy Pelosi who...

The alternative is that we step back, and ask a series of basic and simple questions.

Have americans abandoned the rule of law, merely because they are the sort of scardy cats who run in fear?

Has the status quo ante really changed? Do those who seek to assert the rule of law in america find that they are obliged to overcome the burden of proof about the need for the rule of law in america?

Has the status quo ante really changed with regards to war crimes? Do those who wish to restore as a part of the restoration of the rule of law in america, the laws of land warfare, as embodied in the FM-27 series publications have so clearly stated for over fifty years NOW!

Or are we in the worser of all spaces, where the convictions of american armed forces personnel in american Military Courts the TRUE stab in the back! Because they are convictions for 'crimes' which Karl Rove and friends are now say were no longer crimes! Because the CIA had brief them in as acceptable practices.

It really gets that Simple In The Dark.

Fuggly Thot Space....

Hey kids, what if the real reason that rove and friends are coming forward openly supporting their religious belief that america has always been a war crime committing kinda place.

Could it be that they do not have the votes to stop the IslamoCryptoZionist Obamanation that we will wind up on an air quality standard, nationally, that will be at least as gooder as in the state of California - thus ending the big three's need to spend so much money litigating against itself, so as to be able to build cars to the two standards...

Or should we be talking about how the NationalSocialistMarxianistKommunistZionist attack on the free mareket by brokering work arounds for GM and Chrysler, is so clearly just more of the same old failed COMMUNIST ASSAULT on the free trade in free markets, that comes from the jack booted excess regulation of the markets....

Or should we be visiting the discussions about how some of the bushies in the SEC are facing 'insider trading' litigation, because they have been caught out engaged in the very crimes which the so called deregulation of the financial center would so calledly allow, if we opted to stop prosecuting crimes, because the nation was no longer a nation of laws, as the CIA so clearly briefed congress....

Ok, so maybe it was not the SEC's fault that their players became players. Since it was not like they had any real jobs to be doing for the SEC under the post-law phase of the country....

Ah yes....

What if it is time for the Psuedo Cons to pick up all of their brown acid, put away their tie died shirts, and cope with the fact that Abbie Hoffman, like Gerry Garcia, are really the True Greatful Dead, and they are not going to come back and take the psuedo cons up into the clouds in a great big rapture....

well, there, that solves that.

It is only un-American to criticize a Republican President. In fact, it is your patriotic duty to criticize a Democrat Socialist President like Barack Hitler Hussein Lenin X Stalin Obama who threatened to invade the United Kingdom unless they banned Michael Savage, who plans on sending investors to concentration camps and who is going to rename our country the United Socialist States of America.
[ cf And Now A Word From Benjamin Shapiro Legal Consulting ]
don't YOU feel better now?

More Reasons That Pelosi MUST resign

Obsidian Wings: Quote of the Day: Satan's Editors edition:
We’ve got what amounts to a reverse Nuremberg defense, where Bush administration officials are let off the hook because they were only giving orders. I’m not sure that’s such a great idea.
The Editors wins round two of The Internet. That is, until his plagiarism of Maureen Dowd surfaces, and the blogger ethics panel strips him of his blogofascist credentials.
[ cf Bush Administration Officials Let Off the Hook Because They Were Only Giving Orders... ]
Thus, since the GOD Hating America Bashing Nancy Pelosi was not the one giving the orders, it is clear that she must step down for the Crime of Not Going Galt Enough!!!!

More Reasons That Pelosi MUST resign

Obsidian Wings: Quote of the Day: Satan's Editors edition:
We’ve got what amounts to a reverse Nuremberg defense, where Bush administration officials are let off the hook because they were only giving orders. I’m not sure that’s such a great idea.
The Editors wins round two of The Internet. That is, until his plagiarism of Maureen Dowd surfaces, and the blogger ethics panel strips him of his blogofascist credentials.
[ cf Bush Administration Officials Let Off the Hook Because They Were Only Giving Orders... ]
Thus, since the GOD Hating America Bashing Nancy Pelosi was not the one giving the orders, it is clear that she must step down for the Crime of Not Going Galt Enough!!!!

Thank GOD we have RoboBushCheneyParis!!!!
they shiney!
and fashionably fashionable!

And are not the New NixonStien created from the stitched together remnants of Rove, Gnewtster, Rush, DeLay, HanoiAnnieCoulter, and....

I say we hand pelosi over to the war crimes tribunal

A good article GOP's Torture Tricks Backfire.

The allegation here is that the NixonStein echo chamber is hoping to negotiate some sort of stand off, where some how we are suppose to all, as a nation opt out of holding anyone responsible, especially if all they were doing was giving orders....

But hey, I'm no democrat! I say we toss Pelosi to the war crimes tribunal and see what comes of the inquisition.

Why We Must Torture More UnAmericans

I've been wondering why the Chinese haven't dropped the dollar peg yet, and Andy Xie has now helpfully come along to explain to me what's going on. Short summary: the Chinese are rather hoping they can do it gradually so as to limit the pain of moving everybody practically overnight into the renminbi as the reserve currency to replace the dollar. One hopes that the coming secondary wave of foreclosures and mortgage crisis in the U.S. won't force them to accelerate their reforms, because if the Chinese lose faith in the dollar too quickly, especially if the U.S. is too paralyzed in stagflation to be able to leverage its currency collapse into an opportunity to move its productivity into exports, then it's going to be pretty painful around here.
[ cf s9: So THAT'S Why It Went Down That Way! ]

I think that this clearly explains why Nancy Pelosi started this whole horrible torture crisis.

Thus proving that Nancy Pelosi MUST stand down, and we must continue to support the war winning ways against china, before they do the same horrible thing that Hugo sadamm hussain chavez obamma did on 9/11.

There is NOTHING to see here but the need for More Glorious Military Mission Accomplished Victory Dinner Dances as our troops continue to win against the Horrors of the liberals of wall street!!!

There are at least 57 Known Communist In Congress

Oh the plot thickens
Obey joins Sen. Jay Rockefeller, former senator Bob Graham, and of course Pelosi herself in pointing to inaccuracies in the CIA document.

And, though most of the media was fooled by last week's statement, Panetta himself isn't guaranteeing that the document is accurate.

[ cf Another Lawmaker Points To An Error In CIA Briefings Doc ]
Is it just me, or is there a growing need to retire both the alleged 'intelligence community' and the so called 'media'.

For those who missed the Graham whine:
Graham denied being told about EITs, and argued that the presence of two staff members at the meeting (as indicated in the records) would have made it "highly unusual" for the briefers to divulge such sensitive info. "I don't recall having had one of those kinds of briefings with staff present," he said. "That would defeat the purpose of keeping a tight hold" on the info.
[ cf Bob Graham: I Don't Recall Being Briefed On Waterboarding ]

What if there were actually rules about how the CIA is allowed to do classified briefings...

Would this be a bad time to remind the draft dodging dope smoking dirty stinking hippies like Rove and friends, that in actual intelligence operations, and not merely hack job dirty trickstering, there are real live rules, because in the actual big boys big game, people get actually DEAD.

You know, the type of DEAD that is not a prank about credentialing people to the appropriate committees.

What if the Cheney Doctrine Is still the Bush Doctrine?

The idea [of the Bush Doctrine] was that the US had the right to attack and invade other countries and change their governments because we thought they, or their proxies, or just a splinter-group of their citizens, might possibly be a threat to our citizens in the future. And if you explore that idea to it's logical conclusion you would have to agree that accepting the Bush Doctrine means you agree that the US can kill large numbers of innocent civilians in these countries, and wound and dislocate many many more. We can do this to people who never did us any harm, because our current leaders want to protect us from what their future leaders might do at some unspecified future date. Just collateral damage, don't you know.

Well, since we've built our logical case to this point, let's follow it to it's ineluctable conclusion: If that's all OK on a government to government level, it must be OK on a personal level too. And there it is: Cheney's torture policy is just the Bush Doctrine for individuals. The (evil) genius of it is that he's found a way to indefinitely extend the ticking time-bomb scenario. If we can invade other countries and kill and maim their citizens because of something their leaders might do, then surely we can do the same to individuals who may not know of any time-bombs currently ticking, but who might know of someone else who might start a bomb ticking at some future date.

[ cf The Bush Doctrine Of Torture ]
There is a core fundamental problem here.

Unless we can buy into the theory that DearOldDick is the fourth branch of government. We must arrive as the simpler answer, namely that DearOldDick is merely espousing the same old Bush Doctrine.

Proving that it in fact scales.

Rather than that there is some sort of majikal distinction that needs to be made between the policies of the President. Remember boys and nonPerkin, these are the folks who brought you the Unitary Executive Principle.

More reasons nanci Pelosii must Stand Down...

The Senate voted overwhelmingly on Tuesday to put new restrictions on the credit card industry, passing a bill whose backers say will make card-issuers spell out their terms in fewer words, using plain English, and treat customers more fairly.
[ cf Senate Passes Bill to Restrict Credit-Card Practices ]
Can there be any doubt but that this is must more of the same Liberal Code Word that means that Nanci Pelosii was a War Criminal who illegally sent american troops into IranqiStani to restore the wetlands on the Radical Extremists EcoTerrorism of their Liberal TreeHuggerInChief?

How else could these MarxianistNationalSocialistIslamoCryptoZionism be imposed upon a peace loving people?

But what about the Mortars?

God if there has been ever a More CLEARER sign that GodHatingAmericaBashing Nanci Pelosii Must Stand Down, it is the BRUTAL REPRESSION OF INNOCENT AMERICANS
The bill includes an unrelated measure that would allow people to carry concealed weapons into national parks.
[ cf Senate OKs credit card curbs ]
Well, there you have it!!!

The GunGrabbing God haters have stuffed a provision into the Credit Card Bill to allow concealed gun carry! But they are STILL SUPPRESSING THE FREEDOM to have mortars to secure one's perimiter from the ZombieVoodooDustBunniesOfDespair!!!

What more clear and compelling proof that Nancii Pelosii is a Girl!

{ do you think it balanced the right level of hysteria there? }

Evil Nancii Pelosii CRUSHES FREEDOM in Commerical RealEstate

In the Continuing HORROR of the MarxianistNationalSocialistIslamoCryptoZionism:
The Federal Reserve said today that it will expand a key lending program to support existing commercial real estate loans, broadening the central bank's rescue of the financial system to deal directly with some of the assets weighing down banks.

Starting in July, investors participating in the "Term Asset Backed Securities Loan Facility" will be able to purchase existing securities backed by loans for apartment complexes, office buildings, retail shopping centers and other commercial property. There are currently few buyers or sellers for these assets, called commercial mortgage-backed securities, even those that are generally regarded as safe investments.

[ cf Federal Reserve to Widen Commercial Real Estate Lending Program ]

Clearly ONE MORE CASE of why the jimmy carter residential crush freedom act is causing the nationalization of the commerical real estate, because the banks were forced to make risky loans to unqualified home owners!

When they start nationalizing commercial properties can the Gay HomoZeXual Marriage Agendanista be far behind?

Thus nancii Pelosii must confess to all of her Evil Wicked Whiley Wanton Ways.

Spot the What? ( Or even MORE proof that Nancii Pelosii Must Resign)

The Republican Party leader, who has struggled in his early months in power, declared an end on Tuesday to the party's search for answers to its problems and took aim at President Barack Obama.

"The honeymoon is over," said Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele. "We are going to challenge those policies that we believe are wrong, and we are going to do so without apology and without a second thought."

"The era of Republican navel-gazing is over," said Steele, who was elected in January to lead the party. "We have turned the corner on regret, recrimination, self-pity and self-doubt."

"This popular politician is spending America into debt of such mammoth proportions that none of us can even begin to calculate it or really understand it," he said. "The numbers are so big that they seem impossible."
"While the chairman talks of moving forward, the very convention he's addressing will not focus on coming up with new ideas to create jobs and setting right what the party got wrong over the last eight years, but instead will revolve around name calling and the petty politics of the past," he said.

[ cf Republican Party leader takes on Obama ]

Was the GodlessEvilLiberalMediaSpawnOfSatan confused? I thot that there was some way to tell when they were shooting at nancii pelosii, and when they were getting uppity about the Uppity One...

But THANK GOD we are not going to have to worry about Ideas, now that we know that we have always been at war with the CIC in a time of transferring the tax liabilities unto the Future Normal UBU!

Now More Than EVER Nancii Pelosii has MORE explaning to do!

A Somali teenager accused of holding hostage a U.S. ship captain in the Indian Ocean after an attempted hijacking was indicted on Tuesday on ten counts, including piracy and kidnapping, prosecutors said.

Abduwali Abdukhadir Muse, the sole surviving accused pirate from the foiled bid to hijack huge U.S. container ship the Maersk Alabama last month, will be arraigned at U.S. District Court in Manhattan on Thursday.

According to the indictment, Muse "threatened the captain of the ship with a firearm" and then, using a radio to communicate with U.S. representatives, "threatened to kill the captain unless his demands were satisfied."

[ cf Accused Somali pirate indicted in New York court ]
But what about the special super sekret trial mechanisms in GitMo!

How can any american sleep safely knowing that mere CIVILIANS are taking this Clear And Compelling Manifestation of the Horrors of Hugo Barack Saddam Hussening Chavez MexiCanukianist Zombie Pirate Voodoo Gay HomoZeXual Capital Gains Taxer to Mere Civilian COURT!!! And that in a time of Transferring our Tax Liability onto the Future Newer And More Imporveder UBU of the Future UBU!!!

What if the the IranqiStanian Flying Saucers Return simply becuase Nancii Pelosii was always torturing people until she was not, and we failed to torture this Spawn of Satan to learn how to stop the attacks that would have occurred last year if we hadn't tortured him Today....

{ I just want folks to understand that single most import part of the process is focussing on the ISSUES, and that without any regard to thot what so ever! It is time to take aim at the UppityOne, or WhatIsHerName, because we need to get people to understand that national security issues are Important, and the time of naval gazing with Somali Pirates is over!!! }