May 18th, 2009


This pelosi problem

I am not at all sure that I get what this tempest in the teapot is all about?

Do folks really believe that the CIA, and let us be honest, anyone in the whole 'Intelligence directorate', which, as we all know, under the Unitary Executive Principle, means anyone who believes that they are acting on the orders of the WarPresident, whether real or imaginary, should be obliged to tell Congress that they are currently engaged in war crimes?

So what is wrong with what Pelosi has said?

If the CIA was following the orders of John Yoo and friends, as the Obama Administration is allowing that they were allowed to do, then the CIA need not report to congress that they have opted in for a series of useless war crimes for strictly domestic consumption.

OR is the argument suppose to be constructed that the CIA briefed congress that they were engaged in War Crimes but that the fig leaf of the John Yoo and friends was a sufficiency of cover as to allow them to do so....

OR is the real problem here that we have to finally deal with the reality that the CIA was no longer in the loop at the time it was reporting to congress.

At which point we can get back to the other fun here - would Pelosi showing what the CIA said, in what is alleged to be a classified briefing, be merely one more case of 'exposing means and methods' - in the same sense that the US Laws against the Use of Torture, and the convictions won by the Reagan Administration with regards to water boarding, merely, uh.... Now how does that game play itself out...

I mean, wouldn't it be simpler for the GOP leadership to just step up to the plate, and demonstrate that they had been in the same meetings, and in fact that the CIA had established that they had engaged in war crimes, and were not at all worrying about the problems that leaking such war crimes to congress would mean.

Since, well, clearly if there were members of the GOP leadership who had been in such meetings, then clearly they have the actual evidence to show that Pelosi is lying....

Oh dear me.... Is that really the root cause problem here?

That the GOP leadership has forgotten what proof and provability means? That they are no longer able to bring forth evidence that will defend their position, and repudiate the falacies of our enemies in a time of war??? Or are they still torturing the right people to gain access to these proofs that the CIA had always been truthful about the commission of war crimes in a time of transferring the Tax Liabilities unto the Future Normal UBU!

What? Lying To The American People Is Bad???

"I think she has lied to the House, and... I think this is a big deal. I don't think the Speaker of the House can lie to the country on national security matters.”

"I think this is the most despicable, dishonest and vicious political effort I've seen in my lifetime."
( cf email:, subject: Update: Guess Who Else Demanded Pelosi Resignation )

So the idea here is that we are suppose to buy into the theory that persons, such as the Gnewtster, really believe that merely lying to the american people on matters of National Security is a sufficiency to resign.


DUDE, pass the bong, you are clearly TOO BAKED!!!

For our slow readers, what if the excuses about why torture was allowed was about lying to the american people about national security matters?

What if the excuses given for why we had to restore the wetlands in IranqiStania, were, well, lying to the american people about National Security matters.

Makes me wonder....

Can the GOP afford to keep radical left wing draft dodgers like the Gnewtster so obviously engaged in stabbing our troops in the back...

Now what is the correct implementation of Extra Constitutional Powers?

The Supreme Court rejected on Monday a lawsuit by a Pakistani man against a former U.S. attorney general and the FBI director claiming abuse while he was imprisoned in New York after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

By a 5-4 vote, the U.S. high court overturned a ruling that Javaid Iqbal, who was held more than a year after the attacks, could sue former Attorney General John Ashcroft and FBI Director Robert Mueller.

The decision appeared to be narrow, limited to the facts of the case, although it could be cited as precedent in other lawsuits.
Writing for the Supreme Court's conservative majority, Justice Anthony Kennedy said Iqbal's lawsuit failed to plead sufficient facts to state a claim for purposeful, unlawful discrimination.

Kennedy also ruled there was insufficient evidence that Ashcroft and Mueller had deprived Iqbal of his clearly established constitutional rights.
The U.S. government paid $300,000 to settle with Iqbal's co-plaintiff and fellow detainee Ehab Elmaghraby, an Egyptian. (Editing by Will Dunham)

[ cf Top US officials can't be sued for post-9/11 abuse ]

What if there are majikal powers?

So remember boys and nonPerkin, that while the Great Party Leaders are all in favor of sharing that they have various Extra Constitutional Powers that allow them to do various really cool things, especially in a time of transferring the Tax Liabilities unto the Unborn FutureNormal UBU, that the courts may still opt to convict the peons, and work hard on how best to protect members of the Special Extra Constitutional Powers Groupings.

Remember also, it would be class warfare if evil liberals advocated a class bases for opposing those in the Special Extra Constituttional Powers Group, but as a Group, acting under the Majikal Powers Act, they are not engaged in class warfare against the untermenschen who they throw under the bus...

Remember, the peasants are revolting by definition, so there is nothing wrong with throwing them under the bus, any bus, so as to prevent the peasants from catching up.... { it is an Extra Constitutional Power afforded to the select members of the cool kids crew }

{ ok, I had to put the whole Extra Constitutional Powers thing in play, as i am soooo looking forward to edxter v. alohamac in this dony brooke. }

More True Americans Support Free Trade Of Somalia Pirates!

Mr. Will’s analysis could be extended to the Somalian pirate problem.

Like ticket scalpers, the pirates are entrepreneurs who intercede themselves into the transfer of goods from producer to end user, charging a premium for allowing the transfer to continue. Furthermore, piracy thrives because the Somalian market is unregulated to a degree that Mr. Will no doubt can only envy.

There’s the little detail that piracy is illegal under international law, but that’s just another form of market regulation that should be removed.

So, following Mr. Will’s argument, the international community should deal with Somalian piracy by legalizing it, with the hope that the free market would punish greed and keep the ransoms from getting to high.

[ cf Shorter George Will ]
Well, there you are.

The clear and compelling proof that only the CommieNationalSocialistMarxianistPhascists would oppose the free trade in free markets!

Speaking of CrazyTalk

Will one of my GodHatingAmericaBashing Unbelievers work up an official working definition of Crazy Talk, since, well, uh, the one I thought I had seem to get broked.

How Truthier Must The Underlings Be To Congress?

We all know that Godless Democrats are Liars, so when we have Godless Democrat Penetta openly clarifying that he can not validate the alleged briefing reports, and openly recommends that it is the Congress's Job to solve which parts were truthier enough, we know that ONLY with the Majikal powers of a WarPresident can this be clarified as being truthier enough!
As Greg Sargent notes, this is far short of an unequivocal guarantee that the briefings document released last week is accurate. Instead, it appears to restate Panetta's earlier admission that the he can't vouch for the document's accuracy. Or put more directly, it's up to Congress to figure out whether our records are accurate or not.
[ cf Panetta: It's Up To Congress To Figure Out Whether Our Records Are Accurate ]
So clearly Pelosi must show that she has at any time been aware of what ever it is that she should have known to be able to know if she knew any of the stuff that she is alleged to have known, and if in saying that she is underclear about which parts of what stuff is both factual and historical....

Is it even truthier to say that we know that the documents alleged to have been released are actually the released documents, since, well, as we know, they were released under the Penetta regime, and he is not a part of the correct Unitary Executive Principle, since he works for a civilian president....

( cf CIA: We’re Right About Torture Briefings, But Please Don’t Take Our Word For It )

So when we are talking about the need for nancy to 'prove it', we could start with
As reported in the press, a cover letter from CIA Director Panetta accompanying the briefings memo released this week concedes that the descriptions provided by the CIA may not be accurate.
[ cf Pelosi Points To Panetta Letter Warning Descriptions Of Briefings May Be Inaccurate ]
and must wonder, did the alleged release of documents really contain any documentation?

If they do not represent a truthful representation to congress, then would that be a misrepresentation?

But if the Peneta regime is not willing to vet whether or not they are misrepresenting the CIA.... Then....

Oh, that's right, Nancy is a Girl!!!

More with The Extra Constitutionality Crisis

Agreed to rule on the constitutionality of the anti-fraud Sarbanes-Oxley law that grew out of accounting scandals at Enron Corp. and other companies.
Rejected a challenge to California's decade-old law permitting marijuana use for medical purposes.

[ cf Supreme Court actions on Monday ]
FINALLY someone will look into the HORROR of allowing radical Hard Leftist Defeatist Rumour Mongering Jack Booted Iron Fisters of Excess Governmental Regulation like DearOldDick, and their Stab our troops in the Back, hatred of the free market....

So SMOKE IT you dirty stinking hippies....

The Shirley Temple Soft on International Terrorism of the Radical Judicial Activist Legislating from the bench have continued their Stab Our Troops In The Back HORRORS!!!

Is the formerly CIA now the fifth element?

I know that around you cheese eating surrender monkies, whining about how suddenly the formerly known as the CIA is now being run in such a way in which their alleged head hippie is no longer willing to vet that he has ever known if there was any information to be found about what was ever done in the CIA.

But has not yet been willing to invoke the Fifth Element argument that the formerly known as the CIA is no longer a part of the executive branch, and given that it has always moved much faster than DearOldDickCheney's mere Fourth Branch of government, and given as they have not officially gone to ludicrous speed, it must obviously follow that they are now more than ever the Fifth Element that forms the true triumvirate of the Supreme Executive Unitarian Force of the State!

some people may not be clear on the concepts.

When Liberty Tax Founder and CEO, John Hewitt was recently asked about the impact of the economic downturn on his company, he replied, “We refuse to take part in the recession...We will not participate.”
( email from )
It is so great to learn that some people live outside of the reality bubble....

So if you are still stuck in that failed pre-911 kultur....


oh, well that explains it all...

Konami apparently doesn’t agree. Dropping Six Days while still going forward with Saw: The Game is like punishing the kid in class who is asking adult questions while ignoring the kid who is killing the class hamster. Any suggestion that Konami is being high-minded is immediately undercut by releasing a torture porn game based on a series of movies that represent the very worst instincts of American entertainment.
[ cf 'Fallujah' game cancellation shows what's wrong with video game business ]
Well... there you have it.

More reasons why Nancy Pelosi MUST step down....

Clearly as the nation is dragged into the abyss of kids killing hamsters as entertainment, what more can we say about the horrors of Capital Gaines Taxes...

{ is this the part in the process, where my journalistic integrity mandates that i confess to playing StartCraft on a G4 running 0S9.2 or would that be toooo, well, you know, God Fearing All American Flag Waving Defense of Our God Blessed Traditional Family Values and none of this Soft on International IslamoCryptoZionism for me Wanker Dude!!! }