April 27th, 2009


Purge The Papist Spawn?

A former U.S. ambassador to the Vatican said Monday she won't accept the University of Notre Dame's top honor at commencement next month because of the Roman Catholic school's decision to have President Barack Obama speak to graduates.

Harvard University law professor and anti-abortion scholar Mary Ann Glendon said in a letter to the school president that giving Obama an honorary degree violates the U.S. bishops' 2004 statement that Catholic institutions shouldn't honor people whose actions conflict with the church's moral principles.

[ cf Ex-envoy rejects Notre Dame award over Obama flap ]

What if this were about dissing the commander in chief in a time of war while the troops were still in combat?

Would this be a clear and compelling enough argument to have a pogrom on papists...

You know, for National Security Reasons, from an undisclosed location.
Or The Terrorists Rebrand
We are talking about the freedom of our white christian america here volks....

Evil Liberal Media Stabs Troops In Back On Secret Space Alient Orders!

Fox stands alone as the only Big 4 network that will not rejigger its May sweeps programming to accommodate President Obama's Wednesday-night news conference — his fourth prime-time appearance since taking office, and this time pegged to his 100th day as POTUS.

"The Fox Broadcasting Company will not air the Presidential News Conference on Wednesday, April 29 at 8 pm/ET," Fox says in a statement to TVGuide.com.

[ cf Fox Won't Bump Sweeps Programming for Prime-Time Obama ]
They would do it for Randolf Scott....

Well... so, what is it one calls an evil liberal media organization who is openly disrespecting the commander in chief while the nation is 'at war', and the troops are still in the combat zone....

What if we asked Glenn Beck, or The other screaming Reavers....

God Hating Liberals Still Stuck In Failed TIME!!!

Ridiculous are my critics and proven are my claims, for the CIA officially says2 that a plot to fly an airliner into L.A.’s Library Tower3 was foiled through the waterboarding of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.4 Boo-yah!5
3 According to the Bush administration, this alleged plot was foiled in 2002.

4 Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was captured in Rawalpindi, Pakistan on March 1, 2003.
[ cf He Seems To Know That Speech Well Enough ]
But what IF we started torturing him like years before we said that we had captured him...

You know, like Jack Bauer would do, by rounding up the usual suspects, and, well just some folks, and start torturing them, until they told us which plots we had already prevented by pre-emptively torturing folks, before we say that we have detained them, so that folks will know that we are doing our part to prevent plots...

I mean, if it works on a Fox Chanel Show, then it has to be realish.