April 24th, 2009


The DOW over 8,000!!!!

Who has EVER seen such a Most Gloriously Victorious Victory of The Glorious Holy Warriors over the Evil Forces Of Godless Unamericanism of Wall Street!!!

All Americans MUST Thank GOD! For RoboBushCheneyParis!
They Shiney!
and fashionably fashionable!

And they put the Mission Accomplished Disco Duck Dance to Economics by More Staying The Course, and Surging The SurgeTasticalisms that can only be had By Drilling Here, Drilling Now and Profiting The Profitable!!!!!!

Anything less and the Terrorists Rebrand!

Communist ARMED AGGRESSION crushes freedom loving peoples!

The Federal Reserve took on more than $74 billion in subprime mortgages, depreciating commercial leases and other assets after Bear Stearns Cos. and American International Group Inc. collapsed.

In its biggest disclosure of the securities accepted to stabilize capital markets, the Fed said yesterday it had unrealized losses of $9.6 billion on the assets as of Dec. 31. The bonds, swaps and notes were taken in from Bear Stearns, once the fifth-biggest Wall Street firm by capitalization, and AIG, which had been the world’s largest insurer.

[ cf Bear, AIG Dumped $74 Billion in Subprime, CDOs on Fed (Update1) ]
Well... There you have it.

Those Freedom Hating Dirt Worshipping Tree Hugging America Bashers in The Obamnation Regime of CyrptoNeoPostoPreoFascistCommunistNationalSocialist Aggressors who hate our White Christian American way of life.


Thank GOD we have RoboBushCheneyParis!
They Shiney!
and fashionably Fashionable!

And They Support The Free Trade In Free Markets!

Nationalist Nationalizing Nationalism!

Faced with growing numbers of homeowners unable to make mortgage payments, Fannie decided to fund loans to borrowers that were instant losers.

The point was to buy time. Even though those loans resulted in a $453 million loss, they helped keep troubled homeowners from defaulting. That meant Fannie for now didn’t have to make good on loan guarantees that may have cost it as much as $2.4 billion.

The big game of kick the can strikes at a deep-seated fear among many investors -- that banks and others faced with mounting housing losses are finding all manner of dubious ways to push a day of reckoning into the future.
Known as the “HomeSaver Advance” plan, Fannie used the program to provide “foreclosure prevention assistance to distressed borrowers,” according to its 2008 securities filing.

[ cf Fannie Mae Creates Housing Mirage With Bum Loans: David Reilly ]
Well.... There it is.

More PROOF that the Kommunist PinkoRedBlueBlack Obamanination nationalizing faggot jingoistical thingus and stuff and pooh was Stabbing Our Troops in the Back to support their Radical hard Leftist Gay HomoZeXual Marriage agendanista...

Clearly what more do people need to know.

The Obama People ARE SATANISTS!!!

The Rapture Came and took the Good People. If you are still around reading this, you are an Obamanite!!!