April 23rd, 2009


Why Are The Radical Hard Left Christianists Attacking White Christian America

What has surprised me about the Christian media's response is a seemingly inconsistent sexual ethic at play: Celebrating Prejean as the lone voice for biblical convictions in a public square where it’s now bigoted to oppose same-sex marriage, while never questioning if a Christian woman like Prejean should be participating in the Miss USA pageant in the first place.

It doesn’t take much time on the official Miss USA website to see how much the competition is shaped by prurient interests. Unlike the rival Miss America competition, Miss USA doesn’t feature a talent category, where contestants play the piano, sing, or orate. No, the Donald Trump–owned Miss USA pageant only features evening gown, interview, and the ever-popular swimsuit category, in which contestants are judged on how “well-proportioned” their bodies are (i.e., bust and waist size) and how well they can strut in high heels on national television. Maybe some Christian women feel like the ministry opportunities that could come from winning far outweigh the troubling sexual implications of the swimsuit category. Maybe I’m naïve — maybe some Christians don’t see anything particularly troubling about a swimsuit competition. But I’m hard pressed to reconcile a swimsuit competition with Scripture’s wisdom about real self-worth and female beauty (Prov. 31:10–31, 1 Sam. 16:7, 1 Pet. 3:3, to name a few).

[ cf The Other Miss California Controversy
Carrie Prejean might have stood up for Christian sexual ethics by skipping the Miss USA pageant altogether.

Losing in the Miss USA pretend to be hetFest is not good forthe Radical Hard Left Christianists who are stabbing our GayRentBoyFauxNewsToyMarineCorp in the back!

Why it is just SHOCKING! That they are not willing to Support Donald Trump To Support The FreeMarketeers!!!

Why anything less and the Terrorists Rebrand!!!

Summary of the Game in Play.

The same people who were sent in to assisinate the CFO of Freddie WhichEver, and made it look like he had shot himself with a Rope! Have been shown to be the very same people who murdered the State Department people who were tampering with Obama's Passport Papers to make it look like Obama was actually an american, and not a resident space alien who lives on the fresh blood of christian babies.

More on this breaking news as it becomes available.

Are Obamanites Trying To Cover Up Reign Of Terror?

Accused Craigslist killer Philip Markoff reportedly tried to hang himself in his jail cell with shoelaces and was placed on suicide watch Thursday.
[ cf Suspected 'Craigslist killer' Philip Markoff tried to hang himself in jail cell, on suicide watch ]
Well, now that looks suspicious!

Were those Military Grade Shoelaces like the type used by various victims of assassination plots, Like Foster, whom Hitlary herself, and her hand picked RadFemiSurfNazi Assassine Ninjas snuffed with a fully automatic shoe lace, and that guy from the FreddyWhichEver? ( which of course the liberal media has misspoken shot himself with a Rope, when clearly he was offed with some sort of Bazooka shoe Lace! )

Could it be that Liberal Obamanites are not only Cheap, but that they, are very cleaver at how they kill of those who would otherwise testify against the reign of terror that floats across this land, like the plumes of acid rain, but on a shoe string budget, because, well, liberals are just cheap!

So BE VERY CAREFUL if anyone you meet is wearing shoe laces, THEY COULD BE ONE OF THEM!!!

Which debate gets messier.

Now that Bush administration officials have launched a major campaign to persuade us that torture “worked,” perhaps it’s worth recalling that George W. Bush’s own FBI director said in an interview last year that he wasn’t aware of a single planned terror attack on America that had been foiled by information obtained through torture.
[ cf Flashback: Bush’s FBI Director Said Torture Didn’t Foil Any Terror Plots ]
is confronted wtih
But it’s easy for the Cheney camp to muddy the waters and turn this into a matter of debate by citing unspecified classified info that supposedly supports the claim that it has saved lives — info that we’ll never see. Having the debate focused this way also lays the groundwork for the Cheney camp to say “I told you so” in the event of another terror attack.

One more time: Cheney and the Bushies have mounted a relentless campaign to shift this debate that shows no signs of abating. Whatever the downside of Cheney’s re-emergence for the GOP, it may be working. Where’s the push-back on this from the White House, or at least its allies in Congress and elsewhere?

[ cf Cheney Succeeding In Shifting Torture Debate? ]
This is clear and compelling proof!

More Americans should Thank GOD for RoboBushCheneyParis!
They Shiney!
and fashionably fashionable!!!

And they are still keeping us safe from THEM!

But you do not hear the Evil Liberal Media telling the truth about how much safer we still are!

They say that like it is a bad thing

Despite what you've seen on TV, torture is really only good at one thing: eliciting false confessions. Indeed, Bush-era torture techniques, we now know, were cold-bloodedly modeled after methods used by Chinese Communists to extract confessions from captured U.S. servicemen that they could then use for propaganda during the Korean War.
[ cf Torturing for Propaganda Purposes ( emphasis mine ) ]


I mean if one had respect for american military personnel who had suffered under the brutal onslught of Actual Real World Communist, then there might be an issue here.

If folks felt that there was some reason to be in some way different from Actual Real World Communists, then there might be an issue here.

But this is the world after the whole world changed on 09/11.....

So what is the problem here?

Everyone KNEW that Bushie and his friends were all a bunch of radical hard leftist dirt worshipping tree hugging liberals in lock step with their Peking Paymasters.....

So what is the problem???

How Long Can Ken Lewis Risk being near shoe laces?

If Ken Lewis is telling the truth -- and he'd be foolish to lie to New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo -- then Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson were more than concerned about the financial crisis. They were panicking.

Why else would the two most important administration officials presiding over the financial crisis play hardball backroom politics with Lewis, the chief executive of Bank of America Corp. ( BAC 8.79, +0.53, +6.4%) who had taken significant risk by acquiring Merrill Lynch & Co. last September?

Lewis testified that Paulson used threatening language to push through the deal, according to a letter released by Cuomo's office Thursday.

[ cf Bernanke and Paulson look foolish if Lewis is right
Commentary: B. of A. CEO describes power in a panic
Hum... Speaking of Unitary Executive Principle....

Doesn't this mean that Lewis is directly attacking the Commander In Chief in a Time of @War, or at least in a time of transferring the tax liabilities unto the Unborn Baby UBU...

And isn't that a good enough reason for him to wind up Shot by his own shoe laces?

Inner Konspirakii UnMasked.

Secret sources hiding out safely report that all of the suicides so far can be traced to
The Killer Shoe Lace Shooters From OuterSpace
Inside sources suggest you check to make sure no one around you have Military Grade Shoe Laces.

Or IF you suspect that you Know anyone who may have Shoe Laces FROM OUTERSPACE, that you report it to the correct wing of the DHS, and not to the filthy stinking hippies in the left wing of the DHS.

Are YOU doing YOUR part to Stop the Radical Hard Left?

WHEREAS, the American Heritage Dictionary defines socialism as a system of social organization in which the means of producing and distributing goods is owned by a centralized government that often plans and controls the economy; and

WHEREAS, the Democratic Party has outlined their plans to nationalize the banking, financial and healthcare industries; and
RESOLVED, that we the members of the Republican National Committee call on the Democratic Party to be truthful and honest with the American people by acknowledging that they have evolved from a party of tax and spend to a party of tax and nationalize and, therefore, should agree to rename themselves the Democrat Socialist Party.

[ cf Proposed RNC Resolution Recognizing the Democrats' March Towards Socialism ]
AND as many of us have noted about the TSA, which was made under the Unitary Executive Principle of The RedBlueBlackPinko Komrade SocialistNationalistCommunistFascistsNationalisingDirtWorshipingTreeHuggerInChiefIsms, there can be no doubt but that the GOD Hating America Bashing Liberals will not have to openly accept Dubya and Dear Old Dick, as their Glorious Party Comrades in the destruction of our White Christian America.