April 16th, 2009


TeaBaggers, In IranqIstan????


how would one be able to tell the difference between the sorts of TeaBaggers?

is there even any clear and compelling reason to differenciate between the OUTUS (Overseas) and CONUS versions?

Besides, would any red blooded all american TeaBagger want to be differenciated?

They were preaching that if we did not stop them overseas, that they would simply follow the troops back home....

And DAMN, clearly they were right.

We did not stop the TeaBaggers overseas....

TeaBaggers ARE NOT GAY!!!

I don't care what Godless Unamericanists, such as You are Dumb note about the recent TeaBaggingFest.

But TeaBaggers ARE NOT GAY!!!

They are not asking for any special privileges, like they were in some sort of Special Olympics, since they understand that since they do not have representation, and are in fact advocating the armed overthrow of the established government, that they really want to just be left alone after they have undergone special rendition to those High Value Information Extraction Facilities!!!

Because TeaBaggers are NOT GAY!!!

and they understand that clearly Jack Bauer will be able to figure out if any of them will ever be allowed back on the streets after they have committed their special little crimes by being associated with the whole teaBagging ThingiePooh, since clearly if any of them are known to have been known to any of them, then any of them will be condemned as the sort of Terrorists they are for having palled around with anyone anywhere who might have been near to someone who knew someone who might be the sort of terrorists that we would have to have Simple Flat Out Tortured To Skank.

None of that Whiney Revolivng Door of Justice Crap where Evil Liberal Judicial Activist FORCE their Godless Habeus Corpus Latin Papist Unamericanism on Them!!!

And there is CLEARLY no reason for any form of Special Rendition, Teabaggers are NOT Gay, they will go with the average run of the mill renditoning...

Why worry, be MORE HAPPY!

Ok, so yes, now we are watching the rest of the running shrews get thrown over the telephone wires, so that everyone understands Which Gang Territory this is.

Previously everyone understood that it was because the IceLandic Kommunists had forced banks to loan to Darkies, and hence the root cause of the Sub Prime Mortguage Special Olympics IssueNeff...


Now the KOMMUNISTS are foreclosing on white people!!!!

You know, the decent folks who would have jobs, if it were not for the economic down turn that has come around because SOME PEOPLE are not klapping their hands to keep TinkerBelle Alive!!!


The ones who are stabbing our troops in the back, by not supporting the Homeland Security Investment Bubble, that would have been Radical Communism, if it had been advanced by say the Klintensta, but because it was advanced by the Free Trade In Free Marketeers, well, of course it is Vital to Our National Security and a leading cause why WE MUST HAVE more no contract bids to win against the godless evil liberals of Wall Street and their Red Socialist Agenda of Nationalizing Everything Everywhere....

Oh yes, and there is also the start of the melt down of the Commercial Real Estate Sector, which is probably caused by Environmental Extremists and their whole Global Warming Thing, which we all now know was merely Evil Liberal Code Words for Let the Darkies Destroy Everything Under The Super Sekret Orders of The Red Communists.

But other than that, america for Americanism is So American!!!


TeaBagger Takes down Pharmacy...

Hum... so remind me again why the guy who up and caps a few folks and then caps themselves is NOT a TeaBagger taking it 'to the man'?

These are Harsh Times, so why not ask the Harsh Time Questions about what does it really take for the TeaBaggers to work out their own ideological poseur posturing.

Clearly since we know that Obama was palling around with the Chicago Seven, because he is from Chicago, how can it be that this shooter is not one of the TeaBaggers, since he is from Long Beach, and there are Known teaBaggers there...

Yes, if TeaBaggers want to shoot themselves in the foot and demand that they be judged by some Evil Sinister Communist Darkie Standard - then there might be some grounds to argue that some teaBaggers may be different.

But doesn't that mean that the TeaBaggers were suddenly demanding that we return to some kinder, gentler time, before they Raised Up The Holy Standard Of Going Galt....

I mean, should TeaBaggers be stabbing our troops in the back because the want to be judged by some Evil Sinister Communist Darkie Standard, rather than the best in Star Ship Trooper Fan Fic about all the torture you could ever want....

Remember, anything less and the Terrorists Rebrand....

Is the Governor Of Texas The New Ghandi or a TeaBagger?

Hey kids, when the Governor of Texas is talking about taking Texas out of the Union.

Does this mean that he is some sort of dope smoking, hippie dippie, long hair peace freak neoGhandi who is going to fast until the Federalies leave texas, like the EVIL BRITISH.

Or is he a RealMan, HeMan, Manly Male Masucline Male Man who says what he means, and means what he says, and is basically openly advocating the destruction of the USofA by force of Arms.

Since of course as a teaBagger, he is not soft on armed slaughtering of civilians for strictly domestic gains.

TreeHuggingWing, Or TeaBagger, you be The Judge!

Or the Terrorists Rebrand...

TeaBaggers In LaLaLand pan "state of play"

I mean, yes, that is almost self evidently repetatively redundant, since all of LaLaLand is Red Communist Hollywood and nothing but TeaBaggers as far as the eye can see, which of course is all the way to russia, or at least the MexiCanadianist Border, which is mostly the same.

And NO! do not try to tell me that the Red Communists in the OC are more Pinko than the rest of the TeaBaggers of Red Hollywood.... Because there are no shades of TeaBaggerIsm!!!

TeaBaggers In Texas Take Fed Money - becaue they hate the guac!


Those GOD Hating America Bashing Texas TeaBaggers have come out of the corner as whiney snivelly Welfare Statists who Support the HORRORS of Red Communist Obamanations Before GOD! Rather than backing their Governor and his clear and clarion call to break up the union and sell of the remaining assets for Cash to the lowest bidder as the Dictates of the Free Market Will Decide!!!

NOW MORE THAN EVER!!! America has learned the hard lesson that they should have elected a Tough Texas Governator, like The Great Dubya, and his Flying Monkey Squad Of Zel Miller Laser Death Ray Eye Cyborg Killers!

BUT NO!!!!!

They had to have 8 more years of Failed KlintonesatIsm!!!!

{ I mean seriously folks, we went from Bill Klinton to bill clinton lite, to the Special One Who Hates America!

How could it be otherwise, since had it been otherwise, then there would have been some time in the last fourty years when there had been a republican in the white house, rather than all of these KLINTONESTA, and their TeaBagger Fellow Travellors!!! }

oh this is precious...

Senior Citizens Stand to Lose in General Motors Negotiations By Obama Administration. Are you a GM bondholder?
Five years ago, Marjorie Holden paid about $40,000 for some General Motors Corp. bonds, which generate tidy interest ranging from 7.4% to 8.4%. Now the bonds are worth just under $10,000.

The 81-year-old New York widow is watching the negotiations among big, powerful bondholders, the government and the auto unions, which could end up in a settlement leaving her worse off.
[ GOPUSMEDIA comes out hard against... uh, stuff ]

You see, the problem here is that the Evil Obamanites, once their Red Kommunist Destruction of The Communist Party inside the Labor Unions Has Crushed The Freedom of Free People in the Auto Industry, it follows that they are going to take away a lot of things...

Like Pensions.


And the bond holders!!!

What were folks doing RISKING their retirement fund in RISKY investments in corporate junk bonds????

Now MORE THAN EVER, we Must TeaBag Those Evil Ones, and their Communist Minnions, because if we do not save the Corporate Bond Holders from the Communist, then uh, the Chapter-11 laws will kick in...