April 15th, 2009


Have YOU hugged Your TeaBagger Today????

Today is National TeaBagger Day, are YOU doing your part to Keep America AMERICAN!!!

So Remember Boys and NonPerkins, just because you are not sure if the Person you want to Hug is a True TeaBagger, and not one of the Godless Hard Left Radical Hate America DickCheneyIte Psuedo TeaBagger, or just any other run of the mill Hugo Chavez Somali Pilot under orders from IranqIstanian Flying Saucers, they need Hugs TOO!!!

Anything Less and the Terrorists Rebrand!!!

Evil Obamanites Stab Our American Troops In The Back!!!!

My Goggly Woogly!!! We get one small victory over the Somalian Pirates, and there is now talk about going ashore, and of places, in Somalia!!! Clearly MORE of the Failed Klontonesta Evil Liberalism!!!

If we want to deal with the Somalian Pirates, the only way to truly do that is to liberate Venezuela and offer them the chance of Freedom and integration into the Global Economy! So that the No Bid Contracts Will Flow!!!

Clearly MORE Failed Liberal Socialist Welfare StateIsm is no solution to the Somalian Pirate Problem!!!

Only by Correctly Freeing The Free Trade In Free Markets With No Bid Contracts Can Freedom Ring OUT!!!

Anything less and the terrorists rebrand....

UnGodlyGayHomoZeXual Economists Threaten The Free World

If you’re not satisfied with Paul Krugman or Nouriel Roubini as your guide to the current turmoil, you can always rely on E.M. Forster. It was Forster who grasped the essential drawback of the Internet long before anyone else, depicting, in his 1909 story "The Machine Stops" a world in which individuals communicate in isolation via machine. It turns out he’s pretty good on 21st-century financial crises, too, mostly because the underlying processes remain so similar to those of a financial crisis he studied. Only the scale has changed.

Forster’s great-aunt Marianne Thornton helped raise him after his father's death, leaving him 8,000 pounds upon her death, when Forster was 8. That legacy gave him the financial cushion to become a writer. So he wrote Marianne Thornton: A Domestic Biography 1797-1887, stringing her voluminous letters together with scene-setting prose. As it happens, the fortunes of the Thornton family turn on history’s first episode of successful central banking: the Bank of England's intervention in the 1825 financial crisis.

[ cf The Panic of 1825: We Are Live at The Week ]
For the Typical Run Of The Mill HEATHEN unwashed masses type, E.M.Forster as the Wiki notes:
was an English novelist, short story writer, essayist and librettist. He is known best for his ironic and well-plotted novels examining class difference and hypocrisy and also the attitudes towards gender and homosexuality in early 20th-century British society.
Thus proving that all those who support the EVILS of the capitalist System are Gay HomoZeXual Pirate Canadianist Zombie DustBunny Breeding Marriage Agendanista who are not our type at all.

Sorry, from now on out, reading "Howards End", and it's Obviously Gay HomoZexual Marriage Agendanista "Room With A View" are strictly out, since they obviously cause Capitale Gains Taxes...

Sinister Evil Liberal Konspirakii Unmasked!




S,N! editors - please take a quick look at the minutes of yesterday’s clandestine meeting of the liberal-fascist media establishment, progressive bloggers and key provocateurs from the Obama administration. Agenda: Operation Weak Tea, our nefarious scheme to disrupt today’s bold and exciting Tea Party activity planned by virile patriots across this land we loathe as we do all things good and just and pure.

(Speaking - Comrade First-Among-Equals)

[ cf Secret Tea Party Sabotage Plan ]
Well, there you have it!

It was on the internet, and it obviously follows that:
When liberals complained of an erosion of civil liberties under Bush, we denounced them as traitors — but now that the most vicious totalitarian Nazi regime in the history of Communism is literally issuing reports allusive of thought control via death squad, OMG liberals are such traitors.
[ cf Extremists Release Anti-DHS Reports ( Emphasis to help the near of thot ) ]

There it is!!!

How can anyone doubt that the Unbelievers are the Cause of all things Dark And Sinister!!!

Clearly ONLY by accepting the Divinity Of Dubya, as the argument from Divine Comedy Demands, can people find a safe place where they can Thank GOD! For RoboBushCheneyParis!
They Shiney!
and fashionably fashionable!!!

Without whom the nation would not have an On Going War President with access to the Majikal War President Wand that has been keeping TRUE AMERICANS SAFE!

Anything less and the Terrorists Rebrand.

More Proof That Godless Blue Helmetted One Worlders Hate America

Afghan women protesting against a new law that severely undermines women's rights were pelted with stones in the country's capital Wednesday, say reports.

About 300 mostly young women gathered in Kabul to show their opposition to a recently passed law that forbids women from refusing to have sex with their husbands and requires them to get a male relative's permission to leave the house.

The demonstration, organized by women's rights activists in the country, occurred in front of a Shia mosque recently built by a cleric who helped craft the law. Critics of the law say it effectively legalizes rape within marriage and is a return to Taliban-style rule.

[ cf Afghan women pelted with stones during rape law protest ]
It is not like the TeaBaggers here in america are not aware of this sort of Horror!!!

Today it is women wanting to be allowed NOT to be raped.

The next thing they will want to be allowed to talk back to men!

And then it is Capitale Gains Taxes!!!

Gay HomoZeXual Marriage Agendanista Shoving Their Red Communist Capitale Gains Taxes down the throat of innocent people who do not even own any capital to gain on...

But does the GODLESS MEDIA unmask this sort of Red Communist Mainforce Assault on our White Christian America? Do they even Point out that the Godless EuroFrenchies are the Ones who are Persecuting the Afghani People with their Ferrign Devil Unamerican Ways!!!

Since you do not see TRUE AMERICANS Persecuting White Christians with Capitale Gains Taxes.

Thus we have proven that the persecution of TeaBaggers is all a part of the Evil Of The UN and their Liberal underminers.

Americans MUST restore our American Way!!!

Or the Terrorists will rebrand!!!

More Proof Of Godless Liberal Persecution of TeaBaggers

This new Holy Trinity of right-wing basket cases has been pushing all sorts of crazy hallucinations of late, from Bachmann warning that the Americorps program would eventually be turned into a regime of forced re-education for American youth, to Beck’s meanderings about Obama creating FEMA-run concentration camps to warehouse conservative dissidents, to Norris and Beck stirring up talk of secessionist movements. And a lot of people are having fun with this, because, well, it’s funny. It’s like a Farrelly Brothers version of right-wing political agitation. But it’s also kind of sad.
[ cf The peasant mentality lives on in America ]
Well, there you have it.

PROOF POSITIVE that Americorp is a Communist Fascist Obamanite Apostasy Spawned From The Burning Sulphour Pits of Cleveland where the Hell Spawn go to Hot Tub and schmooz on the way to the Apocalypse.

Are TeaBaggers Fighting The Correct Tax Cut Fight?

Mild brain injuries — once considered an under-recognized problem in returning military troops — are being overdiagnosed because the government is using soft criteria instead of hard medical evidence, an Army doctor and two other officials contend.
"It stretches credulity to believe that all the people who have suffered traumatic brain injuries in Iraq and Afghanistan are getting the treatment they need. That's a laughable notion," said Jason Forrester, director of policy at Veterans for America, an advocacy group.

[ cf Army officials say war concussions overdiagnosed ]
Or would this be a bad time for the TeaBaggers, suffering as they are from their own mental disorders, to talk about actually dealing with Actual Traumatic Brain Injuries...


Liberal Persecution Of TeaBaggers DEEPENS

So Stephen’s name won’t grace Node 3 itself but the very important exercise equipment of astronauts. Representing NASA, astronaut Sunita Williams delivered the news on Colbert’s show that the node will be named Tranquility, even though “Colbert” received many more votes.
[ cf Treadmill C.O.L.B.E.R.T ]
Well, how surprising that the God Hating America Bashing Persecutors Of The TeaBaggers Of Truth are going to Ram Rod Over Poor Sweet Innocent Colbert - and probably becasuse they HATE the 1031Project!!!!

Is ANYONE SUPRISED at this level of Insane GodlessNess in the Persecution of White Christian Americans By Evil Liberals!!!

It is Just Shocking!!!!

What we Need is a National Colbert Treadmill Day, in which all True Americans sponsor TreadOnColbert Parties and send their Combined Operational Load Bearing External Resistance Treadmill's to congress, to show them that we are serious about Now Treading Without Representation!!!

Anything Less and the Terrorists Rebrand.

UPDATE: Breaking News NASA reject democracy, names ISS node 'Tranquility' - ZOMGZ!!!!

The Socialists have come out from hiding as Communists and are rejecting Democracy! as they impose their Godless Naval Lint Knitting Power Crystal Empowering High Energy Synergistical Avante Garde Hate AmericanIsms!!!

Are YOU doing YOUR PART to make America American!!!

Or are you an AmeriCan't!!!

Stopping The Horrors of GodLess Red Hollywood

Now someone has FINALLY come up with a Post-RedCommunist Movie Plot Line that all TeaBaggers can get behind:
MLKKK. This contrarian epic stars Tea Party singer Lloyd Marcus as ambitious Baptist preacher-traitor Martin Luther King Jr. who gives comically Communistic speeches ("I may not get there with you -- ya knows I sleeps late 'cause of tha niggeritis!") while true patriots try to achieve racial harmony via the free market. There's a hilarious reversal on the Edmund Pettus Bridge, in which King and his minions ("Whoa-a-a-a-aah! Go back! Go back!") are driven to retreat by Major John Cloud (Leslie Nielsen), and comical scenes of King and Lyndon Johnson (Dennis Miller) -- "You da man!" "No, you da man!" -- before the farcical assassination in Memphis facilitated by a fame-hungry Jesse Jackson (Alfonzo Rachel). At the end, the chastened ghost of King tells moviegoers to support the Tea Parties ("A riot is at bottom the language of the unheard"), and leads the cast, all armed with semi-automatic weapons, in a new version of "Movin' On Up" ("Stim-ul-us crushes all of us/Everyone rich and poor/Long about time/We shot Obama/And shoved his corpse out the door").
[ cf DREAM BIG. ]
But I really think the kicker is the one not yet in the Pitch Phase:
Hey, man, I see the pigs are trying to co-opt our groovy revolution with some kinda study whatchamacallit. They're trying to make us look like the oppressors! But don't worry, man -- some of the brothers dodged the pigs long enough to get the word out.

Jonah Goldberg is like playing it cool ("I'm taking a nap or launching cocktail hour"). He's gotta take it easy, you know -- if they catch on that he's not really disabled, they might take away his wingnut welfare. So we got brothers and sisters from off-campus backing him up in solidarity.

But Andy McCarthy is totally heavy, man! Check him out: "The only conceivable surprise is that it is so blatant and has happened so soon." Yeah, man -- it's going down right fucking now! Helter Skelter! Then he quotes himself from an earlier thing called "Obama's Assault on the First Amendment" -- y'see, this fascist Obama pig was like assaulting the First Amendment before he was even inaugurated -- that's how big a fucking fascist pig he is!

I know the squares aren't digging us right now, man, but just wait till they check out our demonstrations on Wednesday -- when they see us taking it to the streets, they'll be down for the whole thing! Remember: They got the numbers, but we got the gun nuts! But, psst... just make sure to bring the "tea" tomorrow, okay? Because I wanna get my head straight for when the shit goes down.

(Aaaaaannnd.... scene. Really, I envy them their mental youth, and if I thought any of them were actually going to get stoned and laid, I'd say they should go for it. Since that's unlikely -- though I'd be happy to hear otherwise -- I just have to ask: you guys do know how this story turns out, right? And don't tell me this time you have the internet -- all that does is make the music worse.)

Why yes...

We need a New Stoner Film about TeaBaggers, kind of a "Harold And Cummar got to White Only White Castle For The Purity Of Essence that is The White Tighty Righty!"
Yeah, thats the ticket.

H/t to God Hating Evil America Basher, unindicted Co-Conspirator number three, with the movie plot synopsis, for the fine lead on these all america perkin.

If those Freaks were a Drive In Movie Theatre, Joe Bob Briggs would say, "check it out".