April 13th, 2009


Film Suffering.

Hey kids, ever have that undying URGE to see The North Star - the one that Dana Andrews didd after the The Ox-Bow Incident and right before he showed up in John Ford's The Perl Harbor Story.

Clearly a solid Red Communist Background - and a clear and compelling reason to ban it.

Worse yet, that frightening moment in the Film when one is SOOOOOO GLAD that there will NOT be one more Godless Communist Song And Dance Routine!!! And you hate to admit it, but you are SOOOO thankful that the Stuka's show up to bomb things. If for no other reason than to stop this HORRIBLE SONG AND DANCE ROUTINE!!!!

We Suffer so that you do not have to.

Now, remember, send a tea bag to your represenatives in congress and point out to them that there can be no taxation without representation, and that Unless they STOP the Communist In Congress, we may all become victimized by this Garish Level of Red Communist Song and Dance Routines!!!

TeaBagging! IT is not merely about supporting a tax revolt inside of an insurrection inside of the Nation Being More @WAR than ever Before! It's about stopping the HORROR of Red Communist Hollywood Song and dance films that would clearly cause Gay HomoZeXual Capital Gaines Taxes if we do not stop them NOW!!!

Are YOU doing your part to stop the terrorists from rebranding?

Bad Film Combo's - ugh....

My Godless Evil Liberal friends left some DVD's with me to see. Seven Days In May and They Live.
( but yes, you should also see The Enemy Within an HBO remake of Seven days. )

What makes this a bad combo is that we still live one week away from the transference of National Weapons Release Authority, ( cf The Origins of the American Military Coup of 2012 ). The Gory bit is that the rhetoric really has not changed. Even more so since Komrade Party Leader Santorum, and friends, are all doing their thing about the Enemy Within, and the usual list of scary bits.

What makes the John Carpenter Thriller ILL TIMED, is that the FruitBat starts the film out with the comedy lines about how the Protagonist had just come out from Denver where 'suddenly 14 banks failed', and the other big giggler about how these problems are always the same, given that it is the end of the century moment, so of course everyone gets a bit freaky in the fin du cycle.

But remind me again, how the economic down turn of 2007 is a part of the fin du cycle?

The upside for TheyLive is that we can of course blame it on the Evil Liberals of Wall Street, who are all in Kahoots with the Space Aliens...

Not like decent folks who all play fair, and follow the rules....

Don't get me wrong here folks, I am not expressly asserting that John Carpenter is a part of the Psuedo Crypto Fascist Movement, who were involved in off loading the fiscal fiasco of Deregulation on Space Aliens....

But one does have to wonder about that....

What did he know, and when did he know it...

TeaBaggers, In Somalia????

Donald M. Payne, a New Jersey congressman and the chairman of the House sub-committee on Africa, narrowly escaped a mortar attack on Monday as he was ending a quick and rare visit to Somalia’s bullet-ridden capital. Just a day after American military snipers killed three Somali pirates and freed a kidnapped sea captain, eliciting vows of revenge from pirates and other Somalis, several mortars exploded in the vicinity of Mr. Payne’s plane as it was taking off from Mogadishu’s airport for Nairobi, Kenya.
[ cf Mortars Threaten U.S. Congressman’s Plane in Somalia ]
No seriously.

Remind me again, why we should not credit the TeaBaggers? You know, the folks who advocate a Tax Revolt inside of their own Insurrection while the nation is @War....

useful advice...

Never say:
Au Contraire....
when responding to the threat that one is a God Hating America Bashing Frenchie who clearly has been using the SLAUGHTER of Royals to advance your Godless UnAmerican Way of Life....

Also maurice chevalier is RIGHT OUT.

Has the GOP violated the Smith Act?

The Reagan.org / Patriot Depot duo has been invited to display our tea bags at the official tea party in Washington DC at the US Treasury Department (National Stage) 12:00pm-2:00pm and Lafayette Park (Grassroots Stage) 11:00am-3:00pm. The media has been invited to watch us unload the tea bags at 9:00 AM. The tea bags are going to serve as the back drop for the events at Lafayette Park. Later that day, we will be heading a short distance over to the Treasury department for an authorized protest with the tea bags. Major Media, including Fox News, will be there.
( email from GoPusMedia , Your Tea Bag Might Be on TV April 15th )
Given that hey openly cite Fox News, and that Fox News has been openly talking about the insurrection, can the GOP part stand clear of being indicted under the Smith Act?

I mean, can we really allow folks to forment sedition in a time of transferring the tax liabilities unto the unborn baby UBU?

Can these alledged conservatives carry on their mythological attacks on the actual history that actually occurred in the Actual USofA, or are we suppose to let these things pass as merely a clear and compelling argument that some people did not listen to the warning at the Woodstock Festival about the BAD BROWN ACID!