April 10th, 2009


Asking The Hard Questions

Now that we have a rough idea how President Barack Obama and his lieutenants plan to prop up insolvent financial institutions using taxpayers’ money, we’re left with a more difficult question: Why?

Why doesn’t the Obama administration force insolvent banks and insurance companies to come clean about their losses first? It’s the “why” that’s so vexing. The who, what, when, and how are mere details, by comparison.

More than anyone else’s, it should be in Obama’s political self-interest to accelerate the worst of the financial crisis and get as much of the inevitable pain behind us as quickly as possible. Every day he waits is one less day he will have between the time we hit rock bottom and the next election. And yet, Obama and his minions are doing all they can to delay the reckoning, which only will make it worse.

[ cf Obama Stakes His Fortunes on Failed Banksters: Jonathan Weil ]

Hey kids, anyone wondering why there is a big push to keep the Coleman case IN the courts, so that the senate is one democratic vote short of having the 60 Democratic Votes to cut off debate....


What IF the executive, as a mere civilian president, does not have the Majikal Powers of the War President, when the War President is holding the Majikal War President Wand Of Wonderment?

What IF the executive does not have the Majikal Meat of the Unitary Executive???

What IF the executive branch would have to have congress do congress stuff???

remind me again, which branch of the hard left communists are the freaks at Bloomberg? Since CLEARLY if they supported the War President, then they would not be espousing any of this Defeatist Rumour Mongering, and would support the War President to support the Troops!!! Since how can there be any trouble out there? Since the War President is clearly keeppping us safe from the Iranqian Flying Saucers and the Evil Liberal Darkies Gone Crazy on Wall Street and doing that whole "out of compton" thing on the Financial Sector.


Has anyone had a chance to explain to them where the term came from?

Hello... Is TeaBagging really a lifestyle choice????

Do TeaBaggers really want to have some sort of majikal extra special representation in congress????

And should there be a distinction drawn between social teabaggers and fiscal teabaggers?

Now taht the head of the GOP is not allowed to speak at TeaBagging Festivals, is it time for the GOP to Just Say NO! to TeaBaggers????

That if they want to go off and continue to be confused about how the process of a republic works, that they should do that as the national TeaBagger Kult, so that they can get the appropriate 503(c) non-profit status, so that as a Certifiable Religion, they should not be taxed, and in exchange, they will comply with the LBJ based rules, that Religious Organizations should not be political organizations....


Hold it....

Hold It!!!

The problem is that the wrong civilian president is in the white house, and therefore it is clear and compellingly proofed that there is no representation for these Oppressed Ruling Elites have no other choices but to TeaBag until they are freed from the tyranny of the false Executive Unitary Principles...

{ ZOMG!!! I was shocked to find out that TeaBagging is NOT a fiscally sound policy Model!!! }

McCain UnMasked as Radical Hard Left!!!

Think Progress: McCain’s former economic adviser flips on Bush tax cuts: Throughout the presidential campaign, Sen. John McCain’s (R-AZ) top economic adviser and former CBO director, Douglas Holtz Eakin, argued passionately for McCain’s proposal to extend the Bush tax cuts (and cut some more taxes for the wealthy on top of it). Holtz-Eakin, however, has now come out against making the tax cuts permanent, acknowledging that it would explode the deficit:
Though economist Douglas Holtz-Eakin spent the 2008 presidential campaign advising Sen. John McCain to defend the Bush-era tax cuts, he now thinks they should be allowed to expire on Dec. 31, 2010 due to “the prospect of an Argentina-style fiscal meltdown.” Said Holtz-Eakin: “If you ask: ‘Who pays the taxes?’, it’s the first step toward not having the answer be: ‘Our kids’”...
[ cf Douglas Holtz-Eakin, Welcome Back to Reality! ]

Everywhere we look these days, it is Radical hard Left Socialist Communist Fellow Travellors seeking to destroy the monopoly of the few Rich White Christian Americans, so as to destroy the Rich White Christian America that would have been the way, if only those economics things were more like the things that they were suppose to have been like...

Now MORE THAN EVER we must have more capital gains tax cuts!!!

You know to save Marriages!!!

Or The Terrorists Rebrand!!!

Politico UnMasked As Radical hard Left Communist Front Organization

The culture wars are making a comeback, but this time around, social conservatives find themselves in an unfamiliar position: playing defense.

Just look at the headlines of the past few weeks — gay marriage is gaining ground with landmark rulings in Vermont and Iowa; the Obama administration is putting immigration back on the front burner; gun control is on the table again in the wake of several mass shootings; and, as POLITICO reported this week, the vague prospect that the Senate will ratify the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child has some conservatives talking about a constitutional amendment to guarantee the rights of parents.

[ cf Gays, guns put right on defense ]

Why not just wave a flag about stabbing our troops in the back for massive socialist welfare statist Capital Gains Taxes and Gun Grabbing TOO!!!!

Clearly TeaBaggers have a God Given Right, as the bible says, to engage in alls sorts of Gun Violence to show the Red Socialist Obamanites that the TeaBaggers are Serious about a Tax Revolt in a time of Insurrection while the Nation is in a Time of Transferring the Tax Liabilities Unto the Unborn Baby UBU!!!


Thus the fact that Radical Hard Left COMMUNIST FRONT ORGANIZATIONS like Politico are allowed to stab our troops in the back merely unmaskes them as TERRORISTS!

French Continue Defeatist Crushing Of Hopes!

I was shocked!!! SHOCKED I tell you to hear that the Evil French opted to use Statist Socialist Welfare Tactics in their on going BRUTAL SOCIALIST REPRESSION of the free trade in the free markets:
Navy commandos stormed a French sailboat held by pirates off the Somali coast Friday in an assault triggered by threats the passengers would be executed. But one hostage was killed in the operation, demonstrating the risks of a military operation against sea bandits.

Four hostages, including a small child, were freed, French Defense Minister Herve Morin said. Two pirates also were killed and three others were taken prisoner. They are to be brought to France for criminal proceedings, joining 12 pirates already jailed and awaiting trial here.

It was the third time the French have freed hostages from the hands of pirates but the first time a hostage had been killed.

[ cf French free sailboat from pirates, 1 hostage dies ]
Did they even THINK that there are well known economic triggers in a free market that woudl have resolved these problems without the HORRORS of an Iron Fisted Jack Booted Godless Socialist Welfare State's Vindictive BRUTAL Repression of the Free Trade in Free Markets!!!

{ remember boys and NonPerKin, when you let them NATIONALIZE warfare, the Socialist Welfare State is already in Place... Those folks should have bought the appropriate hedge funds.... They should not have opted for some sort of socialist welfare state bail out... }

Save Traditional Family Values From The Godless America Bashers.

Police arrested a man Sunday morning after arming himself with a sword after a failed attempt to run down another man with his pickup truck.
[ cf Sword-wielding man arrested ]
A big h/t to Honor and Chivalry return to Redlands for the warning that the HORRORS of a red socialist welfare state is openly Attacking Our White Christian America!!!

now more than ever americans must TeaBag the Unbelievers....

Or The Terrorists Will Rebrand!!!