April 9th, 2009


how to make a $3Billion Profit on a $25 Billion Bailout...

Wells Fargo hit the jackpot. It was one of the first banks to get bailout funds - the biggest amount awarded in a single shot: $25 billion tax dollars.
[ cf Following The Bailout Money To Wells Fargo ]
WOW! Feb 2009.
Wells Fargo delivered a much-needed bit of good news for the banking sector Thursday, saying it expected to book a better-than-expected profit of approximately $3 billion in the most recent quarter.
[ cf Wells Fargo predicts a $3 billion profit ]

when they talk about the profit, Does that take into account the $25Billion?

Or is that too a part of the new FASBy Rules - where Fantasy Island is the Home of Ruby Rod!!!...

Ah yes, but clearly the new news is newsier!!!

And any day now we get to the negotiation part...

Fabulous, Absolutely Fabulous....

First off SadlyNo offers us African-American: Your Doin It Wrong which is A Three-Step Program For Conservative Media Success, In Four Steps: - and of course if you have the time check out the reference to Media Matters:Special Report falsely suggested Fannie and Freddie chief perpetrators of "financial mess," Rep. Frank opposed stricter oversight - since, well one has to respect the theory that simply because a scheme did not work the first time, is no excuse to try again.

Then it appears that the Next Glenn Beck Moment may well be Does Reynolds Show His Hand? A Good Question. Which can only mean that we are about to see a new Dec25 is Oct31, for the nonHex folks who do numeric conversions in a way that should be more ideologicallly correct, because of course, we KNOW that number theory is just a Theory...

Capitale Gains Tax Gay HomoZeXual Marriage Agendanista Gone Wild!!!

Police say someone intentionally cut an underground fiber optic cable in south San Jose, causing a widespread phone service outage in southern Santa Clara and Santa Cruz counties today that included disruption to 911 emergency phone service.
[ cf San Jose police: Sabotage caused phone outage in Santa Clara, Santa Cruz counties ]
Why oh Why do these TeaBaggers hate the Guacamole...

If there is anything more obviously Horrific, it is this sort of Tax Revolt Terrorist Act is just the sort of things that will drive up Capitale Gains Taxes!!!

Are YOU doing your Part to stop the Pooh????

Or are YOU on the side of Terrorist Rebranding?

Why we have always been winning against the Pirates.

In the waning days of the Bush administration, the National Security Council issued a detailed yet little-noticed plan for combating piracy off the coast of Somalia.

The 14-page blueprint, issued in December, committed the U.S. government and its military to securing the sea lanes of the Gulf of Aden -- through which, the plan noted, nearly 12% of the world's oil is transported -- and laid out more than a dozen specific policy initiatives that the White House would take to make sure Somali pirates did not choke off the world's commercial shipping.

[ cf Bush Administration Had Issued Plan for Pirates in December ]
I just have to love the Wall Street Journal....

Where things are always Sun Shine, because the War President is STILL protecting us from the Iranqian Flying Saucer Pirate Canadianist Darkies....

And all of the children are above average....

Except for the liberals and their fellow travellors...

ZOMZG!!! Socialist Oppression!!!

The Freaking Red Guard Faction in D.C.:
Last week, 10 Democrats in the Senate joined all 41 Republicans in voting for a $250 billion proposal to cut estate taxes, designed by Sens. Blanche Lincoln (D-AR) and Jon Kyl (R-AZ). More than 99 percent of this cost would go to the inheritors of estates worth over $7 million. Touting the tax cut in a press release, Lincoln claimed that it was “aimed at farms and small businesses.” However, according to an analysis by the Tax Policy Center, Lincoln’s $250 billion proposal would save just 60 small businesses or farms from the estate tax:
[ cf Hoo Boy: We Need Better Senators Badly ]
Things are hard for at least 60 legal entities...

And how can they survive without being the fans of RED COMMUNIST SOCIALISM and the largess of some $250 Billion!

Anything less and the Terrorist Start Rebranding!!!

Liberals do not understand conflict of interest.

Before we look at Sununu's objections, a quick reminder: In February, TPMmuckraker reported that the former New Hampshire GOP senator has what appears to be a major conflict of interest: he sits on the board of a subsidiary to Bank of New York Mellon -- a firm that both received TARP funds itself, and has contracted with the Treasury to help run the program. In an email to the Associated Press, which picked up on the story, Sununu said he didn't see this as a conflict.

As we noted in our original report, Sununu from the start has taken a notably bank-friendly approach to his work on the panel. In February, he dissented from a previous panel report that took a hard line with Wall Street, instead recommending going far easier on the banks, and emphasizing the need to rein in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
So let's recap. The guy who sits on the board of a company affiliated with a bank that has both been bailed out, and administers the bailout program, thinks that the main problem with the bailout is that restrictions on executive pay have been too onerous on the banks.

[ cf Conflicted Sununu: The Real Problem Is That CEO Pay Limits Are Too Tough ]

What Problem?

All is Happy and Gay, and the War President's Pirate Program is Prospering....