April 8th, 2009


Stop The Obamanite Socialist Power Grap!!!

Clearly while the Evil Liberal Media is trumpetting the fact that this time the Pirates have taken an American flagged ship. This is no time to allow a mere civilian president to embark on some socialist welfare programme by sending in american military personnel, when the Free Trade In The Free Market will Free The Problem with the appropriate level of Mark To Model Accountancy!!!

Clearly if there were the appropriate Hedge Fund, then these problems would not be problems because they would be accounted for!!!!


Let the Free Market Go Free!!!

you go girlfriend...

Maintaining proper decorum.

I sooooo find that funny.....

If you have ever been in a military unit where there is a need to have the official titles used because of a complete lack of ACTUAL LEADERSHIP, well....

You go girlfriend...

But then again, if you have never Kamped
Girls! Girls! Girls!
We Have a War to Put On...
and been so distraught that it would have been so much more effective in a cute gingham dress....

Then, well, maybe you will just never have a Real HeManManlyMaleMasculineMalePerson approach to the proper standards for WarStuff....



The god hating america bashing Rich White Elitist Obama will be holding Seder in the White House to show how much he is stabbing our troops in the back with his Zionist Occupation Government that is so clearly spreading its IslamoFascistCryptoPapistMormonistZionistBolshivikiBankingKonspirkiiUndtKosherDeliMitBookShop.

The Shrill One Attacks The Guacamole...

The other evening GodLessUnamerican noted that the Evil Krugman was on some Godless Main Stream Media DESTROYING Freedom.

Actually the assertion was that the media talking head was pimping the 'well isn't everything just all happier, since now fewer people are upset about things' KomradePartyLine!

When of course The Shrill One got totally Out of Hand and again used Mere Numbers and Factualisms as a basis of noting that currently things were not 'getting better'.


And that with the restoration of the FASBy Mark To Fantasy Island Rules, everyone is now a BagillionAire and there is clearly no Problems!!!

Why just this morning the Radio was telling me that at leaswt 50% of those who are unemployed for an extended period of Time are getting rehired in some sort of job.

So that clearly means that all of the BagillionAires whom the new FASBy rules have created are all happy, and therefore everyone should suppport the War President, to support the Troops, or the Terrorists will Rebrand Everything!!!

Are YOU doing Your Part to support all of the new BagillionAires?

Or are you product Rebranding For Terrorism!!!

Obamanites Threaten To Socialize Medicine!!!

President Obama, for all his charms, could not persuade CNN's medical wonder Sanjay Gupta to give up his network salary and private-sector lifestyle and seek to become the new U.S. surgeon general.

But this week Team Obama did manage to pull off a major medical coup in that nexus between television and politics that might be called Hollywood on the Potomac.

As the Ticket reported earlier, actor Kal Penn, who gained fame as the costar of the raucous and profane cult favorite "Harold and Kumar" stoner comedies, and is seen above playing a doctor on Fox TV's popular "House" with actor Hugh Laurie, is heading to Washington to work from what he calls "the front door" of Obama's White House.

[ cf Actor Kal Penn credits Ghandi as he leaves Hollywood for Obama's Washington ]
What More Obvious Evil Liberal Code Word Encrusted Document to americans need!

Bringing Known Kommunist Reds From Hollywood To The White House?

What sort of New Day In America Is This? I mean are we really Facing the Bed Time For Bonzo of Modern Medicine as the Obamnites Destroy our white christian America with Actors!!!

I mean, is this Penn guy even a Real Darkie??? or is that too just a part of his whole Act!

Someone Call Glenn Beck!!!

Our Freedom From Reality Is Threatened AGAIN!!!

Do NOT try this at home kids, these are Paid, WHAT?

Assistant Commissioner Bob Quick said he "deeply regretted" revealing a secret document to photographers when he arrived for a briefing at No 10.

The document, clearly marked "secret", carried an outline briefing on an ongoing counter-terrorism operation.

[ cf Terror raids follow files blunder ]
Would this be a good time to chat about OpSec?

Or are you still blithefully optomistic that majikally your true faith is still faithful enough...

Which is the scam in the driver's seat?

Gold dropped to a 10-week low in London on speculation the world financial crisis may be easing, reducing the precious metal’s appeal as a haven. Silver fell.

Bullion has tumbled 5 percent in three days, wiping out this year’s gains, on expectations government efforts will revive the global economy. The MSCI World Index of shares has climbed 23 percent in the past month as the metal has lost 6 percent. The biggest exchange-traded fund backed by gold fell for the first time in two weeks.

[ cf Gold Drops to 10-Week Low in London as Haven Demand Declines ]
Financial crisis? What Finanancial Crisis?

Could it be that folks were starting to count on both the change in FASBy to make the mark to fantasyIsland accounting model, the standard. Or should we opt in on the happy thot that they have been really excited with how well the Obama Team has been at nationalizing everything....