April 7th, 2009


ZOMGZ!!! Liberals Stab Troops In Back!!!!

What more obvious a Stab In The Back than that the Civilian President has gone to Iranq for strictly domestic political agenda pandering:
President Barack Obama flew to Baghdad on Tuesday to meet U.S. military commanders and Iraqi leaders, making his first trip as president after announcing his new strategy to wind down the unpopular six-year-old war.
His arrival came a day after a string of seemingly coordinated bombings across the Iraqi capital killed 37 people. On Tuesday, a car bomb killed nine people and wounded 20 in the Shi'ite Kadhimiya district of northwest Baghdad, police said. [nL7548804].

The attacks underscored security challenges as the U.S. military prepares to implement Obama's order to withdraw all combat troops by August 2010.

[ cf Obama in Iraq to push for political progress ]
Where is the trip to Haliburton's HQ???

Or the visit with the Karl Rove Armoured Flying Saucer Korp?

Or the Crack Squads of Combat TeaBaggers????

NO!!! The civilian president just wants to push his god hating america bashing agenda of Statist Welfare Queenius!!!

How Absolutely HORRIBLE!!!

More Proof that Evil Liberals are Stabbing The Troops In The Back.

One of my GODLESS Unamericans went through what can only be called clear and compelling proof that they Hate the Guacamole and are stabbing the troops in the back.

This Heathen ordered something on line from what was suppose to be a reputable vendor.

Now the Heathen wants to argue that they got ripped off, since in their mind they did not get what they bought.

But we all know that is FALSE!!!! Since under the Great Mark To Fantasy Island Economic Policy Model - the fact that they paid for an asset means that they have that asset at that price!!! If they did not have the asset, then they would not have paid for the asset. I mean how else can it Be!!!

That they want to have some corporation stop payment for the alleged failure to deliver, is just more of the same old Hatred Of Freedom that liberals always want to impose on the Free Market!!!

Now MORE than ever, americans must chant, loud and proud
De inSane!!!
De inSane!!!
Since if they were outSane they would be obviously crazy!!! But since the embrace the inSanity of FASB rules, then of course we must have a Mark to Fantasy Island Policy Model!!!


Most Ugly

Actually, I have a plausible advantage here as a peddler of horseshit: I need only worry about what sounds plausible. If my opponent is trying to explain what’s true, he may be constrained to introduce concepts that take a while to explain and are hard to follow, trying the patience (and perhaps wounding the ego) of the audience.

Come to think of it, there’s a certain class of rhetoric I’m going to call the “one way hash” argument. Most modern cryptographic systems in wide use are based on a certain mathematical asymmetry: You can multiply a couple of large prime numbers much (much, much, much, much) more quickly than you can factor the product back into primes. Certain bad arguments work the same way—skim online debates between biologists and earnest ID afficionados armed with talking points if you want a few examples: The talking point on one side is just complex enough that it’s both intelligible—even somewhat intuitive—to the layman and sounds as though it might qualify as some kind of insight. (If it seems too obvious, perhaps paradoxically, we’ll tend to assume everyone on the other side thought of it themselves and had some good reason to reject it.) The rebuttal, by contrast, may require explaining a whole series of preliminary concepts before it’s really possible to explain why the talking point is wrong. So the setup is “snappy, intuitively appealing argument without obvious problems” vs. “rebuttal I probably don’t have time to read, let alone analyze closely.”

[ cf Against Misrepresentation the Bloggers Themselves Contend in Vain... ]
Any questions on why this is clear and compelling proof positive that Liberals are Evil and are stabbing OUR Troops in the back with their capital gains taxes that cause Gay HomoZeXual Marriage Agendanista who are destroying our white christian america....

Or are you one of the terrorists who wants more than the 144 characters that is all that is needed!

You GODLESS SPAWN OF SATAN following the Communist Fascist Woodrow Wilson because you want to be more Italian Fascist than the Italians!!!

Evil Liberal media Stabs More Troopies In Back...

As numerous bloggers quickly pointed out, [Daphne ] Merkin's parenthetical disclosure -- "I did not know Mr. Madoff nor did I invest with his firm, but have a sibling who did business with him" -- didn't come anywhere close to fully informing readers about her personal tie to the case. That sibling is Ezra Merkin, the financier and former chairman of GMAC, who was the second-largest institutional investor in Madoff's funds, losing billions of other people's money....

[T]he Times doesn't appear to agree that the disclosure was inadequate enough to fix -- even now that Ezra Merkin has been formally charged.... Andrew Rosenthal told TPMmuckraker that he had no plans to revisit the issue....

[ cf New York Times Crashed-and-Burned Watch: Fire Andrew Rosenthal. Fire Andrew Rosenthal Now ]

You mean that the fact that one is in league with satan is something that should be disclosed as a part of some sort of journalistic ethics????


This just prooves that Evil Liberal Media Attackers Hate the Guacamole, because they are not willing to support the Freedom of the Guacamole, that is all that can be said of the thingus and Pooh...

Ok, so who would have thunk that GMAC, the cash cow of GM, would get GUTTED by a Godless Madoff, in some sort of Unregulated Market Scam FORCED Upon the Innocents of GM, by the Community Re-investment Act, that allowed darkies to move into white neighborhoods with Tax Payers Dollars, simply because GAYS want to marry your children and destroy white Christian America with their capital gains taxes!!!

It is just shocking what the evil liberal media is doing these days....

But what is wrong with an american Police State?

There is an argument that the "Red Scare" Palmer raids of the early 1920s plus the fact that nominal wages had just been boosted by wartime inflation made it easy in the early 1920s to shrink nominal spending during the post-WWI deflation without causing a Great Depression--nonfarm unemployment peaked at only 16%. But to me, at least, the spectacle of a market system that is capable of rapid nominal adjustment only under a police state is not to attractive.
[ cf Maynard Keynes Might Say: Real Wages and the Great Depression ]

If you oppose the Police State, you oppose the Police, therefore you are a dirty stinking hippie who is stabbing our troops in the back.

Thus your type need to be interned for reasons of national security, and tortured until YOU tell how many of your communist fellow travellors are undermining our white christian america!!!

It's What Jack Bauer would do, and he is a real TV Police Person, and he knows that only by a Massive Police state and State Sponsored Torture, can we be protected from Gay HomoZeXual Capital Gains Taxes!!!

Any questions?

Elvis has left the building....

Today in Spam, we have
Hippie-killer terrorized veterans
Yes Elvis, it is sooooooo time to get one's game on...

It is like the sixties all over again, the hippies, the hippies are everywhere!!!

Long Haired Dope Smoking Acid Dropping Peace Freak Stab Your Parents Nixonite Wankers....

More whiners whining....

Sedating children was allegedly commonplace in care homes during the 1970s and 1980s, although the levels of drugging at Kendall House,a home for girls with problems, appear to have been unusual.

Now fears are surfacing that the drugging may have impaired the girls' chances of having healthy babies. The alarm was raised by Teresa Cooper, who left the home in 1984 at 16, and has since written Trust No One - a book about her experiences.

[ cf Drugging girls in care 'caused birth defects ]
Don't these people remember what it was like in the seventies and eighties.

There were Commie Red Fellow Travellors everywhere!!!

Things had to be done!!!

Things Were Done!!!

and we should all be proud that we did what had to be done to stop the Gay HomoZeXual Pirate Canadianists Zombie They Them Those Types and their Godless Capital Gains Taxes, just as Jesus demands in the bible!!!

Poseur Or TeaBagger, you be the Fair And WingNuttery

A man who commandeered a training plane in Canada and led U.S. military aircraft on a seven-hour flight across the Midwest told the officers who found him that he'd hoped he would be shot down, a Missouri state trooper said.

"It was [attempted] suicide," said Lt. Jeffrey Vitale of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, one of the first five officers at the scene.

[ cf Pilot wanted to be shot down, trooper says ]
Sorry that was a trick question.

All Gay HomoZeXual Capital Gains Tax Enablers are demon spawn of Satan, which is why a tax revolt in the middle of an insurrection in a time of Transferring the tax liabilities unto the unborn baby UBU is what must be done to keep our white christian america, sparkling clean...

Why does the Red Cross Hate FREEDOM!!!

Health workers violated medical ethics when they helped interrogate terrorism suspects who were tortured at secret CIA prisons overseas, the International Committee of the Red Cross said.

The medical workers, thought to be doctors and psychologists, monitored prisoners while they were mistreated at CIA prisons and advised interrogators whether to continue, adjust or halt the abuse, the ICRC said in a report based on interviews with 14 prisoners in 2007.

[ cf Red Cross says doctors helped CIA "torture" ]

Did someone forget about how it is ONLY by the Brilliant Massive Mental Powers of the All Knowing, All Seeing War President that the Iranqian Flying Saucers and their Darkie Underlings have been prevented from attacking the Great White Christian America.

And if the War President says that we have to torture and keep on torturing it is every patriotic american's duty to do their part to keep on torturing or the Iranqian Flying Saucers will Come BACK!!!

I mean maybe if the so called Red Kommunist Cross understood what it was like to have Iranqian Flying Saucers and their Darkie Underling rampaging around in their neighboorhoods imposing capital gains taxes to spawn Gay HomoZeXual Marriage Agendanista, well, they too would understand that some times the survival of the species take precendence over giving the little children lollipops and marketting brocheures.

Or maybe there is still that problem with being the unindicted co-conspirator to a war crime...

Hum... what if it had been an american welfare queen from the DOD being tortured....

do IslamoPapistCryptoMormonistZionist infest churches?

Tracy police plan to search a church today and have questioned its pastor in connection with the slaying of 8-year-old Sandra Cantu, whose body was found in a suitcase floating in an irrigation pond.

The Clover Road Baptist Church on West Clover Road is a quarter-mile from where Sandra lived at the Orchard Estates Mobile Home Park in Tracy. The church was cordoned off by yellow police tape today as officers awaited a search warrant. No arrests have been made.

[ cf Church pastor questioned in Tracy girl's death ]
How can anyone sleep safely knowing full well that any of the churches in their area COULD be infested with capital gains tax demanding Gay HomoZeXual Pirate Canadianists Marriage Agendanista....